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  1. Why hasn't this happened yet and what Division I school do you think will be the first to add a program? Also, why are we as a wrestling community not fighting to get more women's programs added at the D1 level? It seems like it would only help in the fight to save Men's wrestling.
  2. Are there any wrestling camps out there that are 3 weeks long? Most of what I have found have been 14 or 15 days camps. I know there is the 28 day JRob camp, but I'm looking for something a little shorter for my wrestlers if possible.
  3. Even though they're apart of Asia I didn't include the middle east (excluding Iran) in my thought process when I was considering wrestling hot beds throughout Asia. Thanks for point them out to me. Considering that International wrestling seems to be dominated by muslim countries and wrestlers, why do you think it is that more countries in the middle east and northern Africa are not more dominate?
  4. Out of the Five continental regions (Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania) there are basically two and half that are dominant powers... Europe, Asia, and the Northern half of the Americas. This got me to wondering, have there ever been any world or olympics medalist who represented countries from South America, Africa, or the Oceania regions? I assume there have been but I cannot think of any of the top of my head.
  5. Both teams looked sloppy and out of shape, but ASU looked much worse than WVU in my opinion. Something like this has to make you wonder, because both teams have tremendously smart and talented coaches. Maybe both teams were just shaking off the christmas and news years rust...
  6. With Flo's upcoming feature on Edinboro I started to wonder where Bruce Stands in the American wrestling fan's history book. On paper he is by far the greatest American wrestler by American standards, but you don't often see him referred to as the best. Typically it's Smith, Gable, Sanderson, Schultz, etc. He is constantly in people's top 5 but I don't usually see him at number one. What's preventing him from being there? Career Highlights: Four Olympic Medals (2-Gold, 1-Silver, 1-Bronze), Nine World Championship Medals (3-Gold, 3-Silver, 3-Bronze) 1983 Kiev - Bronze 1984 Los Angeles - Gold 1985 Budapest - Bronze 1986 Budapest - Gold 1987 Clermont-Ferrand - Bronze 1988 Seoul - Silver 1989 Martigny - Silver 1990 Tokyo - Silver 1992 Barcelona - Gold 1993 Toronto - Gold 1994 Istanbul - Silver 1995 Atlanta - Gold 1996 Atlanta - Bronze *Bold Indicates Olympic Year*
  7. Why don't the six current Ivy programs have some type of Ivy League Championships just for the sake of having it? The best example I can think of would be the PSAC Championships for many of the Pennsylvania schools, I know that they have some D2 schools sprinkled in but I still think it's an interesting type of championship non the less. Would there be any positives or negatives from having an Ivy Championship, and how likely do you think it is for something like this to actually happen? Also, What do you think it would take for Yale and Dartmouth to jump on the wrestling train and add programs?
  8. I've been thinking about this a lot the past few days and it got me wondering where he stood in terms of greatest of all time. So I did a little research and this is what I came up with. I'm wondering what you guys think of him on paper and in terms of just your opinion compared to the other coaches! Dan Gable Iowa wrestling 15 NCAA titles (9 consecutive) spanning 20 years. Other top coaches: Anson Dorrance North Carolina women's Soccer 21 NCAA titles (9 Consecutive) Al Scates UCLA Men's Volleyball 19 NCAA titles (4 consecutive) Dick Gould Stanford Men's Tennis 17 NCAA titles (4 consecutive) Dave Williams Houston Men's Golf 16 NCAA titles (5 consecutive) Jovan Vavic USC Water Polo Men - 9 NCAA titles (6 consecutive 2008-13) Women - 3 NCAA titles Willy Schaeffler Denver Skiing 13 NCAA titles (7 consecutive) Richard Quick Texas/Stanford/Auburn Swim & Dive Women - 12 NCAA titles (6 consecutive Texas/5 consecutive Stanford) Men - 1 NCAA title at Auburn Emmanuil Kaidanov Penn State Fencing 12 NCAA titles (6 consecutive) John McDonnell Arkansas Men's XC 12 NCAA titles (4 consecutive) E.C. Gallagher Oklahoma State Wrestling 11 NCAA titles (4 consecutive (2X)) John Wooden UCLA Men's basketball 10 NCAA titles (7 consecutive) Suzanne Yoculan Georgia Women's gymnastics 10 NCAA titles (5 consecutive) Eddie Reese Texas Men's Swim & Dive 10 NCAA titles (4 consecutive) Peter Daland USC Men's Swim & Dive 10 NCAA titles (4 consecutive) Greg Marsden Utah Women's Gymnastics 9 NCAA titles (5 consecutive) Cindy Timchal Maryland Women's Lax 8 NCAA titles (7 consecutive) Bill Marolt Colorado Skiing 7 NCAA titles (7 consecutive) **BOLD indicates currently active coaches
  9. The Pac-12 Networks show Sports report is potentially interviewing Zeke today for the show that airs tonight at 6pm. We're wondering if anyone might potentially have quality video footage of him coach throughout the last couple of years.
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