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    stp reacted to IronChef in The future of women’s college wrestling   
    The circumstances around Iowa adding the sport should temper any excitement about a potential boom in big time college women's wrestling. A couple of full time coaches, a national travel schedule, and 10 full scholarships is an expensive ask coming after COVID.
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    stp reacted to scribe in When does Northwestern fire Howe and Kennedy?   
    I won’t feel bad for him. It’s easy and painless to get. And highly effective. 
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    stp reacted to ShakaAloha in Way-too-early 2022 Title Predictions by Weight   
    125: Spencer Lee
    133: Roman Bravo-Young
    141: Nick Lee
    149: Yianni Diakomihalis
    157: David Carr
    165: Shane Griffith
    174: Carter Starrocci
    184: Aaron Brooks
    197: AJ Ford Focus
    285: Gable Steveson if he wrestles, if not Mason Parris
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    stp reacted to Billyhoyle in Gable Steveson not going to Worlds?   
    I think you are significantly overestimating his potential as an actor.  The only two sustained successes from WWE in Hollywood are Duane Johnson and John Cena, with the latter only playing a minor, supporting role in non WWE produced films.  WWE is much more about appearance than actual athletic ability.  Hollywood is as well, with the added factor that knowing how to act is important. In other words, his incredible athleticism and olympic gold medal don't put him at an advantage over somebody 3 inches taller and roided up. If he goes to WWE, its likely that his only significant acting role will be whatever character he settles upon for WWE.
    If he wants to be an actor, he's probably best off not going to WWE at all, getting an agent, moving to Hollywood, and taking acting classes.  Most directors aren't going to want to cast somebody from WWE anyway  because they become completely typecast in their wrestling persona.  Unless it's a star like Duane Johnson who drives ticket sales, there's no advantage to casting a B-list WWE character over any other actor with an agent or a retired football player.  
    And yeah, it's no fun to be the pragmatist on the forum.  It's much easier to say that "Gable will succeed at whatever he wants to do." "WWE is great  entertainment and an awesome launching pad for being a movie star." And that "he's going to be the next Duane Johnson."  You get more  "likes" by being ultra  positive.  But reality is harsh. And he is the best HWT wrestler in the world right now, at a younger age than anyone I can think of (maybe Makhov?).  Giving that up to dance around on steroids and cry into a microphone for the dream of being like Brock Lesnar would be sad for the sport.  
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    stp reacted to headshuck in Gable Steveson not going to Worlds?   
    I think he’ll be fine at the next level of entertainment.

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    stp reacted to headshuck in Gable Steveson not going to Worlds?   
    Bruce never blew a gjallarhorn.

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    stp reacted to go_rines12 in Tito Ortiz Son   
    He couldnt place at d2 state in nevada lol
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    stp reacted to Wrestleknownothing in Will Spencer Lee ever win Olympic gold?   
    Perhaps you guys could repeat your arguments? I didn't catch them the first ten times.
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    stp reacted to Wrestleknownothing in Will Spencer Lee ever win Olympic gold?   
    Correction: Kerkvliet did not wreatle a D1 dual right off the bat. It was Maryland.
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    stp reacted to WresFan89 in Will Spencer Lee ever win Olympic gold?   
    By 2028 Pokémon will probably be an Olympic sport, he has options.
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    stp reacted to ShakaAloha in Will Spencer Lee ever win Olympic gold?   
    I like Spencer but he wouldn't qualify for the Olympics in judo.  The lightest weight in men's judo is 60kg, which is 3kg more than his MFS weight class.  There is also no leg grabbing and the mat work is different.  IMO, he wouldn't be competitive against the #1 American at 60kg who didn't qualify for the 2021 Olympics.
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    stp reacted to WresFan89 in Crazy that Cassar is 2-0 lifetime against an Olympic HWT champ   
    Or we could say that Bubba Jenkins pinned an Olympic champion.
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    stp reacted to Antitroll2828 in Crazy that Cassar is 2-0 lifetime against an Olympic HWT champ   
    Bruce Baumgartner was a 1 time ncaa champ and has 2 Olympic golds and 3 world championship golds to go along with 2 more Olympic medals and 3 more world championship medals ...so I would say gable still has a ways to go to catch him
    fun fact Baumgartner never won a N.J. state title in high school..he only placed once ....3rd his senior year behind the late Paul Finn
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    stp reacted to Housebuye in Flo Subscription.   
    I say this as a longtime Flo subscriber that isn’t planning on cancelling. I haven’t missed an frl in years (I don’t usually listen live). I’m not planning on cancelling. 
    I also pay for Rokfin. I don’t mind spending the money to support wrestling and I use content from both. 
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    stp reacted to TobusRex in Joe Smith the purest example of burnout?   
    Probably a fatherly lesson about finishing what you start.
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    stp reacted to ionel in Lee Clothing   
    Can you still make 125?  If not, prob won't fit anyway.  ;)
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    stp reacted to BLT in Lee Clothing   
    Walmart is relieved.
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    stp reacted to DocBZ in Nick Suriano in the transfer portal   
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    stp reacted to KCMO2 in What wrestler, if any, will benefit?   
    They keep the proceeds now.
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    stp reacted to Elevator in My Hat is Off - Cornell & Stanford   
    A very dark cloud looks like it has a wonderful silver lining. 
    My hat is off re: Stanford to: (i) the leaders at Stanford who realized a mistake and corrected it and now will build back better; (ii) Coach Koll who was a big part of the development of a wildly successful Cornell program and earned an opportunity to build another great program at a great institution with even better weather (and perhaps get paid!); (iii) the Stanford wrestling community who are fundng the effort; (iv) the Stanford wrestlers who stayed the course and even won an NCAA title - which may have been a key help in winning the day.  
    My hat is off re: Cornell to: (i) Andy Noel and the administration in building such a great program that raised the level of EIWA and Ivy wrestling (in addition to the many fine Coaches) and had the wisdom to choose Mike Grey; (ii) Mike Grey for earning a chance to maintain and improve a top program; and (iii) the Cornell wrestling community who has funded such a strong program.
    Both of these programs can thrive.
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    stp reacted to Mphillips in Spencer Lee Out Next Year?   
    He's found, 'inner peace.'
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    stp reacted to Mphillips in Spencer Lee Out Next Year?   
    Going to Penn St.
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    stp reacted to Fletcher in Spencer Lee Out Next Year?   
    Lost his challenge match, but will be on Iowa's JV.
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