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    Worst NCAA Championship Match of All-Time

    Congratulations. This post has reached "top three" dumbest comments ever, on themat.
  2. stp

    Seth Gross Sixth Year Approved

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0HvWY7Txvg I'm an idiot, too. Thankfully one of us remembered.
  3. stp

    Seth Gross Sixth Year Approved

    Was he ever 125? Thought his lowest was 133. "2008-09: Redshirt season ... went 18-2 in open tournaments .... His two losses were to wrestlers ranked in the top five for 133 lbs. (then-No. 5 Nick Fanthorpe of Iowa State and then-No. 2 Jayson Ness of Minnesota) ... loss to Fanthrope was 4-2 decision, to Ness was 8-4 decision ... finished first at the UNI, Stevens Point and Dan Gable Opens at 133 lbs. ... placed second at the Cyclone Open and third at the Kaufman-Brand Open ... registered four major decisions, three tech falls and three pins ... competed at U.S. Senior Nationals and FILA Junior World Team Trials during summer 2009 in the freestyle competition (60 kg/132 lbs.)" Copied from the UW page I'm a homer, so I'd say RT is the answer to your question.
  4. stp

    Seth Gross Sixth Year Approved

    who woulda thunk it
  5. stp


    This thread has taught me that three time placers are not as good as 4xers and 2xers are better than those who've placed one. Thank you.
  6. stp

    Looking back, was Nolf really that great?

    No. Hope this helps. Nolf is good, but Kemp was better.
  7. stp

    Move Marianelli Up to 174 and Free Nelson Brands

    I hope Nelson Brands and Rocky Jordan meet up, at 174.
  8. Great marketing by Ohio State. Get everyone talking about how stupid they are. It's like they are following THE Trump game-plan.
  9. stp

    Separated at birth?

    That clock rules.
  10. UW Madison has a RTC, so the answer is no.
  11. stp

    Beach Wrestling advice?

    "Is this real advice? Because the tournament is in two days... I'll pick some up tomorrow if it's a good idea to have it for the team." All honesty I've never wrestled on the beach, just think wrestlers have a great chance of getting sand on their eyes. Might be useful?
  12. stp

    Beach Wrestling advice?

    Buy the two-packs of Visine.
  13. stp

    Toughest High School tournament

    Found this article. Makes me want to attend! https://oklahoman.com/article/5619329/for-75-years-geary-has-been-the-states-capitol-for-wrestling
  14. stp

    Iowa Hawkeyes - Director of Operations

    Russ got Polly a job at UW, for Jimmy.
  15. stp

    Iowa Hawkeyes - Director of Operations

    Nice of Iowa to give the bulls wife a job.
  16. stp

    Most annoying commentator catchphrases?

    "this match is just getting started!"
  17. stp

    What is the best body type for wrestling?

    I've noticed some youth who grew up riding horses or racing dirt bikes seem to have very strong core muscles, balance and "good hips" in wrestling.
  18. Three of the four Dernlan bro's.
  19. stp

    What makes Mark Hall so good?

  20. stp

    tOSU Lineup Questions

    Really wanna see rock and Romero roll 'round.
  21. The bald headed dude, with the scrubby face.
  22. Maybe they are getting rid of their tanning beds and are using the suns UV rays.
  23. stp

    Gross to Wisconsin *almost* a done deal

    Had both the softball pitcher and her short but amazingly flexible catcher. They were roomies. Dorm life was really fun, with all the other athletes.