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  1. T-nigs23

    American wrestler lost Olympic gold medal

    Replacing the UFC strap will be easier than the gold medal.
  2. Sad mentioned that everyone wanted a piece of him after the olympics. He was a celebrity at that point and was doing all kinds of media and PR. Couple that with his wedding and it's easy to understand why his preparation wasn't at it's peak. It's not a hard concept to understand. Another example would be dan gable.
  3. T-nigs23

    Who would win

    Yea I don't know why '09 was selected. Maybe they felt they would matchup well with each other and apprantly they were right as everyone is predicting a split or close to that. I guess you could say that about most years though. A better question would be what two years would clause the biggest mismatch.
  4. T-nigs23

    Who would win

    It's where people who barely know each other can act like they're friends
  5. T-nigs23

    Who would win

    Flo posted two pictures on Facebook. One of the '09 NCAA champs and the other of last years winners. Who would win?
  6. Have a feeling Sad wins this time.
  7. T-nigs23

    The 4 Chamizo got against JB

    It looks like a mental lapse on JBs part on the first Chamizo TD. Looks like he stopped wrestling for a moment and Frank took advantage of that. Gotta be engaged for the full six
  8. T-nigs23

    Coach Tony Ramos

    I agree to a certain extent that tony did not match up well with him. Let's be real though tony wasn't the most dynamic scorer by any means. He was a very predictable opponent. It didn't take much scouting to figure out his game plan. That day Bonne gave him the biggest peice of humble pie I've ever seen served up. You may have guessed it by now but I'm not a big fan of Tony.
  9. T-nigs23

    Coach Tony Ramos

    I remember he tried his pre match stare down with bonne at a beat the streets event. Didn't work out for old tony lol. That was the match that bonne threw tony while standing on one leg.
  10. T-nigs23

    DeSanto to...

    For the sake of parity I hope he stays away from psu
  11. T-nigs23

    Zahid/Hall, who cuts the most weight?

    I haven't heard that but I have heard that Hall himself said the cuts to 74kg are too much. It could be a discipline issue but it could also be that the cut is just too much. I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt. Some guys are just some compact mofos. I would bet that's the case with mark but who knows.
  12. T-nigs23

    Zahid/Hall, who cuts the most weight?

    If the guy kills himself to make 74kg what makes you think he could make 165 for a full college season. Hall is a 174 pounder plain and simple.
  13. T-nigs23

    All Star Classic Next Season Lee vs Desanto?

    Lee's mom was an olympic level judoka
  14. T-nigs23

    Session Three Thread

    Joseph a little too strong for white.