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  1. Cael already said that Conaway was going up back in July: Jordan Conaway, who earned All-America status last season at 125, will slide up to 133. "I mean, Jordan's not going to try to wrestle off Nico,'' Sanderson said. "I think he's going to 33 whether (Jimmy) Gulibon's at 33 or 41; that's his plan.'' http://www.pennlive.com/sports/index.ssf/2015/07/penn_state_wrestling_a_lot_of.html#incart_story_package
  2. Takedown Wrestling has put together a ranking of the top 20 freestyle wrestlers under the age of 20. Of course Snyder is #1, but thoughts? http://takedownwrestle.com/wrestling-news/high-school/top-20-under-20-in-american-freestyle/
  3. Surprised there hasn't been much chatter about him picking Ames. Here should be doing an interview with Takedown Wrestle in a bit (3:30 Central) http://takedownwrestle.com/wrestling-news/college/austin-gomez-commits-to-iowa-state/
  4. Won the JUCO title for Iowa Central this last season, transferred to ISU for this season http://iawrestle.com/2015/06/05/patrick-downey-chasing-division-i-national-title/
  5. I did, but I didn't think I needed to address this, but I guess I can. You said in the bronze match you have saw something that we haven't seen before. So one match at the Junior World Tournament is what you are basing your entire case on? Good luck with that. I perfer to use the arguement I constructed, you know, the one where there is the fact that Metcalf has beaten Pico once within the last 6 months and the proof that Metcalf actually scores on Americans and doens't wrestle a "folk" match. Keep beating the Pico drum, I am fine with it, but I don't feel like you are presenting the strongest arguement other than you don't like how Brent has performed at Worlds.
  6. "Sadulaev came from winning cadets straight to winning seniors..." Let's call him the exception, not the rule. There have been 9 teenage World Champs in history. "Metcalf didn't dominate Pico... he did what he does which is stall out and wrestle a folk style... that did nothing for him this year at worlds... in the second period of their match agon you could see Pico realize that he can wrestle with metcalf..." I didn't say Metcalf dominated, but at the same time Pico did absolutely nothing. At least Brent scored. From what I recall Pico did little in that match except for trying to slow Metcalf down. It's not like Pico was out there using his "dynamic offense" against Brent. It doesn't really matter what happens on the World stage actually. Brent can go out and lay an egg every time so long as he continues to beat the Americans, our rules are setup so that the person who wins the trials wrestles at Worlds/Olympics. The closest any have come is Jordan Oliver straight arm shoving Metcalf for two matches and calling it a game plan. As far as just wrestling a folk match with everyone? Please. In 2014 he won the U.S. Open outscoring everyone 39-0, this year he outscored Americans 38-5. He scores plenty.
  7. Looks like Coon vs Walz at heavy http://takedownwrestle.com/wrestling-news/college/adam-coon-and-ty-walz-set-to-square-off-at-nwca-all-star-classic/
  8. "Pico Showed he could wrestle with Metcalf at Agon" - Based on what? What did Pico do to prove that he can beat Metcalf other than show that he can slap Metcalf in the head? "pico at juniors looked considerably more dynamic than metcalf at seniors" How is that used in your arguement? Pico got a silver medal in that tourney the year before. He was expected to look good. Metcalf was going against the best against the World. They are completely different tournaments with completely different levels of compeition. The point is I am sure Metcalf would have looked just as good, if not better against the JR guys, and Pico might not have looked as good as Metcalf if he would have been our SR World Team member. It's fine if you want to say you think Pico will over take Brent, but saying Pico's performance at a lesser tournament is hardly proof for this. Most unbaised fans will tell you Metcalf looked tough he just once again didn't get the job done (even Metcalf will tell you that).
  9. All three were within the top 3 of the returning AAs at their weights, which are who usually get the invites first. At 157 it was Martinez, Realbutto, (Green graduated), Brascetta At 174 it was Crutchmer and Epperly (pretty much everyone graduated) At 285 it was Gwiaz, Coon (McMullan Graduated, then you have Medbery on OLY RS so he can't compete as part of Wisconsin, Telford and Lawson Graduated), then Walz
  10. Dresser has tweeted that his three returning (from 2015) AAs got invites to the All-star classic. Thoughts? http://takedownwrestle.com/wrestling-news/college/three-virginia-tech-wrestlers-receive-invites-to-nwca-all-star-classic/
  11. It's nice to see the non-wrestling media covering the sport. http://www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-flexes-wrestling-muscles-before-rio-1442182983
  12. Virginia getting some quality prospects. Last year they got top 25 Baldwin and Krivus, this year they already got Mueller and now Phillippi http://takedownwrestle.com/wrestling-news/college/top-20-recruit-micky-phillippi-selects-virginia/
  13. Classy post. Compliment one USA wrestler by bashing another. My point is we can be happy for Snyder without having to bring down one of our country's representatives .
  14. Since the rule change, he has won one match, and then two matches at the World Tourament. All while doing the exact same thing and expecting different results. He has also become one of the most dominanting wrestlers domestically since the rule conversion. There has been actual progression at the World Championships you can point to in his last two tries. The guy that beat him last year lost by TF to the China wrestler that Brent beat in the second round. Improvement. He lost by one point to a multi-World medalist and the guy that many tabbed as probably the top contender in the weightclass. No, given that Brent has actually won matches in the last year, and his coach was named the Freestyle coach of the year, I don't see where he could go that would be the game changer.
  15. I am not sure why I am even doing this, but what? Get rid of one of the best freestyle coaches we have in our country?
  16. Add to that Pico lost to a guy at JR Worlds who is no where close to Mohammadi's level.
  17. As often as Tbar frequents the HR to check out the Spencer Lee threads you would have thought he would have found the link there
  18. Doubtful, he gets day before weigh in with freestyle. If he could have made 138, he should have. The 145 bracket had #1 Kemerer and #4 and 5 Duggan and Hidlay.
  19. I am curious if Foley would have the same answer if the question would have been about starting a program at Drake (Des Moines, Iowa).
  20. Okie State did have Keilan Torres transfer out. He was at 157/165.
  21. Because a computer became aware and started ranking wrestlers, he just publishes them for the computer. Duh.
  22. For starters it should be noted that it's done by a computer with no human influence
  23. Nico can't taken an Olympic redshirt. He doesn't qualify.
  24. Can even OSU answer that question? He is listed as Rios on Track and Bresser in all the school press releases. I think you should go with Rios, since that's what is on Track wrestling.
  25. Evans reached the semifinals each of the last two seasons and both times lost to the eventual champ. He also made it to the quarters in 2013, but lost to Storley, who he as a senior finally managed to get over the hump and pick up wins against. He lost to some pretty tough guys in 2014 and 2015.
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