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  1. Miamisburg High School is coached by Willie Wineberg - 4X OHSAA State Champ and R12 at Purdue. Centerville has a good FB and wrestling program. Dayton Christian is a great DIII School (but it is private). Troy Christian is coached by Ty Morgan 3X OHSAA Champ and MAC Champ. St Paris Graham is always a national powerhouse and is coached by 4X OHSAA Champ Jeff Jordan. There are other schools with good programs, but these would have to be the top right now.
  2. To all.... The only respected certification is the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). This requires at a minimum a Bachelor's degree. There is a 65% Pass rate for first time testers. It is not a "cake walk" as I've known Registered Dieticians (RDs) and even a PhD who have failed it the first time testing. The CSCS certification is the only recognized certification in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA D1 Football. I'm not sure why a wrestling coach would hire someone who wasn't certified with this credential or accept another "nationally accredited" certification from an online company or weekend course. Just because someone wrestled or played football and "worked out" all thier life...doesn't make them an expert in anatomy, physiology, physics, biomechanics, olympic lifts, or injury prevention/rehabilitation. This isn't basket weaving and although some think it's an easy certification to get...it really isn't. I'm sure many wrestlers who majored in sports medicine, kinesiology, pre-physical therapy, exercise physiology, or maybe even physical education could definitely pass the cert without much difficulty. But to have a "gym rat" who reads Flex, Muscle and Fitness, or any of the other magazines to get information and not read peer-reviewed scientific journals is really setting up the program for failure. --US Special Forces in Europe Exercise Physiologist, NSCA-CSCS, NASM-CES, ACSM-HFS, USAW-SPC
  3. http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Fe ... n-Bulgaria Pico over Tsirtsis by tech
  4. 125 - Tomasello was 19-0 as a RS this year winning King Point Open, Michigan State Open, Greyhound Open, and Edinboro Open. He had 3 pins, 3 TFs, 9 MDs, and 4 regular decisions. His closest match was a win by 4 pts (11-7) 133 - DiJulius (potential AA) 141 - L. Steiber (4X National Champ) 149 - H. Steiber (AA potential National Champ) 157 - M. Jordan (4 X Ohio State HS Champion) 193-9 (AA) 165 - B. Jordan was 23-0 as a RS this year winning Knight Point Open, Michigan State Open, Storm Open, Purple Raider, and Edinboro Open. He had 10 Pins, 5 TFs, 5 MDs, and 3 regular decisions. His closet match was by 6 pts. (AA and potential National Champ) 174 - M. Martin 184 - K. Courts (potential AA) 197 - K. Snyder (#1 HS recruit) 179-0 as a HS wrestler, 3 X State Champ, Junior World Champ, has beaten Cox (AA and potential National Champ) Hwt - T. Haines (4 X PA Champ) 131-2 (AA) or N. Travello (AA) I think Bo and Nathan have both "gotten their feet wet" during this RS season. They absolutely dominated. These two will score some major bonus points for tOSU. @ weidsworld. Bo comes from Graham HS where David Taylor, Dustin Schlatter, Kyle Ott, Nick Brascetta, Zach Niebert and countless other AA's have transferred to wrestle for his HS career. Chance Marsteller even attended Jeff's Summer Camp in 2012; so the talent of the coach is undeniable. His style of wrestling will be similar to David's; attack, pin, TFs etc. Its hard not to "crown" him the next big thing because he has proven it time and time again and he had 16 years of elite coaching even before he hit tOSU. Only the NCAA Championships will determine if these young men can have a great run. I think there is excitement in OH and a lot of optimism. It should be a good year for tOSU, but nothing is guaranteed;they all have to earn it on the mat!
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