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  1. Big fan of Chiropractors and deep muscle massage.
  2. Would the reality show of Iowa City coaches, get the best ratings?
  3. Romero maybe would be a one or two time state champ, if Ohio had one division.
  4. stp

    Excape? WTF?

    Cricks are slightly shallower and overall has less water, than creeks. River stream creek crick
  5. stp

    Excape? WTF?

    What's that aboot?
  6. Ceiling: one-time AA. Floor: non-starter. Have not jumped on that wagon, yet.
  7. stp

    Fave non-favorite teams

    I usually go more of an individual route, but suppose Iowa qualifies as my 2nd favorite.
  8. stp

    Steveson’s Behavior

    meh' not so bad.
  9. stp

    Best Wrestling Forum

    Considered an Ohio HS sports website, yappi.com also has some quality college wrestling threads.
  10. Go Bears! Beat the Eagles. Wrestling will be secondary to the wildcard game...
  11. stp

    Best High School Team Ever?

    DT moved here and was attending Graham before Junior High. There's been multiple wrestlers, some who lived in the community (while others did not) taking online classes and only attended practices. If the school has open-enrollment should be taken into consideration for "best ever" teams.
  12. Is that monkey in the B10 conference?
  13. stp

    Midlands finals

    Lots of made-up nonsense is told to kids, especially at Christian schools.
  14. stp

    Midlands finals

    He'd fit in fine, at Graham.