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  1. Tirapelle was a 1 X Champ and 2 X Finalist - he lost to Tony Davis UNI as a Jr.
  2. Every time he said let's look at who qualified after each style they put up the list of people who qualified through the African/Oceania tournament. He needs to check on who's doing his graphics.
  3. I will be surprised if they send Higuchi to the Last chance qualifier - I expect it wil be another of their very good 57 kg guys.
  4. I believe that Japan will get a rep for one of the weights they do not qualify in both FS and Greco due to them being the host country - they have already qualified all weights for Women’s FS.
  5. Josh Humphreys is not in the Ivy League so I don't know why one would complicate the issue by dragging the Ivy League into this discussion. Humphreys will get a pass for this year and he will have three years to finish his last two years of eligibility. As always the choice to use that extra year (by taking a RS year) will be up to him.
  6. That is true Gimp but the Iranian thread started back in 2016 - You have to give a nod to great acceleration!!:)
  7. They stated on the Flo broadcast of the Asian Olympic Qualifier that Rei Higuchi missed weight. That has to really piss off the Japanese Coaches and supporters as they also have Yuki Takahashi who was 2017 WG medal winner and probably would have qualified the weight. I would expect to see Takahashi at the last Chance qualifier in Bulgaria.
  8. Obviously you are just speculating but I think you are way off thinking DC would have stayed at 184 w/o Cael. This is the guy that ended up in the hospital trying to make 211 in the 2008 Olympics.
  9. I watched her match with the Mongolian women who had beaten all of her opponents so that final round robin was like a true final. Susaki looked great hitting a low shot right away to 2 laces. She followed that up with a head pinch I thought should have been 4 but was scored 2 and then another lace for 2 for the tech. When Susaki hit the head pinch the Mongolian had come up to both feet and Susaki also stepped up before the throw. Should have been 4 but Susaki's corner didn't throw the brick.
  10. How about if Brayton Lee (MN) has the best tournament of his life and wins NCAAs next year and Spencer and Nick repeat we would have 3 Lees as Champs without any being related!!! :)
  11. So you obviously believe that someone from USAW telling KJ that the weigh ins ended at 8:30 should override the officially published time that USAW had on the website for these trials for weeks leading up to them? KJ and J'Den didn't have any responsibility to take a look at the official documents that clearly stated the weigh in times?
  12. If Myles Amine does come back it would probably help the Wolverine lineup if he went 184. I expect he could make it and as it isn't an Olympic year he may be less averse to cutting 5lbs below his freestyle weight. This would allow them to get Pat Brucki into the lineup at 197. If Griffith chooses Michigan there will be a log jam at 165 & 174 if Massa also chooses to return. Micic coming back would be a huge plus for their lineup - they could compete with Iowa & PSU for the top spot if thing shake out right.
  13. I was talking about when I graduated college - D1 Lehigh U - It was legal then. It was also still legal in New England HS wrestling through the early 80s
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