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  1. How about the most hardware while scoring the least amount of points. Give me Dean Heil allllll dayyyyy longgggg.
  2. I'll say 4. Lee, Kemerer, Brooks and Steveson.
  3. I believe the average was about 4.5 over the past 8 years.
  4. In the past 8 years the most number one seeds to win it all was 6 and it happened twice in that time frame. Which #1's win it all this year?
  5. Lewis vs. Meyer I want to see how well the National Champ can compete.
  6. Facts don't lie. On that note, he will probably have as many National Championships as I have children.
  7. Spencer zero time Midlands Champ Lee
  8. Spencer I don't wrestle 3rd periods Lee
  9. You didn't specify the out of bounds line in your original comment. That is the reason i stated that a wrestlers back always faces out of bounds.
  10. Where you are on the mat isn't as important as what you are currently doing or have been doing. There are wrestlers who actually wrestle the edge. There are wrestlers who can maintain center and stall. Being driven out of bounds or not being able to circle back to the center (because there is someone defending the center of the mat) isn't stalling.
  11. That would seem to be true but watching wrestling over the years proves that this is one of the most subjective calls or non calls as it would be, in wrestling. I don't understand what you are implying with the wrestler already being out of bounds.
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