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  1. Boconnell said it. Years ago folk and free where very similar. Its no wonder we used to be a powerhouse. So many times I've watched old footage of the greats and thought the two styles were so similar.
  2. Its never that simple Jason. DFs razor states the most convoluted and crazy answer is usually the correct one.
  3. The sheer numbers of our population should negate that argument tiger. Look at Cuba, most of they're best athletes play baseball but they are still monsters. The same goes for just about every other country including Russia. We should ask Abdulla how popular wrestling is in Russia I bet they don't have every little boy wishing to grow up to be wrestling superstars. I bet soccer, hockey and possibly basketball are more popular overall in Russia.
  4. More like training exclusively for freestyle allowed him to keep that edge that otherwise would've been negated by people scouting his double leg.
  5. Burroughs and greens styles are similar and suited for free. Snyder trained freestyle in his most formative years and most notably his senior year of high school. I bet if Kyle never went to the OTC he would not have been a world champ.
  6. Yea billy I see their point of view and I like me some folkstyle as well but other than trading in tilts for gutwrenches freestyle is pretty much the same. Geduev just showed us that you can scramble in free. I think you made some good points with missing out on sponsorships and other opportunities. If we don't addapt we die. A moot point but isn't the flight from Russia closer to Vegas than rio?
  7. Don't post stuff like this on the college boards, you will get crucified.
  8. So your just gonna start bashing him now that he lost? I agree the better man won TBar but when your trying to move a giant muscle that would wear on everyone but the very best conditioned athletes. Geduev vs yazdani should be a good one.
  9. Maybe he didn't have the gas to that. He seemed to me sucking down air early into the match
  10. Rahimi over lebedev 6-1 justice has been served
  11. Lol when you put it that way I see your point. The world speedwalking record is probably held by someone about to crap themselves.
  12. I don't think he tweaked something, he was possibly just saving his energy for the later rounds. Why does NBCSN have to show these exciting speed walking races instead of wrestling?
  13. The only bad thing I have to say with regards toward wrestling is their annoying Instagram and twitter trolls. They never ease up and are everywhere. Other than that I've seen some world cup press interviews of the Iranians and they're always gracious and friendly. They're fans do know how create a great atmosphere in the arenas as well.
  14. Was it the guy who injured JBs knee? If so he's a tough customer, very athletic.
  15. Abdula which one are you? Just kidding friend.
  16. Whatever you say pal, its your world we're just living in it.
  17. Haha I didn't create my name with racial intent guy. Wasn't in my mind at all at the time. You defending someone that spouts off a bunch of ignorant nonsense does say a lot about you though, great choice there.
  18. Never seen a more fitting username, pinhead
  19. Ditto. It makes you have disdain towards the athletes themselves which is not fair to them but when you literally see an army of iranians on on every single post JB makes you can't help but think that way. I had a few words with an iranian instagram user which told me that they are a "cyberarmy of extremists" who basically make it they're job to do what they are doing.
  20. Olympic teams are only allowed to use they're U-23 players and 2 players from their senior team. There really is no such thing as amatuer soccer even most of the U18 players are technically pros.
  21. Russian just won gold in judo. Steroids doin their job
  22. He has definitely brought a certain creep level to this board. What happened to the days of the classy troll, DF we need you now more than ever. I miss his state title stories.
  23. As a side note its pretty cool seeing JB in the Olympic commercials for Hersheys.
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