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  1. How do they select 'qualifiers' for this Fantasy bracket?
  2. I'm surprised that Gable wears skinny jeans.
  3. Some say Dollamur mats are harder than Resilite. Makes me wonder if the harder Dollamur mat is preferred for MMA/jiu jitsu.
  4. DT may not have the same knee injury history, as Lee but he's also 86kg.
  5. Lee will have two more Olympic chances and still be younger than DT winning Gold at 30 years of age.
  6. Especially when it's the father who forced the son to start.
  7. Are Lee jeans baggy enough to wear a knee brace underneath them?
  8. "build it and they will come"
  9. Search Youtube right when it starts.
  10. Desanto is a friggin' head case. That is what happened. Nut jobs are accepted at Iowa.
  11. He needs to change coaches. He has not improved at all, only being Jesus trained.
  12. Me vs. my bottle of Maker's Mark
  13. Reenan getting robbed against Warner.
  14. I remember people questioning if he had mono, but can't recall anyone saying he was done.
  15. I think Bronco still uses AOL free internet trial CD's.
  16. I'm not watching, unless Billy Baldwin makes an appearance.
  17. stp

    Real Woods

    How much improvement in conditioning do you expect in two weeks?
  18. That's awesome. The team should give him a blanket party for losing conference.
  19. A tie at conference finals? So gross....
  20. Pausing the finals to watch Red vs. Rivera. Get to skip the tv commercials.... start of 3rd Red 3 Rivera 3
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