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  1. I watched all of the matches from the NLWC event yesterday (couldn't watch live). Not that this is a surprise to anyone but the future for PSU is so bright Cael needs to wear shades. Starocci dominated a very good past AA in Skatzka. Kerkvliet looked awesome against Thomas who entered the cancelled 2020 tourney seeded 7th. He is going to be right there with Gable and Parris. Beau Bartlett looked great in a losing effort against a 2X Finalist. Beard looked OK against a top 10 type guy in Bulsak although he seems to need to work on his gas tank. The last PSU newcomer who hasn't been talked about as much was Terrel Barraclough. He did very well against past AA Kyle Shoop. He could give PSU another option at 149 or 157 in the future. In any case PSU supporters have to be happy about how their new guys looked.
  2. No I do not think he has beaten JB. JB beat him for the gold in 2017 in what was a great match. I do not recall them meeting previously or since. JB has lost once to Tsargush (2014 WC) and once to Geduev (2016 Oly) - and the two losses to Sidakov (2018/2019 WC)I think that's it vs Russians.
  3. I was surprised to see that Sidakov and Tsabolav met in the 1/8 round at Russian nationals. Does anyone know if they do any seeding as we do here or is it done as a random draw like the world championships were until a couple of years ago? Sidakov should obviously have been seeded 1st as he won the last two world championships at this weight. Tsabolov is a past world champion that took world silver in the 2017 championships prior to Sidakov starting his run. It seems odd that they would see each other so early in the tournament.
  4. I had thought that was Ugaev (in red) that won 1-1 - It was a very slow match
  5. JB came back from ankle surgery in 5 weeks and won the 2013 world gold without having been able to wrestle live or even drill hard during most of that time. In my mind that is still the most impressive part of his legend. Hopefully Snyder can be back on the mat for training by early 2021.
  6. 129.8 lbs if you want to be precise.
  7. I was wondering if anyone could fill us in on R Mathers wrestling background? What were his HS accolades? Did he wrestle in college? Has he had past success on the FS circuit? He looked really good taking out Pletcher an D Heil. I am just not familiar with him and was wondering. Thanks.
  8. Ragusin did look really good. That being understood he also looked really big for the weight. (this is something he shared with Sam Latona) If he can effectively make and hold 125 this year he will a great addition for the Wolverine lineup and I could see him being an AA threat. However do not forget that this tournament weight was 129 lbs. (25 +2 kg). In the future hime and McHenry can make a nice start to Michigan's lineup. Time will tell.
  9. I was there in 96 when Les Gutches beat defending world & Olympic champ (95 & 92) Kevin Jackson (also WGM in 91) for the team. He had beaten KJ at nationals that year also. Another 2X world champ and defending world champ was beaten at 57kg that year for the Olympic team spot. K Cross beat Terry Brands in one of best 3 match series ever.
  10. They are ranking strictly on a point system based on placement @ NCAAs - this leaves John Smith at 44 points based on his 2/1/1 finishes. My problem with how they do this is that they don't consider some guys whole career if that career spans different decades. I think that is kind of ridiculous. Daryl Burley finished 1/2/2/1 from 1979 to 1983 which would be 56 points and put him at # 2 on this list. But due to fact that his 1st title was in 1979 they completely ignore it. Therefore anyone whose careers span various decades are effectively eliminated from being on these lists.
  11. Is this open to foreign competitors? There are some big names from overseas who could add spice to this bracket. I assume that Freestyle rules will be used for this - I haven't seen anything from Flo confirming that detail yet.
  12. Lawrence Taylor was a state champion in High School - In his auto biography LT said his proudest achievement in his sporting life was that state championship. Quite a statement from someone with his record of success in the NFL.
  13. Thanks Coach Fiorito - You always do a great job of analyzing technique.
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