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  1. stp

    Iowa Hawkeyes - Director of Operations

    Russ got Polly a job at UW, for Jimmy.
  2. stp

    Iowa Hawkeyes - Director of Operations

    Nice of Iowa to give the bulls wife a job.
  3. stp

    Most annoying commentator catchphrases?

    "this match is just getting started!"
  4. stp

    What is the best body type for wrestling?

    I've noticed some youth who grew up riding horses or racing dirt bikes seem to have very strong core muscles, balance and "good hips" in wrestling.
  5. Three of the four Dernlan bro's.
  6. stp

    What makes Mark Hall so good?

  7. stp

    tOSU Lineup Questions

    Really wanna see rock and Romero roll 'round.
  8. The bald headed dude, with the scrubby face.
  9. Maybe they are getting rid of their tanning beds and are using the suns UV rays.
  10. stp

    Gross to Wisconsin *almost* a done deal

    Had both the softball pitcher and her short but amazingly flexible catcher. They were roomies. Dorm life was really fun, with all the other athletes.
  11. stp

    Why Did Sammy Sasso Go To Ohio State?

    My bad, I thought this thread was about Sasso.
  12. stp

    What college produces the best freestylers?

    Tervel is only employed by one school.
  13. stp

    Why Did Sammy Sasso Go To Ohio State?

    Maybe it has something to do with education?