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  1. stp

    better career....

    What is considered the largest, non state related HS tourny out there? Fargo or the Freestyle/Greco Jr. Nationals route? Would you rather win Jr Nats, Fargo or a HS state title? The HS title may have separate divisions.
  2. stp

    better career....

    No question, T-shirt had the better career.
  3. stp

    better career....

    Would you rather be Tariq Wilson who never won a HS state title, but earned AA status in college or a HS (multiple) state champ, who never AA's?
  4. stp

    Phillippi screwed up

    Probably concerned about and distracted by the winter storm.
  5. stp

    Rutgers vs Iowa

    Desanto is a punk, just like Gilman. If they didn't help Iowa win, they'd not be on the team.
  6. stp

    Rutgers vs Iowa

    Thank you for reminding me again, of another option than watching on my TV.
  7. stp

    Rutgers vs Iowa

    Thank you for complaining about my complaining.
  8. stp

    Rutgers vs Iowa

    Not at all, I expect BTN have the technology necessary. It's being recorded at the same time.
  9. stp

    Rutgers vs Iowa

    My bad, I thought that's what message board forums were for. Kinda like how everyone hates Ricky Fowler, because of Flo.....
  10. stp

    Suriano screwed up

    Suriano hasn't gotten over the butt whoopin' Spencer Lee gave him in the NCAA finals.
  11. stp

    Rutgers vs Iowa

    I shouldn't have to. If BTN is going to televise live, show the entire event.
  12. stp

    Rutgers vs Iowa

    B10 blows. Can't even do a delay, so we don't miss any matches. Pathetic.
  13. It's on Periscope! Anyone interested?
  14. Big fan of Chiropractors and deep muscle massage.
  15. Would the reality show of Iowa City coaches, get the best ratings?
  16. Romero maybe would be a one or two time state champ, if Ohio had one division.
  17. stp

    Excape? WTF?

    Cricks are slightly shallower and overall has less water, than creeks. River stream creek crick
  18. stp

    Excape? WTF?

    What's that aboot?
  19. Ceiling: one-time AA. Floor: non-starter. Have not jumped on that wagon, yet.
  20. stp

    Fave non-favorite teams

    I usually go more of an individual route, but suppose Iowa qualifies as my 2nd favorite.
  21. stp

    Steveson’s Behavior

    meh' not so bad.
  22. stp

    Best Wrestling Forum

    Considered an Ohio HS sports website, yappi.com also has some quality college wrestling threads.
  23. Go Bears! Beat the Eagles. Wrestling will be secondary to the wildcard game...