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  1. Flo used to be exciting, and when we looked for any sort of content, news, videos, techniques, interviews, etc. the subscriber / viewer, was presented with a multitude of good quality options. Starting a couple years ago ( maybe around losing the Big10’s, coupled with the WillieBallGrabSaga ), I feel the inverse happened, you can scroll through options now, but hardly anything now is exciting, and of great quality. Yet, the subscription fee never changed for me, it may have increased actually. Bait and Switch as compared to the quality, and quality of content, of several years prior. Like the girl who was once considered one of the prettiest in school, but is not now, but trying hard to stay relevant or noticed.
  2. I thought something similar happened in Matt Valenti’s final versus Coleman Scott, with Scott having both boots in, if my memory serves me correctly. Not in rideout though.
  3. Hard to picture following wrestling anymore without the help of Flo, and their content. Not always perfect, but extremely thankful to have them. Todays stream was error free.
  4. If an athlete has already taken his / her redshirt year, what criteria is required to be granted a potential sixth year of eligibility, for a medical redshirt? Surgery required? Extent of injury? Rehabilitation time? Who also decides this, NCAA? Any info would help, just curious.
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