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  1. unbiased

    If Suriano had transferred to Iowa instead of Rutgers

    Do me a solid and fax that to Kerry McCoy?
  2. unbiased

    Who will be the next Bo Nickal?

    Not happening.
  3. unbiased

    Who will be the next Bo Nickal?

    Brock Mauller
  4. Don't they give a generous weight allowance for PWC?
  5. unbiased

    Nick Suriano

    I see Micic's losses to Pletcher and Desanto last year at CKLV as more of an outlier. Something was up with Micic then and it hasn't shown itself again since. It's not impossible that he would lose to either of these guys again but I'd say it's unlikely.
  6. unbiased

    141 seeds at Big Tens

    Seed them 8, 9 and 10 in any order. It will mix things up and make nomad happy.
  7. Wick hasn't shown any signs this season that he is the same wrestlers he was last year at ncaa's. Maybe he will turn it up for the tournament.
  8. Marinelli, White and Massa are all worse matchups for Vincenzo imo.
  9. unbiased


    Schopp scored 21 and Ncaa Champ Gabe Dean scored 20.
  10. Rivera didn't wrestle Mattin, Lee didn't wrestle Rivera, Mueller didn't wrestle half a season and shouldn't be seeded , Vito didn't wrestle half a season and shouldn't be seeded, Fausz has wrestled around 5 matches and shouldn't be seeded. 125 at conferences will be interesting. Good idea Nomad.
  11. unbiased

    Joseph vs Marinelli

    Yeah, there is no guarantee that either makes the finals. Though they could meet on the bottom side too.
  12. unbiased

    Iowa vs OK State Predictions

    I may be in the minority here but I could see this weight change for OKST blowing up in Johns face. On the other hand, he is the expert and I'll just sit back and watch how things play out. I see OKST winning this dual by 10.
  13. Pic vs Lee Micic vs Suriano Yianni vs McKenna Lantry vs Lee Some good matches before conferences that might impact the above list.
  14. It's because of their cake schedule.