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  1. Pantaleo is recovering from mono, which is probably how he made 149 in the first place. Per his twitter he only was back training for a week before Midlands. Massa i'm not sure. He was battling a knee injury last year which definitively hampered him. I don't know what's going on this year.
  2. I have no idea about Taylor, but Logan won the wrestle off against Garrett Sutton at 165. I'm pretty sure they are choosing to redshirt him, even though he is the more talented wrestler.
  3. Michigan possible lineup They should be much like this year, but even more deep. They lose Grajales and Dan Yates, but Taylor Massa comes off redshirt, Massa and Coon could challenge for a title, and a few others have solid AA prosepects. Dutton would be the only senior in the lineup. 125- Conner Youtsey R12 133- Rossi Bruno Top 8 (Zac Hall/George Fisher RS) 141- Steve Dutton Top 8 149- No clue. Steve Dutton/Angelo Latora/Malik Amine/Jordan Amine 157- Brian Murphy Top 8 Jake Salazar 165- Taylor Massa Top 3 174- Jordan Thomas NQ 184- Dom Abounader Top 8 Max Huntley 197- Payne Hayden/Chris Heald NQ HWT- Adam Coon Top 5
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