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  1. Anyone know if Dean has trouble making weight at 184? Could we see him up to 197 in a year or two? Imagine that weight class with Cox, Snyder and Dean.
  2. As a follower of psu wrestling for 30 years i would put ruth and dt as the univ's greatest wrestlers. These guys are now the quintessential wrestlers for the school. Their style, media exposure, individual and team accomplishments will be the precedence for years to come. Before dt and ruth i considered jim martin and kerry mccoy psu's best wrestler, with an asterisk next to kolat. Mccoy and Martin were more than great wrestlers but great men, as well. I'll leave it to the non-penn st fans to weigh in on their place with the all time greats.
  3. Whippet, Looks like i cant send you a pm either. Can you send me a spreadsheet to arc40@hotmail.com? Thanks.
  4. Came back to the forum just for this. Pm coming your way. Thanks for doing this.
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