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  1. You didn't specify the out of bounds line in your original comment. That is the reason i stated that a wrestlers back always faces out of bounds.
  2. Where you are on the mat isn't as important as what you are currently doing or have been doing. There are wrestlers who actually wrestle the edge. There are wrestlers who can maintain center and stall. Being driven out of bounds or not being able to circle back to the center (because there is someone defending the center of the mat) isn't stalling.
  3. That would seem to be true but watching wrestling over the years proves that this is one of the most subjective calls or non calls as it would be, in wrestling. I don't understand what you are implying with the wrestler already being out of bounds.
  4. Edge wrestling can be exciting but that excitement diminishes when people are being pushed out of bounds for a point they shouldn't be able to lose. Stepping out of bounds doesn't mean you are stalling. Being pushed out of bounds doesn't mean you are stalling.
  5. False. Everyone's back is continually facing the out of bounds unless you are parallel to the mat.
  6. If you push someone out of bounds, then you aren't wrestling.
  7. Stalling is what happens when anyone not wearing black and gold walks into CHA and they stall the entire time until the point they leave. I hope this helps.
  8. If the refs can give points to a wrestler for their opponent doing literally nothing, (stalling) then why can't the ref take a point away when a coach or competitor acts like a fool or breaks a rule. It makes wrestling unique. Just because the FLO boys don't like it doesn't mean i can't like it. I'd rather see other sports adopt the wrestling rule.
  9. Watching the White vs Smith match got me thinking. Who wrestles less in the 2nd and 3rd period, Spencer Lee or Isaiah White?
  10. I don't think you can definitively say RBY has closed the gap on Desanto. It's pretty hard to judge that from the short time they wrestled before the injury. I don't think RBY intentionally tried to hurt Desanto and I don't know if the move was illegal but I do think Desanto is actually hurt. Even if Desanto doesn't get hurt and RBY locks up the cradle, that doesn't guarantee the fall. Desanto got out of the cradle that Gross had on him earlier this year. The only take away from this match is that it will be really interesting to see these two meet again at BIG Tens and NCAA's. I hope they are both as close to 100% healthy as they can be.
  11. If Iowa shuts out PSU, AHamilton will throw out his trophies.
  12. If I remember correctly someone asked Ashnault how Suriano was looking and he replied something like - I don't know, I haven't seen him in four months.
  13. He is under contract until 2022-2023. I don't think he is going anywhere.
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