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  1. unbiased

    How can another school overtake PSU and OSU?

    10 starters from PA?
  2. unbiased

    Do Penn State wrestlers look small for their weights?

    Strength is overrated.
  3. Duckeye Report, I don't like it.
  4. unbiased

    Cassar vs Stevenson

    Maybe Cassar turns out to be Gable's kryptonite.
  5. unbiased

    Bobby Knight

    FACT: This is a college wrestling board.
  6. unbiased

    Nick Suriano

    Much appreciated. I'm just happy to hear it wasn't from flo.
  7. unbiased

    Grant Leeth Out for the Season

    What? Huh?
  8. unbiased

    Grant Leeth Out for the Season

    Could you repeat the question?
  9. unbiased

    CKLV Discussion

    Zeke has a plan.
  10. unbiased

    Demetrius Romero

    Taylor Walsh pinned Pierce Harger on 11/23/14 and on 12/29/14 then proceeded to get teched by him on 1/18/15.
  11. unbiased

    HWT Update

    He is red shirting.
  12. unbiased

    HWT Update

    He graduated. It's not that he isn't appreciated, it's that he is no longer a collegiate wrestler. Someone has to fill in.
  13. unbiased

    Grant Leeth Out for the Season

    Sorry to hear. This weight just got even weaker.