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  1. I would be very surprised if he didn't qualify for NCAAs - If Echemendia starts for ISU that would mean he beat out Ian Parker who is a top 12 to 15 guy himself and has a good shot at making the podium. If he is not beating Parker that won't be a huge shock but if gets the starting spot he should qualify. As far as AAing goes that is never easy for any freshman. Many really great wrestlers miss the podium their freshman year. Personally I think if they wrestle Echemendia this year he will place and I wouldn't be shocked to see him in the finals.
  2. Dziedic too - you have have gold & bronze listed separately he should be at 26 pts - You also have Bill Scheer's Oly Bronze listed separately from his world G, 2S & Brz - He should have 60 pts total
  3. Great list Jersey Wrestling. You did short one of your Jersey guys though. The Great Chris Campbell should be 1,2, & 3. You did not include the Olympic Bronze he won in 1992 at 36 years old. That would put him at 38 pts tied for 17
  4. You are right Logan is qualified too. I didn't include him as he has said he is done. I would love to see him change his mind. I also agree with you on including anyone who has won Jr (or U23) Golds during the last cycle. I would rather see them make the qualification requirements to generous than to restrictive. Unfortunately no one from USAW called and asked me my opinion. :) :) :)
  5. I think Seth Gross is great and even when he lost to Meredith it was extremely competitive. I just think you are underestimating some of the other talent at 141. Lee, Demas and other guys at the weight (McKee and Shoop are also pretty dangerous). At this level there isn't always a lot of distance between the top guys. Remember the SF match Tariq Wilson had with Gross when Gross was at his peak, winning NCAAs? Any of these guys are capable of stepping up a level and challenging for a title the year at 141. That's why it is so much fun following this sport.
  6. I would consider Demas and Nick Lee "to be close" to Yianni and I would say even money with Gross were he to move up. 141 is missing 2 studs but still has a lot of talent especially with Leeth moving down (hope he stays healthy) and Wilson moving up. That being said I think Enchemendia will be a great addition to the talent pool and could be in the mix.
  7. Gilman is qualified for Oly Team trials by being a 2017 World team member. 57 kg has the most guys (5) currently qualified for the weight: Gilman, Fix, Garret, Graff, & Colon. Zain is the only one at 65kg 74kg has JB(in finals), Dake(in semis), Green & Carr 86kg has Taylor, PD3, and Cox(who would be in semis) if he goes there. 97kg has Snyder (in finals) & Cox(who would be in semis) if he goes there 125kg has Gwiz & Parris
  8. He isn't taking an Olympic Redshirt. He is spending his senior year of High School at the Olympic training center just as Kyle Snyder and other wrestlers have done.
  9. Flo allowed the #1 guys to choose the style. I thought it made for an interesting competition.
  10. If you want to worry about a Gomez screwing up our chances to qualify 65kg at the Pam Ams it is more likely that Franklin starts training himself back down to 65kg and throws the monkey wrench in the works than it is that Austin could so.
  11. Whether he beats any of those guys depends on how good he gets. With the athletic ability he has shown and after watching how he wrestles I think, assuming he has the size, he can be as good or better than all the guys you listed (except maybe Gable who seems to be on another level) He will only overlap Gable one year if he RS and Gable goes right through. I just think he has vast potential and could see him catching and passing many of the very promising heavyweights who are hitting college now.
  12. I disagree. I think the bald guy in the tshirt sitting matside in the Christenson video is Aj's father. If AJ gets on his Dad's lifting program he is going to be a big heavyweight and with his motion he will be deadly at that weight. I think he will be a multi X AA and NC at heavyweight. I just hope OSU doesn't try to discourage him from bulking up. He has stated that that is his plan so I assume the OSU coaches are on board with that.
  13. PSU and Iowa seem to be way ahead of the rest of the pack. I think the most likely teams to fill in the next two spots are OSU, a very young Ohio St., ASU, or NC St. - I don't think my old school, Lehigh is to far off this group but they will need some guys to step up this year to be top 4. My Picks are: 3rd - NC St w/ AA pts from both Hidlay bros, Wilson, Reenan, and possibly Camacho and 4th - OSU - w/ AA points from Picc, Gfeller, Boo L Smith and Geer I hope Lehigh proves me wrong and can break into the top 4 this year.
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