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  1. God help whoever has to wash their belts
  2. Maybe Bo's strategy from now on will be to do what he did to brooks. He would be a shoe in for the hodge.
  3. 2020 OTT should be fun to watch with those names thrown into the mix.
  4. The difference is with day before weigh ins you have more time to refuel and rehydrate before the match.
  5. I know american fans of any sport arent ones to chant like foreign sports fans. The fans I'm referring to didn't do much cheering or responding at all. They stayed sitting down with their arms crossed pretty much the whole time.
  6. I attended the 2015 world cup and let me tell you those Iranian fans made for a great atmosphere. As opposed to about half of the American fan base who showed about as much enthusiasm for the event as I do when I visit the dentist. That USA vs Iran duel was the funnest wrestling related experience in my life, no lie.
  7. Welcome to the beautiful world of memes.
  8. They'll archive these matches on YouTube. Quarters and before are already up there.
  9. Steebler with the dominant victory. My feed cut out right as he got that last takedown.
  10. Yea you said it. To think they could've had Micic, Tshirts, Brill and Jonny Sebastian all in that line-up.
  11. Just happened at the CKLV 8-7 Massa
  12. Regardless which uniform you like what's wrong with giving kids the option?
  13. Jeez what happened to the Midlands. Went from tougher than nationals to the second best in-season tourney. Its almost sad to see how diminished its become compared to how it was in its heyday.
  14. Oh ok I didn't know that that's how it went down, didn't watch the match. I only said that cause there's a few cases of Russians coming to the states to compete, losing and throwing a fit after the match.
  15. I simply think they hate losing to Americans.
  16. Him being undersized will be a problem if he faces guys like Lewis who have impeccable top game. Or Anthony V who will most likely be one of the biggest 165 lbrs this year.
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