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  1. Burroughs is a machine! Is there a more mentally tougher wrestler in the world right now? Taylor is a stud and its a shame they both will compete with each other at same weight. I would love to see them spread out. Does he(DT) have the frame to move up to 86kilo?
  2. Any word on WVU/Purdue/Air Force? Which job will be filled first?
  3. They have 5 # 1 ranked guys from the new rankings. It's obvious that Rosselli knows how to prepare his guys and has a wealth of FS experience. TOSU has a great staff put together and seems to be able to bring in top FS guys there. If Rosselli leaves for USA wrestling or WVU/Purdue, who would be replacing him at TOSU?
  4. When will USA Wrestling make announcement on the hiring of the new Greco Coach? The Iowa boards seem to say its a done deal with Terry Brands. Has this been officially announced? The Freestyle rankings came out and 5 of the 7 weight classes have Ohio's RTC as the number 1 ranked guy. Wouldn't Lou Rosselli be in this discussion with Henson as a possible hire for job?
  5. Agreed, Lou Rosselli is one of the best coaches in the business and should end up at WVU or USA Wrestling. He has produced at the Boro and TOSU!
  6. Which one has more support between ASU and WVU? Does Zeke want to get back in the college grind? If so, is ASU a better fit? Lou Rosselli has coached(assisted) some world teams and the 2012 Olympics and seems to be producing at both TOSU and the RTC in Columbus. Does he have a shot at either job?
  7. Steiber had another incredible year and number 4 looks promising. He has proven to come through when it counts. It would be pretty hard to bet against him for his 4th!
  8. It is great for our sport that a coach from a little school gets the Coach of Year Award! Cael Sanderson did a great job as well but him winning doesn't get the little schools the same recognition. Tim Flynn is a class act and well deserved. Congrats to Timmy for COY and Cael for winning the team title! On a side note: The coaching tree at the Boro is pretty good since Tim has been there. Isn't that a true sign of someone's coaching ability?
  9. Mr. Luck should look at these coaches first: #1 Lou Rosselli-TOSU #2 Eric Guerrero-Okla St #3 Jared Frayer-Oklahoma They seem to be proven coaches and seem ready to make the transition to Head Coach.
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