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  1. wow what is wrong with this guy? has some real issues!
  2. Pretty much their entire teams would fall into this category
  3. Thanks was on track but didn't see it now I do.
  4. Again, nice deflection sport. I've been around these boards for some time, never banned, never posted anything that was worth being banned. Never had a thread (or multiple!) started with the sole purpose being to pronounce what a dbag I am. You, on the other hand, have had multiple, including an active one on the college boards right now, and tons of regular posters expressing their thoughts on you, and it's sure not positive. You're a clown. Oh, and if you had half a brain, you'd realize Marty couldn't write like me if he had the ghost of Shakespeare guiding him. The guy had a 2nd grade education. Tech Fall? He's an ahole for the previously stated reason. Anyone coming on here with nothing but a nasty intent to passively smear a HS kid's reputation should be called out for exactly what he is. You disagree? Wow what a tool! Grow up brother. I have no idea what your talking about smearing Marstellar he is a great talent just because I don't feel he is immediately a 4x champ or even necessarily a 4x AA doesn't mean I am degrading him. If he wrestled for PSU OKS Iowa or anyone else. I think he has the potential to be great but If I had to place an even money bet I would guess he has a career similart to say a Dylan Alton. I hope he proves me wrong but simply because someone expresses a different view on an athlete than you do does not immediately make them an Ahole who is tearing down a high school kid. I had a thread in the college section where I asked what others felt and feel I have the right to express my opinion based on a number of factors some on and some off the mat. If you disagree with me thats fine. Please for your own sake learn to be an adult and not act like the kid who always got beat up but walks around telling people how tough he is.
  5. May or may not be able to view the rounds during the day. Can someone post a link to where we can view live results?
  6. JB is from the Camden area. I worked with one of his coaches wife when I lived in NJ
  7. Reaching for a typo "Wright" Write on an internet forum is a pretty pathetic attempt to prove a point. I don't live in Pa or NJ but have lived in both states. I speak only from observation I know many great people from NJ and some of my best friends still reside in that state. Looking at NJ on a list of places I would ever want to spend time again it is very near if not at the bottom mainly because of people with your mentality.
  8. Then it would be logical to say they upset Penn State on a given day and are not the better team?
  9. Deflection is what your doing I asked a simple question and you got all worked up as very typical in your part of the country over the reality of the answer. What does this thread have to do with Chance Marstellar? If you must know Chance is an amazing talent but I feel as though others have a higher ceiling and chance is closer to his than most at his age. Just an opinion I may be wrong and he wins 4 NCAA titles. The hypocrisy of your posts are laughable. But I would expect nothing less from a tony tough guy from NJ read what you wright. Having lived in NJ for a few years you fit the mold my friend.
  10. Thought this was pretty cool. Muscle Pharm is now the official sponsor of USA wrestling. This company makes scientifically backed healthy supplements great partnership for both.
  11. Lol, you really aren't very bright, are you? Are you Crusty Cougar's son? Trailer mate? Take a look above that The Deflector provided of this year's national qualifiers stupid, and see if NJ is like GA or KS, lol. Shouldn't you stick to impugning high school wrestler's reputations, and leave this sort of thing to the adults? How many AAs did NJ have last year I don't remember it being very many I could be wrong?
  12. Haha, I love that we no longer credit NJ or Ohio but simply refer to their success as a state that borders Pa.
  13. I think NJ had something like one or no AAs tied with kansas georgia states like that last year this should be an up year for them could get 2 or 3.
  14. I think you would have to favor Morrison but Gulibon is certainly capable very talented freshmen the difference the last time these two met was only 1 takedown ended 2-0 morrison of note Gulibon rode morrison the entire 2nd period and morrison got banged with stalling in the 3rd as jimmy controlled the entire period. I'll go on the record of taking Gulibon 3-2 over morrison this time.
  15. I wander if smith will treat him differently or let him take his lumps.
  16. I wander how Bo Jordan would do against Marstellar?
  17. I agree with with Ramos handiling Mango. I see Ramos by a few but never close to losing
  18. The kid is just getting focused.
  19. 125-Delgado/Megaludis Champ Megaludis 133-Ramos/Graff Champ Ramos 141-Steiber / Port Champ Steiber 149-Maple / Villalonga Champ Maple 157-Dieringer / Green Champ Green 165-Taylor / Caldwell Champ Taylor 174-Perry / Howe Champ Howe 184- Ruth / Sheptock Champ Ruth 197-Cox / Heflin Champ Heflin Hwt-Nelson/Mcmullan Champ Nelson
  20. To me the Ramos stare is just an elevated sense of focus / Tunnelvision different athletes have different ways of expressing it. Not everyone has this ability and for the other members of this site I have no idea. I can only speak from personal experience often this type of "Stare" is simply letting your opponent know they better be ready to wrestle and or his way of focusing himself. Looking at Ramos I think this Stare is sincere and not just a front or form of intimidation
  21. Thanks all for your insight I have learned a great deal from many of your deep knowlege of the sport as it relates to Marstellar and his future performance. Any additional opinions on how Chance will translate to the next level is appreciated. I certainly have my views as many of you.
  22. Why would the weight with David Taylor in it be the toughest to win? Logan Stieber and Ed Ruth have better ncaa records than Taylor. 10/10 :lol: Ruth and Steiber didnt wrestle Kyle aka kid Dynamite Dake either.
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