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  1. Everyone is welcome to join my NCAA championship wrestling pool. You will select one wrestler from each of the first 16 seeds and four unseeded wrestlers. You may select as many wrestlers as you want from any weight class, there are no restrictions as long as you select a team of twenty wrestlers. You cannot select the same wrestler more than once. Link to the Site: https://sites.google.com/site/highrollerwrestling/ncaa-challenge-2018
  2. You can already pin a guy from neutral without control, why not receive back points? As far as tilts, those come from the riding position in which one person is already in an established control position. So not exactly sure where you were going with that point?
  3. I have never seen both guys backs exposed at the same time. Anytime your backs exposed from neutral the count starts. Both guys could receive back points if both guys expose. I think you will see techniques change and less stalemates.
  4. I think we need to add nearfall from the neutral position. Use the same criteria we already have in place, if your back is exposed the count starts immediately. 2 count = 2 points, 4 count = 4 points. This will increase scoring and eliminate what I call bad scramble time, where two guys roll around with each other's ankles until a stalemate is called. Instead if you expose your back you risk giving up nearfall. This will create more action as guys will not be willing to hangout on their backs waiting for a stalemate.
  5. Anybody know where to find the order? I heard the announcers say 184 is last, but would like to see the whole line-up. Thanks
  6. I run one here https://micahnelson.jimdo.com/home/ncaa-ultimate-challenge/
  7. Up to nine guys, anyone that wants to play is welcome. Just need your entry by Thursday morning.
  8. I loaded in the 125 wrestlers as a test. If you click on their name a drop down box appears and can you can select guys for every weight.
  9. Anyone interested in participating in fantasy wrestling for the NCAA tournament is welcome to play. Fill out the attached excel document by picking a wrestler at each seed and four unseeded guys. Wrestlers are loaded into the excel document for you. Or you can visit this page and get the entry form. http://micahnelson.jimdo.com/home/ncaa-ultimate-challenge/ NCAA Wrestling Challenge Entry Form.xlsx
  10. Still time to join if you want to play. Big Ten Challenge Entry Form.xlsx
  11. If anyone is interested in playing fantasy wrestling for B10s I am running a pool. You pick a guy at each pre-seed 1-8 and two guys seeded 9-below. Can pick multiple guys at a weight. Any can join just complete the attached excel spreadsheet or visit this page for the entry form. http://micahnelson.jimdo.com/home/big-ten-challenge/
  12. I have never watched women's fighting does she fight at a catch weights often? Davis vs Dieringer doesn't interest me that much, I don't see it being that close. Guys like Dieringer and IMar are on a different level. I think the Dieringer vs Burroughs match we might get this summer will be a closer match than if he wrestles Davis. J. Davis is a very good DII wrestler but he doesn't seem to have save flow and movement like a Dieringer. On second thought I kind of hope Davis would actually wrestle a top DI guy like Dieringer so we can stop talking about it. It's not a sanctioned event so why not use catch weights and get guys from different weight classes matched up? I think it's more appealing to get matches we know we won't see in season.
  13. What do you guys think? Any chance of an Imar vs Dieringer match at a catch weight? What other matches would you like to see?
  14. Less than 24 hours to get your picks turned in!
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