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  1. Yea I don't know why '09 was selected. Maybe they felt they would matchup well with each other and apprantly they were right as everyone is predicting a split or close to that. I guess you could say that about most years though. A better question would be what two years would clause the biggest mismatch.

  2. I can't tell if JB was exposed or not from the video. More surprising to me was the fact that Chamizo took JB down clean twice in the second period. JB is a second period wrestler for sure and these takedowns weren't the Chamizo funk that he is known for or the types of scores he got in the first period of the match at BTS.

    It looks like a mental lapse on JBs part on the first Chamizo TD. Looks like he stopped wrestling for a moment and Frank took advantage of that. Gotta be engaged for the full six

  3. Bonne is such a bad matchup for him.


    Us d to not be a fan of tony, but coaching seems to suit him. He seems humble and inspiring now.


    UNC is doin an excellent job. They did however cause tOSU to lose NCAAs (looking at you, Heilmann)


    ACC wrestling is getting good

    I agree to a certain extent that tony did not match up well with him. Let's be real though tony wasn't the most dynamic scorer by any means. He was a very predictable opponent. It didn't take much scouting to figure out his game plan. That day Bonne gave him the biggest peice of humble pie I've ever seen served up. You may have guessed it by now but I'm not a big fan of Tony.

  4. If what others here say is true, and Hall doesn’t cut ever, any cut would probably feel like he is killing himself subjectively. That said, cutting hard is stupid.


    Zahid looks monsterous, but he doesn’t carry as much in his hips and legs, so it’s hard to tell how much he is cutting. Has anyone ever seen his face drawn out and zombified? I don’t recall ever seeing it

    I haven't heard that but I have heard that Hall himself said the cuts to 74kg are too much. It could be a discipline issue but it could also be that the cut is just too much. I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt. Some guys are just some compact mofos. I would bet that's the case with mark but who knows.

  5. On any other team Hall would be wrestling 165. In their senior careers Zahid will be 174/189. Hall will be 163 where he won his world titles. I even think he could make 154 if he had to. Hall was just that good that he didn't cut weight because he was the best-never had to. There is an obvious size difference. It was not always that way though with them growing up. They may not wrestle ever again if Zahid goes to 184 next season. Zahid and Bo are the exact same size. Look at their NCAA title picture. 174, 184 and 197 champs all look the exact same size.

    If the guy kills himself to make 74kg what makes you think he could make 165 for a full college season. Hall is a 174 pounder plain and simple.

  6. Does being that giant pose any difficulties for the astronautical career path? Those ISS tubes don't seem that spacious to me.

    It absolutely does. More weight equals more energy spent trying to get out of the atmosphere. Bigger men require more sustenance. He would have to allow his body to atrophy.

  7. I think Sad plays with him, and that's not a knock on Yazdani, who was my biggest fear to upset JB back in 2016. Yazdani loves throwing in the underhook, and as good as he is with that, Sadulaev is even better with his overhook fireman's carry, or the snapdown with the overhook (especially with Yazdani's forward pressure). It's a terrible stylistic match up for him, imo.

    Couldnt have said it better. I see yaz getting fireman carried left and right. Snyder would also destroy yaz. Hes just too small em

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