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    T-nigs23 reacted to headshuck in They call him Cael...   
    Siri and Apple dictation continues to refer to him as Carl so there's that.
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    T-nigs23 reacted to Tony_Rotundo in Virginia Tech   
    I'm a fan of ZPT, but Molinaro has proven he's wrestling a level above where Zain is right now. He competed extremely well at the Olympics vs world champions. I don't don't doubt Zain will get there, but I don't think you can say he's there now based on him beating up college athletes.

    Good question about Frank's RTC coaches and partners, but I think he can and will move around to get the specific coaching and partners he needs as he gets closer to competitions. 
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    T-nigs23 reacted to silver-medal in Virginia Tech   
    All Frank did at the trials was beat Metcalf, Kennedy and Stieber.  He would never have beaten Retherford?  
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    T-nigs23 reacted to WildTurkey44 in Spencer Lee to Iowa -- Mistake IMO   
    He is going to Iowa you clowns. He is going to dominate! Get over it
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    T-nigs23 reacted to sgallan in Nolf vs. Pico   
    Nah just weirdly obsessed with the guy. 
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    T-nigs23 got a reaction from quaker118 in Nolf vs. Pico   
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    T-nigs23 got a reaction from Perry in Teasdale to PSU   
    Somebody better check on Vak
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    T-nigs23 got a reaction from SC_Wrestling in Flowrestling makes a (deceitful) statement   
    Flo is Gods gift to wrestling how dare you guys criticize them. Seriously though its funny how husker du is MIA. he posted on another thread but is clearly not touching this one
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    T-nigs23 got a reaction from rhino184 in Flowrestling makes a (deceitful) statement   
    Flo is Gods gift to wrestling how dare you guys criticize them. Seriously though its funny how husker du is MIA. he posted on another thread but is clearly not touching this one
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    T-nigs23 reacted to MadMardigain in U23 worlds   
    Well the mistake you are making is going by the American age chart. Check the Russian age chart, where they are still available to Cadet Worlds.
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    T-nigs23 got a reaction from pamela in U23 worlds   
    I'm guessing gwiz is too old, ringer is probably on the line and imar is only a junior so he's probably 21
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    T-nigs23 got a reaction from Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in U23 worlds   
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    T-nigs23 reacted to Don Mog in Singlet pulling   
    Only in America? Because this oil-checking-south-park-sh*t sure does not happen anywhere else. 
    Just a bit rapey, and plain weird.
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    T-nigs23 reacted to BobDole in PD3   
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    T-nigs23 got a reaction from Yellow_Medal in Flo has done the right thing   
    Except instead of dying you'll be forced to watch nothing but tony nelson and zach Rey matches
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    T-nigs23 reacted to HurricaneWrestling in Congratulations to Iran...   
    ...for their World Cup victory -- and for being great hosts to all the competing teams!
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    T-nigs23 reacted to MadMardigain in Big10 Championships - Visitors Guide to Bloomington IN   
    Figured I'd start you out-of-towners out with a few places worth visiting on Bloomington for Big10 weekend. I visit Bloomington occasionally, but I'm not a local. Here is what I know is decent in the area. Those from Bloomington feel free to add in more.
    Food & Drinks
    Mother Bears - Some of the best Pizza in the Mid-West
    Janko's Little Zagrebs - Great steak and seafood
    Scotty's Brewhouse - Good food and drink selection. It about to franchise out Nationwide so try it while it still mostly an Indiana thing.
    Nicks English Hut - Solid Pizza and good drinking hangout. Play "Sink the Bizmark" if you are with a group, like beer, and want an entertaining evening.
    FARMBloomington - for those into the Farm to table food movement
    Feasts Bakery - Good food and great baked goods.
    Village Deli - Well it's a good Deli style eatery and a big breakfast destination too.
    Upland Brew Co. - Local Craft Brew destination.
    The Tap - Large selection including craft brew.
    Bloomington Brew Co. Good craft brew selection.
    Crazyhourse - Large Brew selection.
    Bluebird - Nightclub/bar Live Band location. Fri. Hairbangers Ball (Fun 80s Cover Band) Sat. Corey Smith (Up and Coming Country Star)
    Kilroys - Decent sports bar. More college age crowd.
