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  1. HokieFan

    Spencer Lee did not have riding time.

    Oops. Mixed up my speeches. I guess I'm dumber for having read this thread.
  2. HokieFan

    Spencer Lee did not have riding time.

    Sandler wasn't in Old School.
  3. HokieFan

    165 Seeding

    I hope Lewis is on Marinelli's side of the bracket. I rhink his chance of beating the bull is better than beating Cenzo. His counter style and motion wilk work better against Marinelli's style in my opinion. Plus he beat him last summer in freestyle, which I admit means little other than confidence. The thing that concerns me most about Lewis is his tank, which has looked suspect recently.
  4. HokieFan

    ACC Live on ESPN

    He's pretty good and better than the 125 backup if the other 2 moved up. I have no idea how Fausz makes 125 - he's huge. Just like the dual, things came down to the wire and NC State edged out VT. Stalling calls in the 197 and HWT semis proved to the difference. My orange and maroon glasses saw them as BS calls. But you can't leave it in the ref's hands.
  5. HokieFan

    Va Tech vs Cornell

    Prata has a bunch of work to do to make it to NCAAs.
  6. HokieFan

    Va Tech vs Cornell

    Eh. Dean scored off ZZ's shots. I don't think he took one the whole match. ZZ looked spent right away. I've got no problem saying he didn't look good and props to Dean but that match was an anomoly. If they wrestle again it'll be different.
  7. HokieFan

    Va Tech vs Cornell

    Creampuff? Something was clearly wrong. Maybe a bad weight cut? He beat Dean pretty comfortably at Vegas.
  8. HokieFan

    UNC Knocks off VT

    VT looked tired and sluggish. Myers melted down and gave up a big lead. Moore looked like the true freshman he is. Blees brain farts in the closing seconds and puts his hands all up in the face and loses by penalty. McFadden fails to get a bonus point when it was within reach. Sleigh looked terrible.
  9. HokieFan

    Penn State @ Ohio State

    If I was PSU, I would definitely want to start somewhere other than 125.
  10. HokieFan

    All- American Potential!

    Virginia Tech 125 - Not likely to qualify 133 - Looking good recently. I'll say 25% because of the weight. 141 - Also looking good recently - especially with that front headlock. - 15% 149 - May not qualify but if he does, I''ll go 5%. 157 - I'll go 5%. 165 - He might make the finals but 75% 174 - Has looked less than stellar recently but brings it when the lights are on. 75% 184 - I think he can beat anyone but MM when he's on. 90% 197 - Looking very good recently. 60% 285 - Has not looked great against good guys - 25% I think VT AAs from 165 - 197 and could get one more out of 133, 141 or 285.
  11. HokieFan

    2019 Senior First Time AAs

    Those 2 and Ryan Blees.
  12. Korbin Myers just took out Phillippi.
  13. HokieFan


    I've not seen the likes of Mastriani, McFadden or Lewis act like a turd, so I'm not so sure it's strictly a Jersey thing.
  14. HokieFan

    Suriano vs Fix: Who wins the dual?

    It's a free country. You can be a fan of whoever you want. Personally, the attitude, the strutting around and the trash talk puts me off.
  15. HokieFan

    VA Duals

    Last year, I thought Blees had an outside shot to place. He was beating AAs during the season but starting with the NCAA tournament last year, he has really struggled. Something must have gotten into his head.