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  1. But in a "glass is half full" type of outlook it is kind of a good thing!! :) This happens to Russia all the time.
  2. This is the link to the USAW Selection Procedures for FS. http://content.themat.com/forms/2020-OLY-MFS.pdf -
  3. It is clear in the USAW Selection Procedures that the best of 2 of 3 Finals will be on day two of the trials. Day one will be the tournament where the finals will be one match. (that would change to best 2 of 3 if for some reason the day two final were delayed) I do not see anything that specifically says the 2019 world medalists who have a bye to the Finals (Burroghs & Snyder) have to weigh in on both day one and day two. I would guess that would be the rule.
  4. Committing vaccinations to all delegation members from all countries is a no brainer. As far as vaccinating those who have tickets to attend that may depend on what progress has been made on overall vaccinations by June. If the vast majority of high risk people and health care workers have been vaccinated then yes all kinds of special cases for people traveling could be moved into a priority group. The spectators are an after thought though. One article stated that the IOC was already thinking of running it without spectators.
  5. I have a hard time believing the Olympics will be cancelled or postponed again due to Covid when vaccines are available. By May all participating countries should have their delegations finalized. The IOC should just make it mandatory that all members of the delegations be vaccinated prior to going to Japan. The IOC or Japan could decide to have no fans in attendance or to limit fans for social distancing purposes. However the better solution would be to require that all people traveling to Japan for the Olympics be vaccinated. They could also insist that those within Japan who want to attend Olympic events also show proof of vaccination. I think the talk of cancellation is very overblown.
  6. I can't find the Underground 3 matches on Rokfin - Are they going tonight still? There is no info on Rokfin under the wisc RTC site.
  7. I believe the key issue with the Ivies is you can not compete in a sport after you have completed your undergraduate degree, unlike most other D1 institutions that allow you to compete while in school in post graduate courses. This leads to Ivy athletes taking time off school as many Cornell wrestlers are doing this year. A number of Ivy wrestlers have finished their undergraduate degrees and then gone to other D1 institutions to finish their athletic eligibility while in grad school. i expect that is true in other sports also.
  8. This is one of the years when no school has more than one NCAA Champion. That is fairly unusual.
  9. Northwestern has for some reason started their season without Deakin, DeAusustino, and Davison - they will be much better once those three are back. This trio along with Thomas represent the bulk of their tournament scoring.
  10. Those are very good points - I also seem to remember that Dake was a bit put out by the USAW policy that let the defending medalist at a weight wait in the finals to compete against a guy who just went through a tough (sometimes brutal) tournament to get there. I think the change to moving the best 2 of 3 Finals match to the next day is a good move.
  11. Another point on the Monday vs Smith speculation - Monday got to wrestle one of, if not the greatest ever from the weight directly below his when A. Fadzaev moved up to 74 kg from 68 kg in the 1989 World Championships. It is a great match on you tube Well worth watching - I won't give any spoilers for those who don't know what happened.
  12. The weights were all + 2 kg - that is typical for many tournaments. They probably figure they will get better turnout than with flat weights.
  13. I would say no to both questions - of course that was a 2 weight class jump. I realize that it was 27 #s vs 26 #s but Smith is quite a bit smaller than JB so it is a bigger % difference for him. Of course it was always said by both of the Peterson brothers that Gable could beat them in the practice room in 1972. I always found that to be amazing as their competition weights were 149, 180 and 198. Giving up 31#s and 49#s and being able to compete against Olympic medalists is pretty incredible.
  14. You make it sound like the UWW had some vendetta they were taking out on Flo - well they must have sort memories as the just awarded Flo the rights to stream UWW events for the next year (at least 1 year - I am not privy to contract term) I would guess that the UWW had Track and Flo competing for the streaming rights in the US and as an ardent capitalist I will not criticize that.
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