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  1. Oh was Brock Rathbun turned down?  Stephen Alvarez?  What a shame.

    No I was thinking more like whoever UNI would have sent, but was told that they were full. Heck, last year I know a JUCO champ that was turned away because the school waited too long to get him in.


    Maybe the moral of the story is if you want your wrestler in a tournament you shouldn't wait until the last minute and try and get in on name alone.

  2. Jordan Burroughs recently joined Takedown Wrestling in a YouTube interview to discuss his shoes, when he will be back on the mat, creating Foxcatcher 2.0 and he will considering coaching Team USA after 2020, possibly the coach of Foxcatcher 2.0? From the interview he made it sound like he would rather coach Freestyle rather than be a college coach because he wants USA to be back on top.


    "I want to win a World Championship on a World Championship team."


    Follow the link to the interview



  3. I think Rutgers will go 3-0...They have come a long way fast... They didn't lose a dual outside the B1G last year (12-0) and not many people would have had them beating Oklahoma, North Carolina and Northern Iowa in the same day!


    125- Peters possible pin - we all know his cowcatcher is deadly even when you know its coming

    133- Alber (majored AG 10-1 last year)

    141- Ashnault

    149- Dippery though neither guys are outstanding

    157- could be a close match, I am familiar with both wrestlers

    165- Perroitti - without Moore this could be a bonus for Rut

    174- Bakucacus (this was only a 3-2 win for PB last year over UNI's guy)

    184- Caldwell ( I admit to possibly being way off on this one)

    197- Hrymack

    285-Cabell Though Smith will make it a good match


    This could be a very good dual. If Peters and Alber start off like they have the potential to, they could spot UNI with a 3 point bonus lead, which could be the back breaker. It's not even that far out there given Peters is a pinning machiene and Alber has majored Giardo before. If UNI had Cooper Moore I feel much more comfortable, but they would be no sure thing if they did have him healthy.


    Just some food for thought

  4. It's not unprecedented for a talented wrestler to have to wait for his time behind a more talented starter.  See Gilman for a recent example.  Ramos as well.... Or how about Dom Bradley?


    If you mean Tony Ramos, he wrestled all four years, beating Tyler Clark for the spot



    Thought he would qualify for an Olympic RS somehow.


    ORS criteria 

    1. Former National team member (top three at World Team Trials)

    2. Top 8 at 2015 WTTs (which he wrestled juniors)

    3. Top 3 at 2015 NCAAs + Top 2 at 2015 University Nationals

    4. Previous JR world medalist.

    USA WRESTLING: http://content.themat.com/forms/2016-Olympic-Redshirt-Criteria.pdf

  5. Luther Open is the same day as Oklahoma State dual, so that is out. But you are right. There was a few all Iowa finals last year there.


    They are for sure sending 141 guys to an Open this weekend to figure that out, Maybe they send some guys to Joe Parisi on 11/21 to figure out 157 and 165. Just thowing out options.

  6. They don't do public wrestle offs. It's decided by in the room, opens, etc.


    This weekend Iowa is sending their two 141 guys to the Grand View open, but Brands has already said that the open will be one of the things he factors into who starts vs Okie State.


    I do not think they are sending their 157 and 165 to GV Open, but could be wrong on that note.

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