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  1. GMU is in Fairfax, VA about 20 minutes Southwest of Washington, DC. They've had a D1 program since the 1970's, and they've had 3 All-Americans over the years (Scott Kirsh, John Curtis and Matt Finacchio). Mike Moyer (NWCA) was the coach for many years followed by Brian Shaffer, Mark Weader, Joe Russell (USA Wrestling) and now Frank Beasley (catalyst for Binghamton and NC State rise with Popolizio). He, Camden Eppert, Mason Beckman and Beau Donahue have done a great job creating a culture and recruit as well as anyone in the country! You also may remember their final 4 appearance in basketball several years ago! It is an awesome school with many Noble prize professors. I am biased, but the school is a diamond! Here is an old link to their history. http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/gema/sports/m-wrestl/auto_pdf/history.pdf
  2. I have 2 tickets in the luxury box 219 for sale at face value for $500 a piece. DM me with interest or email me with questions amplitudeathletics2012@gmail.com. There are a lot of ISU fans in the box, and a great time will be had by all... Bryan Hazard
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