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  1. I could see Nevills possibly unseating Harris but not GTG or Singletary. We'll see if Harris can continue to perform similar to his last NCAA tournament. He may surprise you.
  2. Looking at Army's team - they should have a pretty solid and very experienced squad - whether some of their guys can step up to AA level is the question. 125 - Jr Ryan Chauvin or Fr Dan Uhorchuk 133 - Soph M Montgomery, T Deck or Fr Rich Treanor 141 - Sr Corey Shie 149 - Sr PJ Ogunsanya - def EIWA Champ 157 - Sr - Markus Hartman 165 - Fr - Dalton Harkins 174 - Soph Ben Pasuik - def EIWA Champ 184 - Soph River Simon or Fr Kyle Swartz (if he can make 84) 197 - Sr JT Brown - EIWA 2nd 285 - Sr Ben Sullivan
  3. Cornell has the big guns this year and will probably lead the EIWAs - I am hoping Lehigh can edge them out in the dual or at Easterns but that will be a tall order. Here is a guess at Navy's lineup for this year 125 - High level recruit Josh Koderhandt from Ill or Soph Grant Treaster 133 - Jacob Allen - Last years EIWA 2nd 141 - T Hunt or ? 149 - Jr PJ Crane or Soph C Hodges 157 - Soph A Cerniglia - Very good but in deep weight in EIWA 165 - Jr H Hague or new blood 174 - A lot of new talent listed at 174 including true frosh PA SC Cael Crebs 184 - Soph David Key 197 - Jr Jake Koser Hvywt - John Birchmeier who I thought would be here is not on the roster - Possibly Sr Riley Smith
  4. Hi Cowboy - I think you are mistaken in the belief that any of the 3 transfers you mentioned would be any type of upgrade over Harris let alone a huge upgrade. Harris had an excellent NCAA tourney last year with a 3-2 performance that included wins over Elam and #3 seed Stencil. His losses were to Schultz and Kerk. I don't think any of those 3 transfers would beat him out for the spot. I know he is a long shot to AA this year but that applies to lots of really good heavyweights - it is a very deep weight. Good lineup review though.
  5. My guess on Nebraska's Lineup: 125 - L Cronin is back - # 13 seed 1-2 @ NCAAs 133 - Boo Dryden, D Serrano, A Thomsen & J Parrish will fight it out. 141 - Chad Red 3X AA 149 Ridge Lovett or B Hardy - surprisingly the Roster shows RL as 133 still - that is a mistake. He could RS 157 - K Davenport 165 - Peyton Robb - will contend for AA in deep weight 174 - M Labriola - 2X AA could beat anyone in weight. Should be preseason # 4 or 5 184 - T Venz - AA as freshman # 8 seed last year Also have Hass who probably RS 197 - E Schultz - #2 seed and B10 RU is back - Also have S Alred who can RS Hvwt - C Lance - Good heavyweight but probably not good enough to AA in a very deep weight. This is a very experienced and dangerous team. They have a lot of guys that are capable of making deep runs at the NCAAs.
  6. lu1979


    What about A Robles - i always thought that the jump he made from his junior year to his senior year was pretty incredible.
  7. I completely agree with you about the likelihood of Snyder medaling. He is more likely to medal than Yianni no question about that. However this list was about how likely he is to win the Gold medal. Snyder has the best wrestler in the world standing in his way. If Sadulaev decides not to go to Oslo than Snyder immediately moves to #1 on my list.
  8. Which of the USA's FS team are most likely to win Gold in Oslo? I am going with my order with comments below. 1 - K Dake 74 kg - Dake's weight will be a bit light of top end talent with Siddakov sitting, the Belarussian and Bekzod moving up to 79 - I have not heard whether or not Chamizo intends to go. 2 - D Taylor - I think he will win again but with Yazdani he has a guy who is close in talent. 3 - J Cox - I think he wins but he has to bring his A game - also the Iranian will be hungry. 4 - JB - Can he add one more Gold to equal John Smith's total - I hope so. 5 - Yianni D - I know he is a rookie but I think he has a real shot - Like Dake (even more so @ 65kg) his weight is missing a lot of the top tier talent. 6 - T Gilman - If he is wrestling like he did in Tokyo I like his chances - still 57kg is always tough with lots of high level talent. 7 - J Green - This may be the year he gets it done. 8 - K Snyder - It would require a major upset of the great Sadulaev - but it is not like he has never done it before:) 9 - D Fix - Russian, Georgian and other top guys in weight. 10 - Gwiz - With Taha, Geno, and Zare in the field as well as other guys he has lost to in the past Gwiz will need multiple upsets to get gold.
  9. Why would anyone suggest that? Isn't a big part of the problem that many of our citizens were left behind and are now are trapped in Kabul?
  10. I am not sure how tough 79kg will be in Oslo compared to other weights - I have heard that the guy who spanked K Dake in Tokyo will be competing at that weight for whatever that is worth:)
  11. The winner best 2 of 3 part series I ever saw went all 3 matches and the last one was extremely close decided by a throw by Kendal Cross - Cross beat the defending World Champ (Terry Brands) to make the 96 Olympic team and won Gold against the Canadian-Russian Brands beat in the 95 World finals. That OTT tournament also had a 3 parter between Townsend Saunders and Pat Santoro that was really close - Saunders got a Silver that year in Atlanta.
  12. Do you already know who is out (besides Rashidov ) ? Reportedly Ottoguro Japan, Aliev Azerbijian, Bajrang India, Nyazbekov Kazakhstan, and Musakaev Hungary are not going and Gadhiev Poland (guy who beat JO at Last Chance) will be at 70 kg. The 65 kg field is seriously watered down. I do not know if that will change anyone's mind about going. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/7131568-tokyo-olympians-to-2021-worlds-tracker
  13. The FS team USAW is sending to Oslo is definitely the most experienced and best credentialed team we have ever sent to a World or Olympic competition. I expect the results will reflect that especially as many of the best wrestlers from other countries are likely to miss this worlds due to it following the Olympics so closely. Below is our team along with how many World/Olympic teams they have made and what hardware they have bought back so far. Let's hope they can add a bunch of medals to that already impressive list.. 57 kg - T Gilman - 4 teams - 1 Silver & 1 Bronze 61 kg D Fix - 2 teams 65 kg Yianni D - 1st team - our only rookie 70 kg J Green - 5 teams - 1 Silver & 1 Bronze 74 kg K Dake - 4 teams - 2 Gold & 1 Bronze 79 kg JB - 10 teams - 5 Gold & 3 bronze 86 kg D Taylor - 3 teams - 2 Gold 92 kg J Cox - 5 teams - 2 Gold & 2 Bronze 97 kg K Snyder - 7 teams - 3 Gold 2 Silver & 1 Bronze 125 kg N Gwiz - 4 teams - 2 Bronze
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