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  1. I miss the old days when you went to college to get an education and find a career that would set you up for the rest of your days. I'm not even that old.
  2. Since when do wrestlers need press? It's not like anyone outside of wrestling knows who he is.
  3. Your FLO apparel is now out of date. Get your wallets out.
  4. I would assume everyone here wants to see action but some want to reward a competitor for pushing their opponent away from where most want to see the action, which is in the middle of the mat? This seems IS counterproductive.
  5. They already have this in the rule book. You get warned for stalling for doing it. Let's keep it that way.
  6. After tax, title, plate transfer and license fees it's more like $170 something. Not everyone wants to watch or has time to watch other sports. It behooves FLO to offer a monthly plan.
  7. OHST scored 134.5 with only one champ, 6 top four finishes and two bottom four AA's. I believe both teams are capable of that plus a little more.
  8. With all the ORS talk and weight classes clearing out a bit, is it possible that Iowa and PSU will score more then 275 points combined at NCAA's? 275 was the total of PSU and OHST in 2018.
  9. Get the best two wrestlers on the opposite side of the bracket is all I ask. I could care less if they are the one and two seed. If it's a wide open weight class it really doesn't matter where you put them (see freestyle.) His draw wouldn't seem as bad had he won like he was "supposed" to.
  10. Piccininni will forever be remembered as the guy who pinned Spencer Lee. It doesn't matter if he wrestles this year and wins a National Championship or if he doesn't wrestle at all.
  11. I hear "good" clinicians are charging $10,000 for sessions/camps, not a bad price when you have a half million to waste. I could get some excellent hands on training/knowledge and I am fairly young enough to build new memories, so I'll take the money.
  12. I hope it's not a bad idea or poorly executed.
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