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  1. Three come to mind right away - Brock Lesnar MN, TJ Williams Iowa & Tony Davis No Io - I am sure there are many more.
  2. 1 - Steveson 2 - Parris 3 - Wood 4 - Cassioppi 5 - Hilger 6 - Stencil 7 - Orndorf 8 - Hall
  3. How did you get Teasdale into this conversation about Iowa's starters? The other guy you a looking for is Pat Lugo - He is from FL although he spent a couple of years in PA @ Edinboro prior to heading to Iowa.
  4. I think you need a little perspective on KS's statement. Kyle left Ohio State as a 3X World Level Gold Medalist plus a Silver and a bronze in 5 tries. That is a pretty high level and speaks volumes about Ohio States coaching. Now granted he feels he needs to make a change to get that incremental improvement that hopefully can get him past Sadulaev. Will it work? Who knows - but I can understand his feelings on the matter. I do not think any rational person can see it as an indictment of Ohio St coaching.
  5. Barry Davis made the Olympic Team in 1984 after RS and took silver.
  6. You can watch the Zare/Geno P match on the Iranian thread on this forum - Geno really died big time - I couldn't believe how he just completely shut down.
  7. lu1979


    So as he is making 57 kgs there do you think he will come back at 125 for the remainder of the NCAA season or do you think he will stay up at 133?
  8. Every one on this forum is just assuming that Nevills is going to accept that he can't beat out Kerklievit and leave PSU. Seth N started out at a pretty high level coming out of High School and has had a couple of years to develop with great coaches and great training partners. Seth may not agree with the consensus on this board that he can not win the starting heavyweight spot at PSU over his new rival. I think if he stays and competes he has a shot at winning the spot.
  9. PSU is all in this year - It is very early in a long season - Cael still has plenty of time to evaluate things (ie 197) and make changes if required. There is plenty of time to let Shak & Berge recover and get into top form prior to putting them back into action. If for whatever reason it they do not recover to where they can be effective there are other possibilities (Lee?, Brooks)
  10. The Iranian U23 World Champ Zare just beat Geno Petriashvili 15-11 in a club match in Iran. Geno was up by 11-2 prior to gassing badly - after that he looked terrible - he kept taking really bad shots and Zare would counter. This is the Iranian that Mason Parris pinned in the Jr World Championship finals this past summer. He will be 19 in January. Great win for the young man. You can watch the match on the Iran Wrestling News thread.
  11. It doesn't really matter if you can see it - It only matters that he can see it.
  12. It used to be legal back when I was wrestling (mid to late 70s) - it was a figure 4 to the body and it could be brutal - I am not sure when it was made illegal but it was harder to get out of than body scissors that are legal now (but were illegal back then strangely enough)
  13. If you want to include all people qualified to date you need to include World Team Members from the non Olympic weights at 57 kg T Graff, J Colon & N Garret (won WTT) at 74 kg - J Green at 86 or 97 kg J Cox
  14. I do not think he is much taller than Coleman Scott and he definitely isn't taller than Nick Simmons was.
  15. I would follow it despite the fact that I recognize that the level of competition would not compare to the men's side to start out with. I watch the women's senior FS quite a bit and the general wrestling quality is quite a bit lower. That being said when I watch the Japanese women compete the quality is much better and I could see the woman's sport evolving quickly as more athletes are exposed to a high level of coaching and the number of competitors grows. I do hope that some of the major programs start up women's teams.
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