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  1. Hey Plasmodium - That was a great match - thanks for posting. The misdirection shot Novachkov took at 4:40 was a thing of beaty - it faked Nasiri out of his socks. Then he did the same shot 2 more times in the last 40 seconds of the match. Great stuff.
  2. It is pretty hard to compare the old pool/black mark systems to the straightforward bracket they use today. In theory when using the bracket each round is suppose to get progressively harder as the easier competition is eliminated. Without good seeding this isn't always the case (see DT's 2018 WC). Still it is hard to say the 6 matches won in earlier RR years were harder than the 4 in a processive bracket.
  3. How is Zahid tier 3? He is definitely better than Myles Amine - he just beat him recently. DT & Yazdani are tier 1 - I would say Zahid is in tier 2 with Saifanov and a couple of other Russians.
  4. I think most people agree that it would make no sense to bring him in to compete with the defending NC. The only way it could make sense would be if there was a plan to move both RBY and Nick Lee up one weight - if that were the case then PSU's legendary ability to keep a secret has just gone up exponentially..
  5. I totally thought we already had that. Now I'm encouraged again. You happen to have our roster handy ? I believe the US roster for FS is 57 - P Glory 61 -C Cannon 65 - D Demas 70 - J teemer 74 - P Robb 79 - M Labriola 86 - M Wilson 92 - N Bonacorsi 97 - J Aiello 125 - A Cassioppi Also I forgot to mention the Veterans Worlds are going on from Oct 19th to 24th for all those guys who can't take a hint ;) - I'm kidding - I was one of them until I aged out - Best of luck to all those diehards.
  6. U 23 World in the 1st week of November.
  7. I think 3 of the Japanese girls in this WC were Juniors eligible. Fujinami is 17, Ozaki is 18 and i'm pretty sure one of the others was 20. CA wrestler probably knows for sure.
  8. You are obviously very dialed in to what is going on vis a vis Japan's Women's FS team. I love watching the Japanese woman compete - their technique is so nuch more refined than any other country US included. - how do you manage to follow it so closely? I would love to be able to watch some of their National or college competitions - There's a good idea for Flo!!!.
  9. I am pretty sure Tom Brands was in some of the later trials JS won to make the teams circa 90 to 92. TB was a WC in 93 and Olympic Champ in 96.
  10. Don't forget that Cael also lost two years competing at the WC due to unforeseen circumstances. In 2001 WC were schedule for NYC in Sptember and Sept 11th changed that. The Worlds were moved elsewhere and back by a couple of months. Cael decided he could not go due to interference with the college season - B Eggum went instead and took Silver. The next year Cael made the team again and the WC were scheduled in Iran. USAW decided the US team could not go due to security concerns. The next year Cael won Silver at the WC in NYC.
  11. Yes but a lot of these wrestlers are very young and just now stepping up to compete on the senior level. I think you have to wait to see how they fare against the established stars in the next competition before you know really know where they fit in Japan's pecking order. Although I would not pick anyone to beat Susaki I don't think it is beyond reason to see some of the other young stars you show as "unranked" emerge as the # 1 for Japan at next years Worlds and beyond. My money would be on Fujinami, Nanjo, Ozaki, and Miyaji to emerge sooner than later.
  12. Tsargush was good but not great? The guy has 3 World Gold medals to his credit and would have had many more if not for JB. I don't think you know the meaning of great.
  13. No one is discussing the difference in financial opportunities between when Smit and JB competed. Back in 1992 it was difficult to make a living and still compete - not as bad as 10 years before that but still difficult. JB is essentially a professional athlete now. He has been making a good amount since he started and there is a financial incentive to keep going if you are on a level that JB is. If that had existed in Smith's day would he have gone on? Who knows? Still it is good that those opportunities exist for todays athletes.
