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  1. I will be interested to see if Elor will make the move up or down for the 2023 WTT. That would allow her to compete in an Olympic weight at next years WC and secure a spot in the OTT finals if she medals. I think she would be better off moving up to 76 KG but we shall see what she decides..
  2. But John Smith would have easily pinned JB if they had wrestled during the 1992 Olympics. Before you JB fans decide to argue JB would have been 4 years old.
  3. That's who I would guess - the only US wrestler I can think of who has medaled in both was Greg Gibson who took Silvers in 81 & 83 and a Bronze in 82 in FS and got the Olympic Silver in 84 in Greco
  4. Besides Vito Yianni does have USAW's last Jr World team member at his weight to train with - V Cornella ended up 5th at Jr Worlds.
  5. According to Wikipedia Sad was born on 5/9/96 making him 26 years old. Snyder was born on 11/20/95 making him 26 also but he hits 27 in a couple of months. I tend to agree with Denger that it really doesn't make much difference and I don't believe the rumors' anyway. Why would they have to cheat to put him into Cadets when they could have just put him in Juniors? He never even entered Juniors - he went right to Senior competition when he was 18 years old per this DOB.
  6. That i really can't speak to - I was just going off what their birth dates are shown as on Wikipedia.
  7. You may tend to think so but wrestling shares one thing with the stock market. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Sadulaev is truly the most impressive wrestler I have ever watched. Still a lot can happen. This political debacle that Russia has gotten itself into could go on for some time (I hope not for the sake of Ukraine and because I would like to have Russia wrestling), health can become a factor at any time and age always catches up with everyone and that can affect different athletes in various ways. It is hard to predict how a 30+ year old Snyder will do against a 30+ year old Sadulaev. (Kyle is about 6 months older than Sad) - time will tell.
  8. He also won some FS US National titles at 114.5 lbs.
  9. The point I am making is that you are downgrading Yianni due to Cornell missing the season that Nick Lee won NCAAS at his weight despite the fact that 2 of his titles were in tournaments which also included the aforementioned Nick Lee. Of course your reason for criticizing Spencer Lee is also weak as his 1st title was against what you call his biggest challenge
  10. Nick Lee competed in 2 NCAA tournaments with Yianni - Yianni finished 1st in those Tourneys Lee was 5th. Nick was lucky Cornell did not compete that year.
  11. I have been following the USAW team for a long time and there has never been a time when we so much talent with the types of resumes that our current group of guys have. If I am counting right we have 11 men still competing that have hardware from the Worlds/Olympics - Over half of them have a big enough collections of medals that it puts them close to the top of the most decorated Americans ever. JB 10 medals - 7G - 3 Brz Kyle S. 8 medals - 4G - 3Slv - 1 Brz J'Den 6 medals - 2G - 1 Slv - 3 Brz Kyle Dake 5 medals - 4G - 1 Brz DT 4 medals - 3G -1Slv T Gilman 4 medals - 1 G - 2 Slv - 1 Brz In addition to these extremely decorated stars we have Gwiz w/ 2 Brz, Fix, Yianni, and Zain w/ a Siv and Joe Colon w/ a Brz. I didn't included Gable with his Gold because he is retired but along with most USAW fans I am still hoping the best heavyweight in the world reconsiders his decision. I any case this is an amazing time for Mens FS in the US - I also like the way our age group programs are trending - I think we will continue to bring up people to fill the shoes of these superstars as the retire.
  12. In his post match interview on Flo Cox stated that he is done at 92 Kg and will be wrestling 97 Kg from this point forward - If Moore decides to drop to 92 I like him for the spot but otherwise it is pretty wide open.
  13. It is easy to forget that a World Silver medal is still an amazing accomplishment and a better career highlight than 99.999% of us ex wrestlers can claim.
  14. saying Geno won everything from 2017 to 2019 isn't really accurate - Taha always beat him at Euros (sometimes decisively) and then Geno would get him back at Worlds in close matches. I always thought that was interesting.
  15. 5 of JB's 7 World level Golds were won against Iranians. @2011 WC and 2012 Olympics against Goudarzi, 2013 WC was against E Akbari (what ever happened to him ? - he was very young when he took silver and I never saw him competing again) and the last two years were against Nokhohilarim.
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