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  1. Regulator

    Is Anthony Cassar the least likely champ, ever?

    I had him in the semis, being he had beat Zavatsky many times. Just felt you were not giving Foster his due, kid is a beast But yeah I agree with this year. I took this thread as prior to this year, not as prior to the NCAA tournament. Cassar obviously had a great year and had a far greater chance to win NCAAs leading up to the tournament.
  2. Regulator

    Is Anthony Cassar the least likely champ, ever?

    From what I heard he lost 2 wrestle offs to Shakur. From memory the last one was like 7-3 or 6-3.
  3. Regulator

    Is Anthony Cassar the least likely champ, ever?

    You are joking right?? Foster placed 7th two years ago beating Zavatsky, Macchiavelo, Nate Jackson and only losing to Myles Martin 8-6. Last year he was the 8 seed and his losses came to Max Dean and Parker. Foster has been very solid for 3 years. Although Cassar did have the big win over Moore. But he lost to Garrett Hoffman last year. I repeat he lost to Garrett Hoffman. Along with Holshlag and he lost his wrestle off to a guy that didn’t AA this year at 184. While Foster was placing two years Cassar wasn’t on the team. Many thought he was done. If we are just talking about this year than yeah Foster is a more unlikely champ. But at any other point in college it’s Cassar by far.
  4. Regulator

    Most ambitious D1 wrestler ever...

    Easy... http://thecaliforniawrestler.com/inside-the-mind-of-alex-cisneros/
  5. Not really sure exactly why I first started trying it. But I think my original thought was I’m not as athletic as most people but I’m pretty smart so I thought I could learn all shots to both sides. The deciding moment came when I wrestled one of our states best wrestlers( 1 of only a few 4xers in our state). The first period I wrestled right leg lead and he got in deep a few times and I wasn’t close to scoring. So I switched in the 2nd and 3rd and did quite a bit better. So I was leaning towards leading left leg. Later that year I wrestled him in the freestyle state finals and scored the first couple tds and got the better of him on our feet although he scored late and got a couple guts to win the match. That sealed it. Ultimatey I think my offense and pace were better than my defense. So being able to get to my single more often kept guys on their toes. It also forced me to be better at handfighting and use both hands. In college I had to learn to have a good shin whizzer defense because guys could get to my front ankle somewhat easy. I think guys that lead left leg in college have to have great head level defense and down blocks to keep guys off their front leg.
  6. So I’m in a good position to answer this. I wrestled right leg lead up until my sophomore year of HS then I switched to left leg lead for the remainder of HS and college. The main difference for offense is the ease to getting to a single leg. A lot of the time you don’t need a set up and can just be more based on timing.( ala Logan Stieber) It’s obviously harder to get to your high crotch and I found unless I hit it off an elbow pass or underhook I couldn’t get to it. Although I did get quite good at getting to it off the underhook and guys aren’t used to fighting off a high crotch to their left leg. Made finishing a lot easier. The big big difference on defense is you have to be very disciplined with closing the gap and not reaching. If you reach to close the gap you’re getting single legged by a good wrestler. Hand fighting can be a big advantage as most people don’t handfight well with their left hand. If you can win the handfight with your left on their right most guys are lost. So being dominate with the left gives you a chance to win that side.
  7. Regulator

    2020 first pound-for-pound rankings

    Spencer has 3 losses
  8. Regulator

    Snyder vs Gable and Cassar and White

    I mean they wrestled last year at nationals and it was 6-3. White is quite a bit better this year. I don’t think it’s much more than that.
  9. Regulator

    Cadet World Champs- College Success

  10. Regulator

    Josh Hokit

    Among the group I was watching the finals with we brought this up several times. Not sure how you can AA in division 1 as a part time wrestler. Very impressive!
  11. Regulator

    Anthony "The Champ is Here" Cassar

    How is Gable better on his feet if he is less disciplined, less conditioned, less technically sound, and less polished? Those are the things I would use to describe someone that is better on their feet. I would say Cassar is also more athletic.
  12. Regulator

    Anthony "The Champ is Here" Cassar

    I think Cassar should transition to WWE. He seems perfect for it. Good on the mic. Super athletic. Could see him jumping off the top rope in no time!
  13. Regulator

    Mason Parris should have RS

    I would say Steveson is far from one of the bigger heavyweights. Did you see him next to Stoll? It’s reported he weighs 250ish which would be pretty middle ground. He could stand to added some muscle. But I don’t think his lack of muscle was why he lost. His strategy changed once he got a lead. Maybe because like you said he gassed.
  14. Regulator

    Cael said "Wrestling needs more scholarships"

    You are missing a bit here with Football. 11 starters on offense and 11 starters on defense. Plus kicker, punter and long snapper. So roughly 25 “starters”. Basketball starters are different than wresting starters. The first three guys off the bench get significant playing time. Even in the national tournament. In wresting non-starters get zero playing time in the national tournament. So a more fair comparison would be like 8 basketball players, could be considered “starters”.
  15. Regulator

    Three 3x champions?

    Don’t think Cenzo will have to beat Zahid this weekend.