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  1. Is that why the Midlands moved this year or is it a permanent move?
  2. Where are all the people crying every time someone puts up an MMA thread? Many could argue that Gus won the fight. It looked that way to me but Jones was the champ and that always gives someone the benefit of the doubt in a close fight. If my memory is correct Gus actually took him down that fight. It seemed as though Gus inflicted more damage than he took as Jones left the arena on a stretcher.
  3. It's not about selling to those in charge of MMA promotions its about selling wrestling to the true MMA fan base and make them realize that wrestling is one of the best bases for MMA and in turn help our sport get the respect from those fans. For example there were about four guys who joined my high school team for the sole purpose of adding wrestling to their MMA game. One of those kids ended up being a top 10 ranked kid in the state.
  4. I was mostly joking around when I said public enemy number #1. While I never believed there was any "beef" between Aaron and the members of the NLWC it seems as there was some animosity from some on the board and that's what the (lame) joke was getting at. I posted this thread on this board because the other boards receive little to no views. I don't understand why some are reacting the way they are. If you don't want to read or discuss this topic then don't. That's why I put MMA thread in the title so those that aren't into MMA will know to avoid it.
  5. I'm not aware of any animosity between Pico and Zain or his teammates but there certainly is some coming from the diehards on this board. I'm just trying to get a sense of how Aaron would be received by the more moderate Penn State fans if such an event would occur. Because the other boards might as well not even exist except for the college one.
  6. They might even take him hostage and bring him forth to the one they call Cael.
  7. I was listening to the podcast of MMA journalist Areil Helwani with Bellator president Scott Coker and there was a very interesting nugget of info that was thrown out there. Apparently Bellator is considering having an event at PSU that would showcase the fights of Ed Ruth and Phil Davis. The kicker is they are also interested in having Penn State public enemy #1 Aaron Pico on the card. The obvious reason being for that is because of Picos wrestling roots. Scott Coker believes they can capitalize on the support of the wrestling fan base. Of course Mr. Coker doesn't know about the disdain PSU fans have toward Aaron. I just wanted to get the opinions of the PSU faithful on this board about the proposed event and the thoughts of the wrestling public in general. The very brief discussion is around the 28:30 mark
  8. Well boys we will see in about an hour how Pico stacks up but for now pop open a brew and enjoy the show.
  9. The question is who was better at their peak while in college. No one is arguing that cael had the best career ever but best career is not the question here. It has to be between Cael, Ueteke, Snyder and Smith imo
  10. U meant Pico right? Freeman has almost half a foot on Pico. This would be a pretty impressive victory for him if he manages to get the job done.
  11. Perhaps Poeta can get Jimmy Kennedy to coach at UofI once hes done competing.
  12. What I meant was that if Zain or Gilman were the ones slapping in the manor that Burroughs was the officials wouldn't have tolerated it nor the public. I used them given their history. There are people saying that they liked what they seen from JB. That it showed a winning mindset. I find that to be BS but that's just me.
  13. I'm very interested to see if JB can get it done at least one more time so in that sense I'm not upset about the result. That being said, how can many of you not find JBs antics disgraceful? It just irks me that this is what he has to resort to in order to get it done. Nothing wrong with a little chippy wrestling every now and then but blatantly open palm slapping your opponent is ridiculous. These things would absolutely not be tolerated by someone like Gilman or Zain. End of rant
  14. I'm willing to bet we see him for at least one more season. He seems to be on the right path.
  15. Whoops never mind then. Hes the people's AA
  16. Imar doing what Imar does, scoring from the underhooks. It's weird not seeing Perry in his corner. Chance looked good. Im calling it now, he will AA next season
  17. Tony Nelson just took a shot. There must be a glitch in the Matrix
  18. DT is two time Spanish grand prix champ though
  19. Retherford imo would simply be too strong for Dean. On the feet it would be interesting but once it hits the mat, Zain would have his way with Dean.
  20. Did he just reply to his own post?
  21. Abdul what were their thoughts on it. You should organize a group to compete in a folkstyle tournament.
  22. Cox in two. Taylor will have a real tough time taking him down.
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