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  1. I heard none of the wrestling team was involved but again just a third party. Still an aweful event society is really screwed up.
  2. I'll take Tsirtsis in either style but Free would give Pico the best chance to win.
  3. I see at least 9 losses off just this list
  4. Before the time of 141 guys that would have potentially been at 141 1969-Dan Gable-137 1997-Cary Kolat-142 Jaggers, Steiber, and Ware and prob Mcilravy when he was a 42 would have given true freshmen dake an interesting match as well.
  5. My prediction RS or not will be solid career 3x AA and look something like this 3-5-5-DNP
  6. http://www.flotrack.org/ Looks the same to me how does this work?
  7. I'm sort of in agreement to a non wrestling fan this probably was the most exciting thing that happened in that match.
  8. What? your a clown this post has taken the top spot for pointless posts that don't even make enough sense to dispute.
  9. I think Wilps hits a cowcatcher aka the cowboy mid way through the second and puts ed the truth Ruth to his back.
  10. If they wrestled 10 times this year I would take taylor in 3 or 4 of them. I still dont think dake was 5-0 better than Taylor. He was better but sort of feel it was a little Mathematical outlier like flipping a coin you can get heads 5 times in a row but it may be tails the next 5
  11. Steiber would bar him over a couple times
  12. Thats terrible to hear about anyone. I never have been a philly fan least favorite city in the US.
  13. You are obviously one those that subscribes to the notion that size matters. I suppose I am. I probably would fall into the category of one who believes the smaller guys need to have more skill to achieve the same success. Its more competitive for the little guys IMO.
  14. Not up as if saying he bumped up but simply up referencing a higher weight
  15. Is this kid the real deal or is wrestling up at 197 the primary reason for his success. Not taking anything away from anyone but I have personally not followed anything above 184 much this year and was impressed to see his success at NCAA as a true freshmen. Seem like some of the lighter guys get all the love but should they?
  16. Wrestling is tough and they all work hard and are pretty damn good at the college level. Thats why guys like Taylor and Dake are so rare.
  17. What if the Zane train improves this this off season he is a true freshmen could possibly steal one again from logy bear.
  18. I'v been a board member for years see user name Tech_fall that being said I'm not sure why someone with more post count aka an undemanding job and to much free time makes someone an authority.
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