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  1. Makes you wonder if he will be undersized at 165.
  2. Its obviously not geared towards us wrestling fans. You think a bunch of students want to see two middle aged men wrestle?
  3. Slightly off topic, I was looking forward to a rubber match between nickal and Jackson this year. Seems like almost everyone was afraid of Bo last year except for Jackson and a couple other guys.
  4. My name is Franklin Gomez and I approve this message.
  5. Overtime perhaps? Takedown and exposure point interpretation, thats my guess.
  6. Why not have the backups wrestle each other in a sort of pigtails round. starters will have a bye til the round of 4. then have the two winners of the pigtails wrestle a starter from an opposing school so they avoid going up against their teammate. Imagine if a backup who otherwise wouldntve had the oppourtunity caught fire and beat out some noteworthy starters. I could see how the chance of your starter losing to a backup might scare some coaches but from a fan perspective that would be fun to watch. Just a thought though.
  7. Could you imagine bo jackson wrestling good lord he wouldve been scary
  8. Mahkov is not a good example the dude seems to have mentally checked out.
  9. Jeez that ref barely got slapped, not acceptable but still its not like he got punched or stabbed
  10. U also said Snyder didn't have much of a chance against gadisov last year
  11. An Instagram post he made suggests he's not done
  12. It must be great to have a true world class teammate as a training partner
  13. He will most likely make appearences at the the trails and senior open, domestic events only. If he makes a world team I bet he will do everything he can contractually to compete
  14. This is really making the rounds on mainstream media.
  15. If it happened in the middle of the mat or at least not out on the edge I would understand that but Gomez took him down to his back right on the edge and then was flipped out of bounds. That for me is the decisive factor in this whole debacle. Gomez took him down in bounds and got flipped out of bounds. Should at least be two for him and no points whatsoever for UZB
  16. Bey is certainly an interesting one to watch.
  17. If he was sick we probably would have heard by now through a social media post or something.
  18. Sadulaev is still a young buck he still has the capacity to be naturally strong and with great conditioning. We all know how age impacts our physical attributes. Isn't bolt around 30 years old. Not saying every older athlete who does well is on roids, everyone is built differently. How old is romanov? That's a pretty flawed counterargument. We think he could've been juicing. How about his teammates then are they juicing since they did well? It doesn't work like that man. Its not like we're pulling this out of thin air. He physically looked different and performed at a much lower level than we are used to seeing.
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