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  1. Someone should start a PA covid case thread and we can talk about Nick. That'll show em.
  2. Who wearing a PSU singlet has ever taken money as an undergraduate?
  3. Then you should be hoping he stays in Happy Valley.
  4. No, I'm just wondering why the topic started in the first place. Do you have any inside info that you would care to share or is this hopeful thinking because the Golden boy is probably leaving for $?
  5. So PSU looks like the bad guys because all the other schools alumni and donors are cheap?
  6. How many Olympic Gold medalists are there in the Minnesota room from any weight?
  7. Sadulaev is the best but the distance between him and Snyder isn't great. NLWC gets the credit because that is where he wrestles right now but Snyder would be great anywhere. I could see Snyder winning and some still not giving credit to NLWC, ce la vie.
  8. I would think Kerk is leaning more heavily toward freestyle which would favor NLWC right now.
  9. Oh, I forgot someone. He was apparently the reason Kerk left OHST. Olympic golds are hard to beat.
  10. Gable gone. Cael + Varner > Gable. Kerk stays in HV.
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