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  1. lu1979

    Who are the biggest starting HWTs?

    I would be very surprised if White is what would be considered big for a heavyweight - He was a 197 2 years ago. I would guess he is 240 at the highest and i would bet he weighs less than Steveson. Cassar has been weighing in the 227 to 229 range. I think Stoll and Jennings are the heaviest in Flos top 20. I have been curious as to how much Gable weighs. Does anyone have that info?
  2. lu1979

    Gfeller v. Ashnault

    I don't think Gfeller is a backup anymore - I would be very surprised if Boo L (even if healthy) could beat G now.
  3. That was a great story and Bombermule's is too. Coach Ryan always seems to have a vert positive message. I am glad that young man was listening.
  4. The 1st time Rivera took Lee down in the Midlands final he had his leg up and and smacked Lee right in the face to convert the TD - They are calling a hand to the face illegal all the time now when guys are in their stances and I have seen it called from the top. Did the ref just miss this? Should that have been a penalty and no TD? Congratulations to Rivera for beating Lee - I think that makes the weight much more interesting - but that was a serious hand to the face. and I haven't seen this point discussed yet.
  5. lu1979

    Should I quit?

    Hi John - I don't look at the HS forum that often so I just saw this - That is one of the best answers to any question I have seen on this forum - very astute.
  6. lu1979

    Mueller back for UVa?

    He has 15 duals total on their schedule that he can compete at for this year (assuming 4 duals @ Va Duals) - if he hits a weekend open tournament he could easily get to 17 matches
  7. Spencer's leg lace is pretty incredible - I am looking forward to seeing how well he can use it on the senior level - I think he is going to tech a lot of good wrestlers with it.
  8. lu1979

    Zahid vs Hall 3rd period

    Hall had locked up a side headlock - that has been a 5 count to an automatic stall (like dropping to a leg) since last year.
  9. lu1979

    Ohio state vs Wisconsin

    I was very impressed also - This victory may merit ES taking over the starting spot from Campbell - It will be interesting to see what T Ryan does going forward at this weight.
  10. lu1979

    What's up with the video's on Flo?

    I have been having the same problems when I to rewind, back up or move a video forward - sometimes the video moves right to the end. Also the videos will no longer go to full screen mode while I am on Chrome. I called Flo and the told me it was the browser. I removed G Chrome from my computer and re downloaded it. The videos still wouldn't go to full screen mode. The will on internet explorer so that is what I am watching Flo on now.
  11. lu1979

    CKLV weigh in sheets

    Does anyone have the 285 lb. weigh in sheet from the Cliff Keen tournament this year? It was published last year and I for one would find it interesting.
  12. lu1979

    Cassar vs Stevenson

    Matt Brown - Back up to Ruth then went 2/5/C
  13. I will be there - should be a great weekend of wrestling
  14. lu1979

    tOSU Signees

    I for one would not assume that. Kerkvliet is only 17 and has a large frame. If his weight is around 220 now I would expect that he is committed to being a heavyweight in college. Therefore I would expect that he would work at putting on useful muscle and build himself up into a good sized heavyweight. I would not be surprised to see him being a very solid 250 + heavy by the time he competes at Ohio St. We will see.
  15. lu1979

    tOSU Signees

    Why would his height have any affect on his ability to eventually beat Coon? Coon has recently lost to both Snyder and Gwiz on multiple times. Both are about Gable's height (Snyder is shorter and lighter) - The russian that just ragdolled Coon appeared to be quite a bit shorter than Coon. The russian that big Bruce used to go back and forth with in the late 80s and early 90s was about 7 in. taller than Bruce (and 3-4 in taller than Coon) - those matches came down to wrestling skills - not relative height. The same will apply to Gable vs Coon once Gable matures physically over the next couple of years and fine tunes his skills for competing on the senior circuit. I expect Gwiz will still be the guy to beat in 2020.