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  1. It'll be funny if Spencer Lee doesn't make weight.
  2. My pick 'em is already a cluster flock. PLEASE - I need some opinions. Who do you believe is the best #8 seed at B10s? shhh, mphillips. ;)
  3. Fruit Loops on pizza. https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/entertainment/dining/2021/02/26/fongs-pizza-des-moines-restaurant-new-breakfast-pizza-froot-loops/6837808002/
  4. Yes. Hope this helps.
  5. I don't blame them. Ohio state D2 duals- st paris to steubenville - 3 hours 30 mins
  6. Not sure. Last year they had the state team duals, but not the individual state tourny.
  7. Bloomington is minutes away from one of the most beautiful areas in America. Brown County is amazing during the fall, but I'm not sure how much this benefits recruiting.
  8. https://open.spotify.com/episode/6j9JygkIR2MsNLGZA9Suc3?si=NxQjcsEhRYes8yDW9gHYmg
  9. Because I'm an idiot. Honestly I thought both placed at state, but appear to be wrong. Obviously I've gotten the brothers confused. Not a follower of their youtube antics.....lol. As for D1 being easier than D2 or D3, it entirely depends on the year. In D2 you have perennial national ranked St Paris Graham and D3 you have multiple teams with a strong history.
  10. I'm from Ohio and have heard/watched a handful of JP's matches over the recent years. The Buckeye state does have some decent wrestlers, but it also depends which division and weight class you are competing. Many times in Ohio the three best wrestlers at any given weight are at different divisions....
  11. Ben will probably get knocked out even faster then the Jorge fight.
  12. Good riddance. Gable Steveson is even more unlikable than Thomas Gilman.
  13. stp

    Wrestling gifts

    How about a subscription to Flowrestling?
  14. Dr. Kyle Ott. (Thank you Zeb Miller for these YT vids)
  15. Shocked they can field full teams after physicals.
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