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  1. Looks like the NYS collegiate will be Sunday Nov 24 art Oswego State.
  2. Kyle’s constant movement and strong side under-hooks certainly were effective against Dieringer. Those that think it was boring simply do not understand freestyle or the need to adjust based on the style matchups relative to your opponent. Naturally you need the athleticism to execute the plan and Kyle is on another level with that. Kyle/Rob are clearly the best at that and they proved it once again. It was never more apparent than last year in Budapest.
  3. Maybe now “they” will allow them to settle this on the mat where it should be.
  4. I do not think there Is any doubt Kyle will be at 74kg for 2020. I for one think he will be our guy. Not surprisingly, he has masterly managed to compete on the world stage at 79kg and keep open his options for the 2020 74kg spot. He really opened some eyes in Budapest in October, he was fantastic even by Kyle Dake Standards.
  5. Re Cornell, next years strong recruiting class along with the return of Hunter Richard 149 and Fredy Stroker 157 could very well be top 3/4. Add Greg D and Josh Saunders in 2020-21 and the Big Red is within a guy or two:of even better things.
  6. Sorry if I missed someone posting it, but Womack , 2017 AA at 165 for Cornell 174 the last two years and 1, 3, 2 in the EIWA will be back. Maybe Ramirez or Barryesa (sp) goes 165 ?
  7. I believe the best solution is to get Vito and Baughman to 125, Tucker at 133 and Yiani at 141. Reasonable chance to get 2 AA's outside chance of 3. Not too many teams that would not take that.
  8. Regarding SDSU staff. You have to think with himself and Caldwell being upper weight guys he would be looking for a young lower weight guy. Also supporting Gross is very important to the program. Given all that how about Jason Ness or Troy Nickerson? I know Troy is a head coach but him and Damion were very close. I had also mentioned bringing A.J. Schoop back but have no idea if that could work? They could all help Gross. As good as Kyle and Gabe Dean are I doubt if they leave the Cornell fold now. Also Cam Simaz would be great but with Kyle now at 79kg these are all big guys.
  9. Well said, by the Damion is an expert at beating Lehigh!
  10. I agree that it was great to see SDSU go out and conduct a professional search and then go hard after Damion Hahn. I can not think of very many coaching hires that have such a great fit. I have absolutely no doubt that they will continue their recent success and be top ten very soon, no 5-10 year plan here. Damion’s staff selection will be very interesting. I doubt that either Kyle or Gabe will sever their Cornell ties, at least at this time. I wonder if A.J. Schoop would come back? Did he leave on good terms with the administration? Damion has so many connections I am sure he will be able to create balance and expertise with 2-3 guys right off the bat. Thoughts for ex Gophers? Do they have a RTC? Certainly very helpful these days to keep guys like Gross around and bringing in top recruits. I thought I saw that Gross wants to talk to the new coach before making a decision on staying or leaving. I really hope he stays, he is already an Icon and has a wonderful opportunity to be a part of something very special. Not sure if any others were considering following Bono but I have to say that many of “us” find it hard to believe that hiring Damion Hahn is not a huge plus and maybe even a step up, even compared to the fantastic steps Bono took at putting them on the D1 map. Damion has been not only very successful as a wrestler and coach for two decades but is an absolute class act in every respect. It is kind of cool that we now have a “SDSU East fan base”. All the best to the Jackrabbits. Being such an avid outdoorsman I bet Damion likes that better than the Big Red :)
  11. Sorry to see Macri transfer, Cornell has so few of these over the year they tend to surprise us. Nice to see how Rob handled the situation, many of these tend to get ugly. All the best to Macri, NC is a fine school and program that is on the rise, I would expect to be an AA before he is done.
  12. Good question, there was some confusion about the ending of Dake/Howe. It was fueled when Howe (on the mike) said that he would like to continue. What he should have added is what was stated clearly in the program.. It said that the Dake/Howe match would be a maximum of three periods. Steven Boyd announced that to everyone from the mat although it was after the match was over. It was primarily because Dake has not competed in 10 (?) months. It was clear that Dake, the referee and coaches in both corners knew the rules for that match. They shook hands immediatley after the third period. I can't speak for Howe only to say I am sure that since he was losing he naturally wanted the match to continue no matter what they had agreed to. I agree it was a bit awkward. I also think that five three minute periods is a mistake, especially with the big guys.
  13. Looks like I can not PM you either, can you email me the form at JB@cornell.edu please? Thanks.
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