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  1. Just checked Stroker's profile out on InterMat and Flo and now I know why he is one of the top Junior prospects in the country. Three time state finalist, two time state champ, Fargo All American the last three summers, and pver the last 15 months he beat several ranked wrestlers to include: Gross, Kemerer, Hardering, Weaver, Rubio, Storr, Adams, and Moore. So it looks like to me Stroker is doing just fine. Also, heard he had knee surgery after this years state tournament and I wish him a full recovery. Just because a kid doesn't go to Super 32 or Flo Nationals doesn't mean they are dodging competition and the same goes for Fargo, these tournaments take time and resources $$$. Abovetheline1 obviously has some jealousy towards Stroker and his negative comments are unsupported and humorous.
  2. Some people just don't get it.
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