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  1. The "mental game" is important in all sports.
  2. stp


    Cheering for Oregon State and I'm from Ohio.
  3. Having some refs follow a strict set of rules while others do not, makes tournament results more questionable.
  4. Your #3 choice is nonsense. Danger rule takedown....gimmi' a friggin' break. Not Jimmy's fault, it's Iowa's for using it as an excuse.
  5. 125- Killian Cardinale pht* 5th 141- Cole Matthews pht 6th 149- John Heil pht 7th 157- Will Lewan pht 8th 174- Mikey Labriola pht 9th 184- Taylor Venz pht 10th *places higher than
  6. My bad. I thought only top eight are AA. Lower than top 8=dark horse.
  7. Except when visiting Fremont Street.
  8. If he doesn't take off his wrestling shoes mid flip, I'll be disappointed.
  9. Dark horse 125 AA = Michael DeAugustino? Anyone?
  10. Very true. No idea where the Freshman James came from. He battled the national ranked Lilliard* for Aurora at state QF. *former Wyoming Seminary
  11. Go to yappi, it's Ohio's rasslin' board. Join the NCAA pick 'em. Shameless plug.
  12. Whichever one secures the team title for the Wolverines.
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