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  1. 125 - Lee 133 - Oliver 141 - Stieber 149 - Retherford 157 - Dake (wrestler of the decade) 165 - Taylor 174 - Ruth 184 - Nickal 197 - Cox 285 - Snyder really tough to leave out Nolf, Dieringer, and Burroughs at 157/165; but Taylor (2X Hodge, 4X finalist), along with Coach Sanderson, changed the sport. Zahid also deserves mention.
  2. May 2014 Nolf d Joseph 7-3 (folkstyle Disney Duals?) May 2016 Nolf d Joseph 5-2 (freestyle UWW Jr World Team Trials) Videos are online.
  3. A few more meaningless ;-) results for comparing Hall and Senior level wrestlers ~9 months ago at Jr Worlds, Mark Hall over Radik Valiev (Dec 6-2) ~3 months ago at Yarygin, Radik Valiev took Bronze at the same weight at which Dake took silver. Also at Yarygin: Gadzhimagomedov over Dake 8-2; Gadzhimagomedov over Valiev 2-1
  4. Nelson had worked hard to bulk up for his senior season when he was reportedly 6'4" 260lb. http://www.gophersports.com/sports/m-wrestl/spec-rel/010814aaa.html I would be surprised if he wasn't at least that now.
  5. The tallest astronaut was 6'4" and the heaviest at launch was 89.3kg
  6. on BTN @ 9PM eastern. http://news.theopenmat.com/blog/2018/01/12/live-stream-schedule-ncaa-division-wrestling-jan-12th-jan-18th-2018/
  7. 57KG Garrett 60 61KG Steiber 6 65KG Retherford 30 70KG Green 6 74KG Burroughs 9 86KG Taylor 9 97KG Synder 5 125KG Gwiazdowski 8
  8. Four state titles Cael Sanderson, Wasatch High School, 1994–1997 (119, 135, 145, 171)
  9. I got to watch the whole match, one of only a few today. At least I got to see a good one.
  10. I'll be surprised if anyone see's much of this match - NBC stream sucks today.
  11. Right Jason ... we want Iowa-style wrestlers who stand in the middle like boat anchors, not wrestlers like John Smith, Jordan Burroughs, etc who move and create angles.
  12. Give it up Vak, there is no excuse for the officating in that match. In large part that sort of crap had disappeared with the current passivity rules and now that joke of an official brings back the old days to knock out a wrestler who could have been our olympic representive.
  13. PF, awesome post. This board reminds me of Republicans/Democrats or Fox/MSNBC, as it has evolved over time from Iowa/Iowa-haters to its current state of PSU/PSU-haters. I've noticed that you have to filter out the one-sided perspectives to extract value from the comments of most posters. I now look forward with anticipation to getting the PSU-hater response. I hope someone is willing to spend the time, as you have, extracting the off-base PSU-lover posts.
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