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  1. But that isn't the case would Dake have won 157 his freshmen year? If I had to choose from their exact 4 year career not a hypothetical if he was at this weight ect ect. Based purely on what actually took place and not what I think would have taken place. Taylor is the better choice to win team titles Dake is the better choice to win individual titles. Different objectives.
  2. If as a coach my goal was to win a team title I'd take Taylor if as a coach my goal was to have 1 kid with many individual titles I'd take Dake.
  3. Stay in Jersey City or Westchester county and ride the train in. Its easy and will cost you around 100-150 a night as appose to 350 or more. Personally I'm looking forward to it. It will be good for some of the midwestern boys to expand their horizons. I now live in Mizzou but used to live in NYC so will have friends and family to stay with will give me an excuse to go back.
  4. Name a PSU fan that Gulibon let down with his performance. Don't include a question in your response, either. Just the names of us Penn Staters that you claim he let down. Get to it... I agree Jimmy is going to be fine he had some tough matches with a few studs but is doing fine he is just a freshmen. in a less loaded 133 he AAs IMO. I would not be surprised at all to see Jimmy AA the next 3 years he certainly has the ability and technique to just has to go do it.
  5. This seems a bit extreme considering all the different people in the world.
  6. Last year was an off year as well they actually improved this year 0 or 1 last year to 2. similar to your arkansas and new mexico other power house wrestling states. Don't count out Rutgers in the coming years if they continue to draw from all the studs in NJ that translate into dominant college wrestlers . Iv been on campus absolutely beautiful Campus a strole down college ave in New Brunswick will truly impress assuming the homeless aren't out the wind from the dumps of NJ arent blowing your way and raritan river sewage treatment plant isnt flushing the pipes out that day and you dont mind sitting in 2 hours of traffic while paying a toll every half mile. As for Stieber I believe he would have beat Rainbows this year if he could avoid the cowcatcher aka cowboy to his back.
  7. By gets the better I mean eventually starts winning more than 50% of their meetings and that is said with the utmost respect for Dake he is truly an elite maybe top 3 ever guy. My comments may be more of want then reality being a Taylor fan. But one can be a fan can't they and I think Taylor has the skill set to one day make my prediction a reality. Also, of note They where wrestling when Taylor was a junior and Dake a senior is Taylor better now then he was last year. I don't know that answer but its possible having another year under his belt would have changed 1 or more of the epic dake taylor matches.
  8. I may be nuts but I still think Taylor gets the better of Dake before its all said and done!
  9. Rutgers is a beutiful campus in the fall I'm sure they will attract top talent for years to come.
  10. Yes, I was talking about a RS as well as sending him to the best / most competitive competition if he RS midlands ect.
  11. I'm sure PED use is very prevalent in wrestling. Anabolic steroids probably less but they are there I promise. Not saying he does in any way I have nothing to base this off but Carter appearance and quick recovery seemed suspect IMO. Basic Supplementation which are PEDs I would guess most D1 wrestlers use something of some sort whether its as basic and legal as creatine or a thermogenic fat burner or it is illegal synthetic hormone probably less but do exist. To think any D1 program doesn't have these substances at some level is naive.
  12. On paper I think OSU may be the favorite Tomasello- AA if dance can do it Tomasello can Dijulious-Low AA Steiber- Champ Steiber- Mid AA 3-6 range Demas- few if any team points BO jo- Champ Martin few if any team points Courts-Round of 12 Snyder Mid AA Tavanello-Round of 12 On paper they will be tough but I think PSU MINN and OKS may have something to say about all this.
  13. The only live match I have ever watched of Sueflohn he got tech_falled at Flo nationals in 2010 I believe. He has turned out to be a better college wrestler than I thought. Still needs to prove himself in March though.
  14. Dance is a solid wrestler but I think that goes to show how weak 125 was outside of Garrett Mega and Delgado 141 was stronger and 133 by a long shot was a tougher weight this season.
  15. Nice Review Vak thanks, Its a shame some get all charged up when they read a different opinion then their own. This is the point of a forum
  16. David Taylor aka The Magic Man!
  17. X2 but they usually lean toward a senior I would be surprised if they didnt give it to Taylor
  18. Congrats PSU amazing program with an amazing group of young men!
  19. Here we go with the excuses. subscribed just for amusement purposes of hearing how a few justify it. Sometimes its best just to accept reality and admit inferiority
  20. Gulibon is surprisingly very strong! I do agree he could put on a little size but has all the tools to win it all. He is also an amazing kid who works Very hard! I predict he will AA the next 3 years.
  21. Of note I love the Altons comparing him to them is no slight just saying I may not see the next Kyle Dake or Cael Sanderson
  22. He got a major last round. And he'll be back next year. Good kid. That has unfortunately been Jimmys season this year losing too many studs by a slim margin. That being said I have no doubt he has a bright future! great kid great work ethic and very talented.
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