  14. You are pretty tough on your Iranian guys. I thought your junior world champs at 70 and 79 did amazingly well. Both are only 19 right? To come out into their 1st senior tournament and be that competitive is impressive. I wouldn't expect any of the USA's junior champs from this past August to make any noise at this tournament. I think you are being very rough on Goleij - he took Snyder to the brink and beat 3 legit guys at 97 (4 wins total but I don't know much about the Moldavan) The Georgian, the Kazak, and the Mongolian are all tough 97kg guys. I know Goleij gets a lot of criticism on this thread about not having great leg attacks but his style seems to work well for him. 65 kg Yazdani has some work to do to reach the top echelon in that weight - he had the easy side of the bracket and the weight was missing some studs - but with that said he is fairly young and I think he shows promise. He could make improvements to where he can compete with the best at that weight.
  15. Well Japan certainly slammed the door hard on ant upset possibilities for the team title. It is amazing they can be this dominant with such a young untested team. Still there you have it. One observation - The Japanese woman often seem a bit smaller than their opponents. I expect they don't focus on cutting weight as much as other countries but focus on technique and being in great shape.
  16. We are in a somewhat similar situation in the team title race in Women's FS as we were in the men's race. We are chasing the perennial power in that sport who has decided to keep some of their best home for this World Championship. I think Japan's depth may even exceed Russia's. Going into the 3rd day of the competition 2 weights are complete and 4 more are set for finals and reparcharge. Flo has Japan at 100 points and the US at 85. There is one head to head match in tomorrow's finals at 50 kg. It may be to our favor that the last 4 weights include two heavier weights where Japan has been less dominant in the past. I hope the US gals can pull this out but these youngsters from Japan have looked phenomenal so far.
  17. never is a long time - a lot can happen that can not be foreseen.
  18. I think we can beat them but to do that Japan is going to have to stumble a bit in the upper weights. They already dnp at 76 kg. If they fall off a bit at 68 and 72 kg we have a good shot at the team title. The lightweight Japanese are looking awesome as usual. I hope Sarah can pull out a win tomorrow - it might come down to who locks up a lace 1st - they are pretty deadly with it.
  19. I don't think Fujinami is losing in this tournament. The Polish girl is tough but she will be outclassed.
  20. Z Sidakov is only 25 years old and has 3 world level Golds already. (2 Worlds + Olympics) - if he stays healthy he could go for a long time.
  21. Ret to Aztec gave us this info on the "team scoring" topic From Article 33 of the UWW Rules (page 26): 1st — 25 2nd — 20 3rd-3rd — 15 5th-5th — 10 7th — 8 8th — 6 9th — 4 10th — 2 In the case of a tie, it's most first places, then most second places, etc.
  22. Keegan O'T could be in the mix also - Was everyone else as surprised as I was at how well Iran's 2 2021 Jr World Champs (70 & 79KG) did in this Senior Tournament? One made the finals against JB and the other is in reparcharge and could come back for bronze tomorrow.
  23. I didn't know Green had locked up 7th place and did not include points for him in my original post - that means that USA's lowest possible score will be 168 and our highest will be 173 (with a W by Snyder) Based on that T & S is right above - if Snyder loses and the 70 kg Russian also loses both teams will have 168 pts. If that happens Iran could pass both teams if they win both bronzes tomorrow - they would end up with 171 pts. We really do have a 3 team race coming down to the last matches.
  24. Tomorrow the Men's FS wraps up - Currently the scores stand at (this is with all earned points already assigned) EDITED BASED ON INFO FROM LATER POSTS Russia - 163 pts USA - 168 pts Iran - 151 pts Highest points each team can score if they win all their matches: Russia - 173 USA - 173 Iran - 171 Russia has one guy wrestling for Gold (97) and 1 for Bronze(70). Iran has 1 wrestling for Bronze (97) and 1 in reparcharge (70) and the USA has 1 wrestling for Gold (97) For the US to win we need Snyder to beat Sadulaev. If Snyder loses and the Russian bronze guy loses also US & Russia can tie at 168 pts. If that happens Iran could win if both their guys take bronze. If Russia wins both matches they have the team title. If Snyder loses to Sad and the Russian 70 kg loses US & Russia tie.
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