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  1. Any new news on this? A passenger lived, yes?
  2. I would be the first in line to want to crush anyone connected to the type of crap they are saying happened but given who is filing this and given their track record it feels like a hit job for Jordan to try to limit his power. I will wait for the entire fact pattern to come out as that law firm is connected to some seriously shady things.
  3. Honestly I was more impressed with Cenzo's run than Bo's. Lee though was easily the most dominant. If we're going by dominance/points he should have won.
  4. Oh Dear God... Martin HAD HIM!
  5. Team race comes down to this match. What a competitive tourny, damn. Nickals is favored but Martin has beaten him/can toss him. ****.... here we go.
  6. Good win by Zahid. A grabbed headgear call away from being a two time undefeated champion.
  7. Wow Hall was dead to rights on that and somehow scrambled out.
  8. No but seriously guys... the announcer called the first takedown by Cenzo a "toe drag".
  9. Man IMar didn't even show up to this one. Grats Joseph.
  10. Headbutting someone should bring universal aggravation.
  11. IMar looks defeated. Cenzo just broke him.
  12. WTF are you doing IMar, that was just stupid.
  13. If IMart wins this we would have to put him into the top 10 of all time wouldn't you say? Four time finalist with 3 titles and 2 losses? That would be one amazing career to say the least.
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