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  1. Taking a look at where our guys stand as we head into Bill Farrell this week http://takedownwrestle.com/wrestling-news/domestic-greco-roman-rankings/
  2. The Nomad put together his list of USA Freestyle rankings. Thoughts? http://takedownwrestle.com/wrestling-news/domestic-freestyle-rankings/
  3. http://takedownwrestle.com/wrestling-news/college/joey-dance/
  4. http://takedownwrestle.com/wrestling-news/college/kevin-dresser-previews-virginia-tech/
  5. He was going to wrestle in the US Open, but that was finals week at Illinois and he couldn't get out of those. Never really tried to find out why he didn't try to go through one of the regionals. Maybe he did and that was never really talked about.
  6. People seemed to like the All-Freshmen team we put out, so the Nomad decided to put together the All-SO/JR team http://takedownwrestle.com/wrestling-news/all-sophomore-junior-team/
  7. I previewed the 9 IIAC (Wartburg, Coe, Luther, etc) schools which can be found on this link http://iawrestle.com/category/college/division-iii/
  8. Some of the best talent in IA vs the nation tonight. It's in Carver and will be streamed on Flo. List of the guys competing http://iawrestle.com/2015/10/16/night-of-conflict-lineup/ Match # Team Metcalf Team Ramos 1 Jarrett Degen Carter Happel 2 Justin Stickley Josh Portillo 3 Dylan Prince Ethan Andersen 4 Cody Phippen Kyle Biscoglia 5 Rachel Watters Morgan Becker 6 Gannon Gremmel Zach Muller 7 Aden Reeves Justin Portillo 8 Kaleb Young Colton Clingenpeel 9 Drew West Gabe Townsell 10 Kanen Storr Ryan Leisure 11 Max Murin Brock Rathbun 12 Alex Thomsen Cole Manley 13 Brody Teske Louie Hays 14 Jack Wagner Jason Renteria 15 Micky Phillippi Carter Happel 16 Alex Marinelli Drew Hughes
  9. He'll be at 157 right? I'm still picking Nolf right now as the FR to watch at that weight.
  10. I wanted to lean more on the RSFR for this post since we know things can happen (last year Micic, Sebarsian and Brill were all supposed to go for NW, but then that got scrapped) so I didn't consider Massa (same logic with McKenna at Stanford, who would have been my pick at 141). As for Macri vs Boston. I started this list this summer with Micic as the guy and then when I saw he was out, I decided to go with the guy who beat him. It also helps I am more familiar with Boston based on proximity, but I still think Boston is going to be solid. I would say good/great but 125 is going to be a tough weigth for every FR to break into.
  11. Thoughts? http://takedownwrestle.com/wrestling-news/college/top-ten-freshman-you-wont-want-to-miss/
  12. Gotcha, I read that as an actual question as in what is Iowa going to have at 157. Didn't realize it was in reference to the betting Nelson was talking about. I was just confused why Iowa's 157 was brought up.
  13. What are you asking? Iowa is expected to run guys out that don't have a real resume at 157. Iowa will be happy if Edwin Cooper is a NCAA qualifier.
  14. Go ahead and compare the Ws/Ls and tell me how many AAs Brooks beat vs Boyd. I think it's pretty clear which wrestler has the better resume so it's not purely based on who is a fan of Iowa what side you stand on (unless you are a Hawkeye-hater and refuse to see any of them in a positive light).
  15. As I stated last year to this year is a completely different situation. Last year he tried to wrestle off at 157 lost, and then tried to make 141 in about 10 days time. This year he is being smart about his weight drop. I know a lot of guys who would end up in the ER if they tried to cut that much weight in a week.
  16. If you can't see the difference between Brooks leading Boyd and then making a bone headed move to lose that match and Coon beating Stoll then I don't know what to tell you.
  17. He is coming back from an shoulder surgery which is why he missing the start of the season. He said for the most part his weight is in check, but he won't be compeition ready until Midlands.
  18. 141 - Grothus is hoping to make weight for Midlands. It's going to be Carton or Ryan for Okie State. Also don't think Dieringer pins whoever Iowa sends out. If he couldn't pin them last year, (he majored Patrick Rhoads) I don't think he does it this year.
  19. No. You only get one Olympic Redshirt.
  20. But then he can't be enrolled in at ASU. In his first year I think it would help his development to take a regular redshirt. From what I understand is he can't compete until 2nd semester. Should hopefully be at Midlands for the Cyclones.
  21. I was having some fun. I think Otis makes a pretty good point about Garrett, and would love to hear that addressed.
  22. Earl Hall deserves his #4 ranking, he has a win over the #1 ranked guy at 141 at last year's SS.
  23. Moisey (125) and Hartmann (197) are in http://takedownwrestle.com/wrestling-news/college/moisey-and-hartmann-in-all-star-classic/
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