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  1. The reference toward jimmy gulibon is a bit unfounded he is entereing his first NCAA tournament as a RS Freshman has wins over top 10 opponents. Lets give the kid a year or two before we start claiming him a bust. How many RS fresh come out and dominate Graff, Thorn, Mango, Beckman, Dijulious, Colon, Shopp, and the list goes on how did they do in their fresman season? It is much more rare for someone to dominate then it is to have a few growning pains. Gulibon is probably by his own admission not having the year he wishes but to think he is a bust is a bit premature. The kid works as hard as anyone and has as much talent as anyone. He is going toe to toe with some of the nations best as a freshmen ask thorn and mango as well as a host of opponents he has lost by a point or two. I can easily see this "4x Pa champ" which we call a bust being a multiple time AA and or even an NCAA champ in the years to come.
  2. Looks like a college 57lber IMO possibly 65 after a few years if he is not a weight cutter but 74 is a stretch.
  3. I don't see Chance wrestling next year as a starter or entering many tournaments with Top competition. I think they will protect him from opportunities to lose until they feel he is fully ready. My guess would be a red shirt with limited opens against top guys.
  4. I don't see Retherford getting rattled if he drops a match and has to fight in the consi. That is just not in Zains dna. I think no less than 5th but 3rd is a much higher likelyhood. I think Port has just as good of a chance of losing as Zain.
  5. It's easy to say that when he's wrestling competition levels and levels below the competition that Matt Brown is facing. I also remember you saying that you wouldn't be surprised to see him beat Nick Moore of Iowa. Remember what happened when he attempted to wrestle the guys at the next level? He lost to Nick Moore's backup. It doesn't make much sense to compare competition from completely different levels. Nick Nevills has way more offense, and keeps better position against his competition than Tony Nelson. Jimmy Gulibon dominated his HS competition much more than Ramos did his college competition. What conclusion should we draw from those facts? Valid arguments but keep in mind Jimmy Gulibon is a Freshman Ramos a Senior he Gulibon is not the first High School stud to not immediately dominate in College. I would not be surprised at all to see Gulibon multiple time AA.
  6. For arguments sake I have him going 3-5-7-DNP just an opinion If you told me he would go 3-1-1-1 I wouldn't say impossible.
  7. Easy Easy Easy so hostile and unhappy NJ is very fitting for you. Lived there for a few years and you fit the mold/well deserved stereotype.
  8. it is pretty clear in your past posts about guilibon you are a psu fan you would think you would know better than to say always in contention when talking about the altons since aalton isn't anywhere near making the podium this year I'm really just a fan of the sport growing up in Pa I tend to root for PSU that is true but I certainly enjoy the mystique of carver hawkeye love listening to Tom Brands admire John Smith and his program. I actually live in Missouri now. My question was valid I am really curious to hear what some of the "experts see in this kid as it relates to translating to College" more goes in to wrestling in college than pure ability will chance burn out does he really have the ability that some believe all that will play a factor some of it we simply don't know. My prediction was just an educated guess based on years of observation and an opinion.
  9. I'm curious to hear from some of you who know this sport much better than I. Personally I think Chance is a stud and has been a joy to watch. We all know how controversial and anticipated his college choice and career has already been and will continue to be. My question is what do you see 4xer the next cael or dake. 1-2xer elite, possibly a 1xer, 4x AA, 1-2xAA, or gets burnt out and is a bust? Personally I don't see the elite college wrestler that some do but maybe I'm off base. I predict a career very similar to the Altons lots of talent always in contention to AA but never elite. Probably battle a few injuries and have a few off the mat problems.
  10. I see Marstellar having a similar career to the Altons good but not great. Battle a few injuries have a few off the mat issues.
  11. Many of these guys not wrestling in the Big10 have good records but really have limited number of quality wins. Grey ect. Guys out of the big ten especially Gulibon have wrestled a meat grinder of a schedule. Cael had him and Conaway alternating matches leaving Gulibon to have an abnormally high percentage of matches against top 15 guys. I don't feel his record is an indication of where he is at. I think Jimmy deserves a seed over a few of the others listed he does have wins over Thorn and Mango as second place showing at the scuffle Techs and majors over guys like Malone and bruno also has proven the ability to be within a point or two of anyone he will start winning these close matches in time.
  12. One of the Gulibon losses was on an illegal slam when leading by 13 or so. the others where Evan Silver, Dean Heil, and Nico Megaludis.
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