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  1. Agreed that KLAW sounds like a wrestler that got beat badly by some Ohio kids. dijulius has beaten guilibon 2x, colon, brewer 2x, and hall. that's at least 3 AA's. and i love your prediction of Hunter Steiber's demise and never AA again. Obviously you started your new year's drinking a little soon. While i do think that OSU when 100% healthy could beat anyone, they have yet to prove the toughness at every weight class like Iowa, Penn State and Minnesota brings in every match. In past years, their biggest weaknesses has been 3-4 soft starters that break late in matches. This year's freshman class dramatically changes that (Tomasello, BoJo, & Snyder), however there are a few upper weights that still appear soft and can be the difference of winning a close dual and the NCAA's. The next month will reveal a lot with the Buckeye's wrestling Iowa, Penn State, & Minnesota. It should be exciting.
  2. Johnni has lost one match this season??
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