    Crescent Donut Shop - Good for a quick breakfast. Need I say more.
    Rainbow Bakery - Good for the sweattooth and breakfast food.
    Bloomington Beagle Co. - if you want something other than just a donut this is a good option.
    Runcible Spoon - If you need some fancy Coffee and breakfast/brunch.
    Somas Coffee House - Another fancy Coffee location with a solid Juice bar too.
    Anyestangs Little Tibetan Resturant - For the adventures eaters.
    Owlery Resturaunt - Vegan and Vegiterian hot spot.
    Sightseeing Options for those with extra time
    Brown County and Hoosier National Forest - Great walk or drive around, but visit in the Fall if you want the great leave changing experience.
    Wonderlab - If you have young kids it a great activity center to spend a few hours.
    Cardinal Spirits - Local Craft Spirits destinations.
    Oliver Winery - if you like the wine thing.
    Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Center - If you want a unique cultural experience visit here. It not what you expect to see in the Middle of Indiana. Started by the Dhali Lama's Brother.
    Mathers Museum of World Culture - The title give it away.
    Downtown Square - Lots of shops and boutiques if your wife is tagging along. And it's in the same area as most of the food and drink spots. She can shop and you can get a few drinks.
    Assembly Hall - You are there anyway take a walk around the recently renovated building. It's got a lot of basketball history if you can choke down the sight of that other winter sport.
    IU Campus - Its a pretty nice institute of learning and most of campus is beautiful although your visiting at the wrong time of year for nature to help the aesthetics.
    Me - I'll be near roaming the arena during the day, and possibly sporting a Willow themed shirt during the evenings activities.
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    T-nigs23 reacted to John Coctostan in Flo has done the right thing   
    these issues, well documented here for years, are why i've never opened up my wallet for these guys.  most infuriating seems to be not just the technical issues, but the apathetic response by these guys.  i have come closer to rearranging my internet/satellite/cable tv budget to include flo's service, particularly with the buzz surrounding their feature documentaries, but these issues continuing to plague them make me glad i haven't.

    you have a long way to go to earn my dollar, boys.
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    T-nigs23 reacted to BRGuy in Flo has done the right thing   
    come on guys what more do you want
    you get a free month of flowrestling
    why are you complaining you now get to watch the Catoosa summer youth wrestling round robin jamboree for free
    who cares if you missed the dual of the century that you were planning to see
    next you will tell me you would be mad if you bought a snow shovel online in January and paid to have it overnighted but they were out of stock so it came in july
    you got the snow shovel just like you wanted so you should be thankful
    don't you know flowrestling is the savior and you should be thankful they even let you see it via tape delay
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    T-nigs23 reacted to MadMardigain in World cup thread   
    He good, he found his magical unicorn that had been wondering the world for the last several years.
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    T-nigs23 reacted to Smedley in World cup thread   
    Is Ghasemi gonna choke like the Falcons?
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    T-nigs23 reacted to sgallan in World cup thread   
    Dake - Burroughs: Different kind of match now, more of a technical tactical match. 
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    T-nigs23 reacted to irani in US and Iran Travel Bans   
    Good luck to your kid.
    I am afraid your logic broke down badly.  You sighted specific events to support the ban.  I pointed out that the ban has nothing to do with the events, and now you say things have changed?
    I am all for vetting and banning bad people intelligently.  Good people from bad places should be vetted and allowed in, in my opinion.  The government that you trust, handcuffed a 5 year old boy at the airport, and later defended the action.  They denied entry to a scientist who had a visa to join Harvard to do medical research, and held up the former PM for Norway with a diplomatic passport because he had visited Iran while the PM of Norway.  
    Do any of these seem logical to you?
    I do hope your kid crushes it at his tourney, and I mean that!
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    T-nigs23 got a reaction from Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in Bad news my folkstyle friend   
    I really hope this travel ban is lifted in time for the 2018 World Cup. If the Iranians go along with some of their chanting fan base then it will be a great event.
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    T-nigs23 reacted to Gantry in 4th PARIS INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT Brackets anywhere?   
    Even worse than simply two Americans - two guys from Illinois, two guys who went to the University of Illinois and two guys who trained for years together at Michigan. 
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