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  1. And our very own Olympic champ Kyle Frederick Snyder
  2. Bolt looked physically unimpressive. He looked like an old man out there, fat and weak. Granted I've only seen videos of him in competition but he looked off. Would not be surprised at all if the ped theory is true.
  3. Bolt looked flat out out of shape. He only pulled off his cartwheel maneuver once.
  4. Thatll happen When you pretty much have no choice but to wrestle folk. Such a silly statement.
  5. Heartbreaker award: are you really gonna make me say it?
  6. Nice to see ESPN showing kyle synder some love. They have an article about him being the youngest US Olympic champion.
  7. Just keep your undies on sir, I don't want to be scarred for life
  8. You could say the NFL allows this also. If the ball is snapped before the clock hits zero they allow the play to finish and the extra point also. Basketball very minutely exhibits this with the release of the ball before the buzzer.
  9. When does the next round begin?
  10. Let's go Synder. These turnarounds certainly do favor the young guys. Old man gaz looks like he's as strong as an ox though.
  11. It all starts with the mat ref, I like how franklin didn't shake his hand at the end.
  12. Its been twenty years since we last did well as a team at the Olympics that's not so recent. I agree that the breakup of the soviet union hurt our chances to medal. You talk about us having guys regularly having success after college but that is simply not true. Those guys you talk about are the exceptions to the norm not the norm. Snyder has a solid freestyle background, we all know what kyle did his senior year. Look at how far pico has come and lets not forget what henry cejudo did. People only have to look at our womens program. They wrestle free in college and they are consistently more competetive than our mens teams. I don't think folk is going anywhere but you have to be in serious denial if you don't think switching from folk to free won't improve our results
  13. There's really nothing wrong imo to skipping out early to pursue something that you a have a great chance succeeding in. The difference here is that Jden will still be wrestling for Mizzou so he will still contribute to his team and help them win occasional duals and tourneys. Slimming down his schedule is a good way to go simply based off the fact that he can focus more on training and less on cutting weight. Idk what his walk around weight. The simple burn out factor that comes with wrestling 40+ matches a year and having to make weight should be reason enough to trim the fat off of his schedule. He may not feel burned out by next year or the year after that or even 4 years from now but those grueling ncaa seasons will eventually start to manifest themselves. I'm no where near an insider so all this is just based on simple logic. Only himself and his coaches will know the answer.
  14. Its not what the fans deserve its what he deserves. That's a pretty selfish attitude to have. The guy has a chance to do great things internationally it's up to his coaches and the people surrouding him daily to not fail him in that regard.
  15. It all depends on the draw, hooefully a small miracle happens and they have Snyder, gaz, yaz and bolt evenly spaced out. Why can't they grow brains and seed these brackets.
  16. It really makes you feel for the guy. Had the weight of the USA wrestling community on his shoulders.
  17. As for Jordan how do any of you think he feels right now. He probably feels like dirt right now. We all just have to rally behind him and show him the support like we always have. Tough day for the fans but an even worse one for our star.
  18. Andrew howe is still wrestling and he's had some respectable showings in a few events. Hes also the only one with enough cojones to stay down at 74. He might not be around long enough for Tokyo but it seems like he still has a year or two left in him
  19. It was bad before now its just gonna be pure insanity. Like he's the second coming of Mohammed.
  20. Jden will upset the mini expirement and save the day for us, as will Kyle.
  21. I get that, it just didn't look like 2 to me but oh well.
  22. How was that 2 points. Yazdani got a gift
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