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  1. What is the age limit on wearing your ball cap backwards?
  2. Jones would never have beaten Mike Pucillo, Jake Varner, Jake Rosholt, Max Askren, J.D Bergman or Phil Davis on the mat. In fact, I doubt Jones would ever had made varsity at Iowa. Luke Lofthouse was a much better wrestler than Jones.
  3. Apparently getting coke at Iowa Central Community College in Ft. Dodge is easier than in Iowa City.
  4. A bit reaching, but typical of the media industry. "A re'em, also reëm (Hebrew: רְאֵם), is an animal mentioned nine times in the Hebrew Bible and variously translated as a unicorn or a wild ox."
  5. Makes sense. Boxed wine is a big seller to the wives in Iowa City.
  6. stp


    A higher team placement. Hope this helps.
  7. Rumor has it, Lee caught the buschlightvirus. It's all around the Midwest.
  8. Still on the Drexel stage. 'eff em. Karma is a b*tch.
  9. Agree with this. If they always resort to bad tendencies, sounds like they need more mat time. Like Lurker said, " Repetition repetition until it becomes muscle memory."
  10. 'rasslin 101 - Become masters at the head inside single, into the half-nelson. Get the kids really really good at one, maybe two combinations, then move onto other stuff. imo
  11. DeSanto lacks J. Jaggers mental toughness.
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