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  1. I loved seeing English AA after being a back up and zilverberg as well. Being am Ohio guy, it was great to see Jordan join the family AA group, as well as Habat placing so high and Johnson from OU doing well. As great as Hammond wrestled all weekend, I still have a hard time rooting for him after his cheap shot against Walters from OU last season. Great year for him but it still bothers me a bit.
  2. As a huge wrestling fan and an OSU senior, I've watched a lot of Heflins matches and I have always hated his style. Ive said the past 2 years that if somebody is aggresive and wrestles Heflin that way instead of his slow style they can beat him. Thats exactlt what Cox did today and he deserves that win. Heflin has showed in the past few weeks that he can score points early in a match but be chose to wrestle his slow style in the finals which lost him the match. He has the ability to score whenever but if you don't want to be offensive for 6 and a half minutes you deserve to lose in my opinion, and that's exactly what Heflin did.
  3. I just made an excel file to take a closer look at the team race and the max points possible if each wrestler on a team were to win out and by pin in each match. If each team won out by pin the team scores would look like this: Minnesota: 193 Penn State: 175.5 Okla St: 170.5 Iowa: 143 Cornell:140 Ohio St:105 Oklahoma: 102.5 Virginia Tech: 97.5 Edinboro: 83.5 Illinois: 83 Obviously this wont be the actual result, but it does show how close things might end up at the top. I dont know how to post the excel file here but if somebody tells me how, I can.
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