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  1. http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Fe ... ESPY-Award
  2. Isn't Pico right around .500 or just a shade better this year on the junior circuit? I know he has 3 or 4 losses not sure what his win total is.
  3. "Kid sounds little selfish" Please tell me what you are smoking and share with the rest of us. Recently, I thought I read the stupidest thing I ever saw on this site... (I was wrong… again) but are your reading skills that inadequate, that you can read this article about all this kid has done and been through psychologically... and your first arrogant, supercilious response is: "Kid sounds little selfish"... REALLY? That is what you took out of what you just read? Here are just a few Questions that maybe you should have reflected upon before you uttered such a pretentious, shameless comment: • Do you know or have contact with YOUR biological father? • Did your mother move out of your house and go to another state while you were in high school? • Did you leave home and go live with friends as a teen? • Oh, and while all of these variables were coming into play… were you an undefeated wrestler in the toughest state in the country, in the roughest weights? Please... maybe try to read things 2, 3, or 4 times before you comment and make condescending, demeaning, and patronizing assertions about a kid who accomplished more in 8th grade than you have ever achieved or will ever accomplish. Lol at the internet cowboys you need to find other outlets in life scout. relaxation therapy! take 3 deep breaths and get outside away from your computer your on an internet public forum. If high school athlete super star is lifes greatest accomplishment then you are correct. Chance I'm sure is a great kid but it seems as though he shows a pattern of choices that may present obstacles I wish him the best I really do I hope my opinion really is unfounded.
  4. Kid sounds little selfish I don't know the full story but his parents seem to give him everything they could. How did he end up at Kolats every day ect ect? Seems like when things don't go exactly as he wants its easier to walk away Kolat, His parents, PSU ect. Hope this kid can hold it together in OK as living only a few hours away im looking forward to watching a few of his college matches.
  5. As many of you may know Muscle Pharm is the official nutrition supplement of USA wrestling. I have no affiliation with Muscle Pharm or USA wrestling. I do have a background in human physiology and a basic concept of the sports nutrtion industry. I have been a supporter of this company for the last few years they develope their products based on real science in a lab that is 3rd party tested for purity with the purpose of being safe and effect basically they go about things the right way. Im not advocating going out and buying various proteins creatines and other supplememts but if this is something you already purchase you should give these guys a look. If your young athlete is wanting to take some protein after a long workout or you are looking for something yourself this is a great company. Why not support a company that supports the sport we all love!
  6. B- on a curve C+ str8 percentage
  7. Chael P Sonnen "The man of the hour to sweet to be sour what you see is what you get and what you don't is better yet"
  8. Yes, This is a terrible rule when guys who live breath and die the sport do not even know when or why to apply it! The biggest reason the casual sports fan would never turn on a wrestling match is they simply don't understand what is going on. I would argue most wrestlers today are not even fully sure what strategy best leads to points.
  9. Having to win an entire tournament against the best in the country earlier in the day would makes wrestling a fresh JB a little harder. I think this had an impact on dake last year and DT this year. Not saying they would have beaten JB just that it makes it that much harder.
  10. David Taylor, Marstellar, Pico, Cejudo, Gulibon, BOJO, Garrett Scott to name a few I would put on my list if we are looking at ability in HS.
  11. I think Kendra may dispute that claim and have valid evidence to the contrary
  12. Let me tell you all a little something about the gays! I think we should use the phrase "straight man" with caution a wise fellow once told me if it looks like a rat and it smells like a rat it generally is a rat!
  13. more like NJ is the only place in the world that can engender the world champion work ethic, much in the same way it did for Carl Lewis. You know NJ is so great because otherwise other insecure folks wouldn't hate so much because they are threatened by Jersey's greatness. it's humbling knowing you've come from the same place as so many greats. you no longer feel the need to tear down the accomplishments of others and try to make them feel bad about their home. spite and jealousy are foreign concepts to me. i'm truly blessed for the perspective and humility i have gained from New Jersey. I lived in NJ for several years and the irony in your post is pretty good I can only assume since you live their this was an extreme attempt at irony. Are there great people in NJ absolutely some of my best friends and family still reside and you may be one of these great people but as for all the greatness toughness humble ect ect I have had the opportunity in life to travel to all but Hawaii and live in several different areas of the country. NJ is by far IMO the lowest in these category's
  14. Similar to Burroughs being from NJ. The greatest wrestler in the world was middle of the road until he got out of that place and learned how to wrestle.
  15. Its pretty cut and dry here steiber lost to Taylor Dake beat Taylor Cael is Cael and recruited Taylor and Retherford beat Steiber Smith is Smith. all this equals Steiber as average at best if he had to wrestle Dake and Taylor.
  16. 1. Spencer Lee 2. Piccininni 3. Pletcher 4. Lance Benick 5. George Phillippi
  17. JB knows the losses will start coming Dake and Taylor are that good. He said in an interview he is done with the US open it doesn't benefit him. I think JB knows constantly wrestling these guys is not benefiting him anymore. I think it is important to understand everytime someone wrestles Jordan Burroughs they are getting a crack at the best in the world. It is hard for a guy like JB to bring the same intensity every single match. That being said I do think Burroughs has lost a little and would not be at all surprised if Dake or Taylor represents us in 2016.
  18. As much as I love watching these things its just not worth the hassel if its not a billing issue its a streaming problem. I missed several key matches this year for this reason and made me realize it simply isn't worth it.
  19. 57-Escobedo 61-Scott 65-Oliver 70-Marable 74-#magicman2016 86-Ruth 97-Varner 125-Diagnev
  20. Frank the Tank back in Happy Valley?
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