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  1. Personally I think the move back to 165 was a mistake. He doesn't seem to have any energy. I figured he was a lock to be our first 4 time AA but I have serious doubts.
  2. Reading the board makes it sound like Cody Brewer maybe. That could be fun.
  3. At the end of his finals match with Devin Carter, he gave Carter a little subtle pat on the back that I always took as a great gesture of sportsmanship.
  4. Who wins in a match between Snyder and Ditka? Ditka!
  5. NJ did even better if you take McFadden instead of Kutler.
  6. I expect Bolen to make some noise at 184 as Zavatsky's replacement
  7. How bout that uppercut that Abakarov throws at Lewis with about 5 secs left? Lewis kept his cool though.
  8. Expect Lewis back at 165. Hokie lineup from 165 to 184 should be Lewis, McFadden, Bolen.
  9. Yeah not favored. Let's call him a live underdog. Also, I haven't seen him go upper body all year. And I've watched all of his matches.
  10. The scoring summary on Track says swearing.
  11. You gotta bite the dog that bit you. Needed a couple extra myself last night after Zavatsky almost stopped my heart in the blood round.
  12. Stoked that Lewis made the finals and I think he'll be VTs first champ. If not this year, he'll get it done at some point. I was glad he was on Marinelli's side of the bracket when it came out. I thought his quick counter shots would work better against Marinelli's aggressive style. Plus he had already beaten him in freestyle. I'm not sure what to think about the matchup with Joseph but he's got a shot.
  13. Same thing happened to McFadden. Winning 3-2 with 11 seconds to go and was called for hands to the face. Lost in overtime. He would have ended up in the blood round either way but now has a tougher match.
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