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  1. I'll take a shot at it Conaway wbd Brancala PSU-3-0 Gulibon wbd Dardanes PSU- 6-0 Dardanes wbd moss PSU 6-3 Beitz wbd short PSU 9-3 Ness wbd Alton PSU 9-6 Hammond wbd Wanzek PSU12-6 Brown wbd Storley PSU 15-6 Pfar wbd Mcutcheon PSU 15-9 Schiller wbd Mcintosh PSU 15-12 Lawson wbd Kroels PSU 18-12
  2. The fact you can lose 2-2 needs to change
  3. Don't get your feelings hurt brother I wasn't saying you are ducking anyone if its not one thing then its another it would be good for the casual fan and the sport to create some of these matches the purest attitude is ultimately hurting the sport of wrestling from growing. These guys compete 1 or 2 times a year some years that is not enough for fans to rally behind a sport and grow it. Askren is obviously trying to self promote but also trying to grow the sport he loves. Dake or Taylor or even JB stepping up and wrestling guys like Askren would benefit everyone down the road.
  4. This is the first post in months and a valid argument these guys wrestle 1 or 2 times a year a match for the fans would be good for the sport and not hurt their training im sure askren would meet them at whatever weight they want outside of something stupidly low.
  5. I remember reading Dake telling Askren thanks for the offer but ill be at Yarygin that weekend. Well it doesn't appear that to be so. These guys continue to find excuses not to wrestle the funk master.
  6. Jimmy will be fine. It appears the brace may be some what limiting but I think the emotion after the match was more him being upset with the first 2 periods than injury.
  7. DT is not going to make that cut he has said its not in the cards for his long term goal.
  8. Thanks for the stats. I will be interested to see where smith has him to me he looks like a 57lber some have said in the past he wants to go as high as 170. I don't see that and think the mat may become a problem in college at the higher weights mentioned
  9. Honest question how is marstellar at riding. I don't remember seeing him ride probably more because he has never had to at the HS level. Will this impact him in any negative way in college?
  10. I don't think he would expect you to understand. I would venture to say not competing this year would be pretty compelling evidence his interest in it has declined. Are you trying to imply Taylor would not have been the very heavy favorite to win despite a much inferior oponent winning? Again props to Caldwell but David Taylor he is not.
  11. Ok TF will solve this debate. Most Successful - Snyder Least Successful - Chisko First to win a title-Snyder Last one to AA-McKenna Most Likely to win 4 titles-Snyder Most Likely to never AA- Chisko Most likely to 4xAA but no title-Nolf More AA honors-PSU more titles PSU despite Snyder prob being the best of the lot Better Career-Nolf over Chisko Jordan over Brill Nevills over Haines
  12. I could see that. The kid has just been destroyed lacrosse scoring the last two years and also just became the first ever Native American to ever win the sports Tewaaraton Trophy (Lacrosse's Heisman). I'd think that a lot of people who actually look past the famous names of the main stream sports have to be looking his way. How does being Native American black red white or orange have any bering on best male athlete. Your either the best or you are not.
  13. I wouldn't so much call it fantasy unless you have something going on you would rather not discuss. Thats like saying Dake only beats Taylor in fantasy match ups. DT is undefeated against Caldwell and has several very recent wins decisively.
  14. If I had to guess I would say Caldwell has lots of things Taylor is not that interested in. One being a University Title I don't think anyone would dispute DT would have won this year had he chose too. Taylor has his eyes on a different prize at the moment. Lets still give props to Tyler this Title is a heck of an accomplishment!
  15. I didn't say he is to good at MMA I said he is to good at his specific skill set aka will always go to it and in most cases win his fight that is a skill set Dana sees as boring to the fans. Lets be honest Ben would beat many of the current guys in the UFC but isnt there bc Dana is making a point Ben would be an instant top 5/10 guy in the ufc.
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