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  1. I agree treep I to think that's how it will play out. The goat discussion will only gain steam if he brings home another gold imo.
  2. Relax Tbar it's just a common meme
  3. With JBs recent results I have a feeling he's out of Dakes head. If JB gets handled I could see him leaving his shoes on the mat.
  4. Yes Tim Howard was definitely a top ten keeper and at his peak maybe top 5. He was a rock for the US at the last world cup. In hockey I would imagine a top goalie to be an even greater equalizer.
  5. Harder to win especially in the six weight class era. Everyone comes out of the woodwork for the Olympics and not so much for the world's.
  6. Christiano Ronaldo is a bad example just because of the position he plays. Like previously mentioned, a goalie would better serve the purpose of being a game changer and there are many examples of that in soccer. The last world cup the Costa Rican team made a deep run due to the very strong play of their keeper. Also in soccer a top notch midfielder could also serve the purpose of a game changer.
  7. Casber was hosting it and asked occasional questions but someone else was interviewing Lee. It was the other guy who made the man of your word remark.
  8. He's a Fighting Illini now. Most likely decommitted due to Gavin and Lee.
  9. Nope you're definitely a hater. A good percentage of your posts are of Pico and his decision. He was a runner up at the OTT as a 19 year old. A noteworthy accomplishment for any wrestler. "He chose to train his way. It didn't work out." That's you being a hater. Please find one post where people where prematurely predicting gold for him during the trials.
  10. Looks like Abdul has been watching some folkstyle lately
  11. Picos #1 hater rears his ugly head
  12. Flo is Gods gift to wrestling how dare you guys criticize them. Seriously though its funny how husker du is MIA. he posted on another thread but is clearly not touching this one
  13. Thats why Abdul's american lineup is very interesting to me, I feel like all of those guys except maybe fix would have a shot to medal
  14. I'm guessing gwiz is too old, ringer is probably on the line and imar is only a junior so he's probably 21
  15. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/article/wrestlings-u-23-world-championships-announced-for-november-in-poland Thoughts?
  16. The thing though with JB at the Olympics is that he showed he could still overwhelm his opponents with offense evident by his scoring on Geduev in the final moments of the match. Sure he might not be able to do that all the time but perhaps he has that one shot sequence where he can look like the old JB. Seems like all he needed to do was let go of the fear. It's hard to believe that at 28 he has slowed down so much from the last worlds. Most athletes are still in their physical peak at 28.
  17. Except instead of dying you'll be forced to watch nothing but tony nelson and zach Rey matches
  18. To be fair, how many of us would've reacted like the passenger. Someone suddenly pulls a piece out and unloads it right next to you.
  19. Yea I kinda figured the Iranians that have attended in the past were from the LA area. It can't be that expensive to fly to corn country though so like Irani said I would expect some of them to make the trip.
  20. I really hope this travel ban is lifted in time for the 2018 World Cup. If the Iranians go along with some of their chanting fan base then it will be a great event.
  21. Is this the guy with the "overly enthusiastic" father?
  22. Abdul stop being such an orange 🍊. If you can't take it don't dish it out.
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