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  1. This would be pretty awesome if so. In 2014 at the Indiana state finals, high school senior Stevan Micic beat freshman Nick Lee. If Micic takes another redshirt, Nick Lee will graduate a year before Micic.
  2. I don’t disagree with your take. I’m referencing him saying the flu kills more people and not taking Covid19 more serious. But I would add if people don’t stay home while healthy. People will all get sick and be home or in the hospital at the same time being sick. Which would do the same thing to the economy but have far worse outcomes for those needing hospitalization.
  3. Hopefully you have changed your mind on this take. But if not, you mentioned 22k-55k deaths from the flu. Many epidemiologist have suggested if we don’t take drastic steps we could easily have 2 million deaths in the USA from Coronavirus.
  4. https://covidactnow.org/ I thought this was a very interesting website. It has state by state breakdowns of when the virus will peak.
  5. Saying Parris was losing is a bit disingenuous. It was 1-1. Zaire did have the “lead”. But scoring was even. Also I’m not sure the conclusion you are drawing is accurate. Parris doesn’t have a history of beating people then after they figure him out they beat him consistently. I think it’s more of a match up thing. Some people match up better against that style and some don’t. Zare’s style makes him vulnerable to that dump. Cassar and Conan Jennings for example are quite the opposite. I don’t see Zare stopping his right hand underhook the next time they meet. Which would make him open to it again. But I could be wrong.
  6. Any way to follow the tournament easily? Updated Brackets? Full results?
  7. I would say it’s very notable he started his career at 141 and the other three guys you mentioned started as 125s and only spent one year at 133. It’s also been discussed the cut to 133 is tough for him. I wouldn’t think that was the case for the other guys. Fix also has a tough cut to 57kg but is quite a bit shorter and has been around 125 for quite a while.
  8. I believe the problem arises from Dake’s First doctor note stating he can’t compete until August. After they set the date of the event he then brought forth a second note changing the date he can compete. I don’t see how others don’t see this as a problem, if this is indeed what happened. If they just randomly selected August 17th and he competed prior to it then there isn’t a problem.
  9. Just a note. Cejudo won the Olympics and Pico didn’t make USA team, losing to a guy that didn’t medal. Cejudo deserves more respect than that. Although Pico was great probably not at the same level
  10. I’ve seen that angle several times as well and if you read, I said from that angle it appears it’s Yianni’s move. And I took all angles into account when I recreated it. I wanted Yianni to win that match. As I said I think it should be scored 2-2 and Yianni winning. What I can’t see is 2-0 Yianni as some have said. Also editing your post when someone had quoted it right below is an odd move.
  11. You need to chill, where did I say it can’t be done? You are having an argument with stuff I didn’t even say. I said I tried it and I recommend you try it. I’m sorry if you are so one sided you can’t have a conversation.
  12. In response to “have you even wrestled??” Yes a state champ and above .500 Big ten wrestler(mostly as a reserve though) I did this situation today with me as Yianni(and my left leg bent back) I had zero power to pull someone over. I recommend putting yourself in Yianni’s position and feeling it. The other person was very easily able to create the move by pushing off with the left leg and hooking my heel.
  13. When I watched the first angle I thought it was Yianni’s move. But from this angle it appears to me Zain pushes with his left foot and he regrabs the heel to initiate the move. Yianni’s left foot and knee don’t look to be in position to push off of. At least not for a normal human ( which Yianni may not be). But it does appear Yianni rolls Zain through to me also. So I don’t know the rules well enough. Looks like 2 & 2 to me. But I could see 2-0 Zain. https://twitter.com/sockobuw/status/1137537809072492544?s=21
  14. I had him in the semis, being he had beat Zavatsky many times. Just felt you were not giving Foster his due, kid is a beast But yeah I agree with this year. I took this thread as prior to this year, not as prior to the NCAA tournament. Cassar obviously had a great year and had a far greater chance to win NCAAs leading up to the tournament.
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