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  1. lu1979

    Russian nationals 2019 results

    You tube has a number of matches that come up under a search for "2019 Russian nationals" the finals matches that I saw there are 70 kg, 74, 86, 97 & 125 as well as a few other matches. Tsabalov was silver at 74kg - Valiev was silver at 86 kg
  2. lu1979

    How to watch european championships

    This latest tournament was the European Games as opposed to the European championships (like we will be having the Pam Am Games coming up in August) I do not think Track has video on their site. I did find some matches on you tube - Search European games wrestling
  3. lu1979

    Bo Nickal to Wrestle Off for U23 Team at 92kg

    Woodley is OU not OSU
  4. lu1979

    Final X Pick'em Contest

    Once DT was changed to PD3 this one looks like a winner - good job rpm - never mind I guess bnwtwg was even better
  5. lu1979

    Colon vs Graff

    61 kg Colon vs Graff is not shown on the Flo Matchups or on the schedule of bouts currently listed on Flo - Did anything happen or is this just an oversight from Flo?
  6. How did he get super lucky with draw/upsets elsewhere in the bracket? He beat the very heavy favorite in the semis. There was no one else close to Martin going in to that tournament. Foster's resume was as good as anyone's except Martin's & Parker. 184 really cleared out last year - 6 of 8 AAs graduated. Dean will start next year ranked 1st unless Zahid moves up then he will be ranked 2nd. He will probablty be follwed in the preseason rankings by Geer, Rasheed, and Venz (that is the order I would go)
  7. lu1979

    Which version of PD3 do we have?

    That's cruel - I hope you are wrong
  8. lu1979

    The call

    I am glad I am understanding what happened too. I was upset over what seemed to be a complete disregard of the 5 second rule and understanding what happened with the scoring SNAFU puts that to rest. I do think this shows that the officials were just doing their best to get it right. (that said I would have scored that sequence 2 blue, but see the grey there)
  9. lu1979

    The call

    That is exactly right
  10. lu1979

    The call

    I think you are a little off here. In FS the 5 seconds for the brick does apply and a challenge would be rejected to review action that happened 43 seconds earlier. In this case the officials realized that they had violated the rules when they posted the 2 blue 2 red score. The rules specifically say that if the ref & judge disagree the mat official has to pick one or the other or they have to conference and decide the proper score. That is why they went back and reviewed the sequence again.
  11. lu1979

    The call

    No you really are not correct in saying that. I was also incensed over this mess. But what appears to have happened is that after the brick was thrown the 3 officials realized that they had screwed up 43 seconds earlier when they didn't conference to decide the proper scoring on the sequence in question. Therefore they conferenced then and came to a decision. You can think it was the wrong decision (as I do) but at least I now understand how this came to pass.
  12. lu1979

    The call

    This is the best explanation of the bad situation that developed in this match that I have seen. There is no way that a challenge brick can be accepted that late, but I could see the judges correcting a mistake that they had made in the scoring (the mat chair not picking one or the other between ref and the judge). I still think they made the wrong call (should have been 2 blue) but at least I understand how this could have happened. As I said before I doubt that this will be overturned. I am pulling for Zain to have a great Worlds. I do think he has the ability to go with anyone out there and I think his 2 matches with Yianni prove that. A medal at 65kg will be a big step to getting a team title for the USA. Go Zain.
  13. lu1979

    The call

    Now after seeing this angle I can at least see how the judges could come up with 2 Zain 0 Yianni. I don't agree with them (I would still call that 2 blue. BUT this angle does bring this back into the much greyer area that exists in FS where determining who initiates a move is hard to do. Viewing the sequence at this angle I can see the rational for the call. - That does not address whether there should have been a review of action that happened 43 seconds prior to the brick throw (and at least 30 seconds after the scoring was posted)
  14. lu1979

    The call

    I fully expect the protest to fail - that won't change the facts that 1) Yianni clearly initiated the move and it should have been scored 2 blue - and 2) the brick should have been summarily rejected and no review should have been done of a scoring move which happened 42 seconds earlier and had scores posted at least 30 seconds earlier - If the protest is successful I expect it will be won on the 2nd point - They won't overturn the judges interpretation but they might decide that the judges had no right to review that sequence. I am guessing that you have never wrestled FS - I like both guys and think they can both succeed at the worlds. I just think this is an easy call and obvious from having wrestled FS, coached it and watched a lot of it both here in the US and internationally. I would guess that you show that clip to people who are familiar with FS scoring and over 90% would agree that Yianni scored there. .
  15. lu1979

    The call

    The problem is that you clearly don't understand how FS is scored. It should have been 2 Yianni based on Yianni clearly taking Zain through - I still have a hard time believing that the judges could get that call so wrong. I would like to know if they had the same view that is available for all of us to see on this board. If they were looking at a different angle of the action that might explain the decision. Is it possible to post the actual video that the judges saw when revieing this?