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  1. You were literally the one that said Penn State has literally nobody at 125 and 133. What's more is that Clark and Gilman are the same age as Gulibon so you can't have it both ways where you say Iowa has Gilman and Clark, but PSU has no one. It's the exact same situation. He could be a day 1 starter at either school.
  2. Granted he is not on the team yet, but McKenna is the returning silver medalist at 60 kg. I know he missed 61 at Sr WTT, but if he makes 60 kg at Worlds I expect him to medal again.
  3. I think I do remember they will be hitting ODU on that trip too, though I am not sure I have had it confirmed by anyone. And you actually sat next to our UNI guy, Ryder - I did sit next to you for lunch at National Duals though.
  4. FWIW on this, VT traveled to ISU and UNI in a one weekend trip this past season. So this is the Iowa teams returning the favor to VT.
  5. I also liked it when you were arrogant enough to act like Iowa's lack of NCAA champs at 125-141 is a fact that Iowa's room is not the best. Go ask someone that works for a media company, there is a really good chance "Iowa" is their response to the question, "Currently, what's the best lightweight training room in the country?" But then again, we seem to have this argument every three weeks.
  6. 2013. Esco, Reece, Metcalf, Burroughs, Gavin, Bergman, and Tervel.
  7. Didn't Oliver say he is heading to "the cage" after he wins his gold medal? I am kind of curious how long he sticks around.
  8. I have to agree with Otis here, and more than just because of my handle. Why would it not make sense to go to Iowa where he could still be a four year starter no matter which college he picks? Add in that Iowa has developed quite a few more lightweight elite wrestlers than the best college wrestler of all-time and all of the sudden common sense isn't so common. You just said it yourself, PSU has no one at 125 and 133. Sounds like he will be lacking workout partners.
  9. I talked a little bit with Minnesota's youngest triple crown winner in state history, Keegan Moore. Seems like a great kid and despite knowing his two brothers will be at UNI, I am still interested to see where he ends up. http://takedownwrestle.com/interviews/keegan-moore/
  10. Actually USA Wrestling Tweeted that Nick Marable peititoned to wrestle off at a later date, and they made sure to refer to Green as the "World Team Trials Champion" as opposed to everyone else who they made a big deal that they made a World Team. Here is the Tweet from USA from last Saturday: https://twitter.com/USAWrestling/status/609865410142302209
  11. And besides that I am not sure either would want to try and go through Metcalf or Burroughs
  12. Ramos and Metcalf are going I am pretty sure (Ramos has mentioned it several times already,and I am pretty sure HWC said Brent would be there), so I think we are sending our World wrestlers.
  13. I got a chance to talk with a top 25 recruit Griffin Parriott about which colleges he is interested in, when he would like to commit, and just getting to know him in general. http://takedownwrestle.com/interviews/griffin-parriott/
  14. There were plenty that did not agree with the 4 pointer in the first match in the arena, that's for sure. I don't think they were specifically upset with Burroughs though..
  15. This is something we should think about "against a healthy Dake or Burroughs". Dake has been out for sometime with injuries and Burroughs has had his share too. While it was great to see everyone healthy this year, what happens if Burroughs blows a knee while drilling with Green next Summer? Do we really want to count on just Dake being able to be the guy for Rio? Having depth is not a problem. As for beyond 2016, who really knows how long Burroughs wants to keep competing. I know he said he could do another cycle, but things change and injuries can happen (they already have for the #1 and #2 guys). I personally like Taylor right where he is, training everyday to be the #1 74 kg guy. Nothing wrong with having a guy who can tech Lopez in your back pocket.
  16. Yes, that's what he was referring to. I will change that quote a bit (which it now is) And thanks!
  17. Last one, the Brent Metcalf interview - http://iawrestle.com/2015/06/10/three-is-not-enough-metcalf-wants-more/ We also started a podcast last week, but this week we broke down out WTT picks if you are interested http://iawrestle.com/2015/06/10/potentially-dangerous-episode-2-world-team-trials/ And while I am at it, here is a podcast with more WTT picks http://www.bloodround.com/blog/2015/6/10/new-episode-is-up
  18. It might not even be the American guys. His coaches could have said 50 kg at Worlds may be an easier route than 55 kg. All I know is I am excited for 50 kg now. This team could have been really good this year.
  19. It certainly would be nice to get Snyder and McKenna back on the JR team. Also Stoll is going to be entering the FS portion of JRs this year, could be interesting.
  20. He would have had to get a special release saying that it was okay for him to compete despite being too young.
  21. Deron Winn - http://iawrestle.com/2015/06/08/cyclone-wrestling-club-has-winn-more-prepared-than-ever/ Angel Escobedo - http://iawrestle.com/2015/06/09/angel-escobedo-wants-to-get-back-on-top/
  22. Did I miss something where he said under no circumstance will he ever wrestle freestyle? There is such a thing as taking a break and giving your body a breather. Who is to say he truly quit?
  23. Joe Colon + comments from Schwab http://iawrestle.com/2015/06/05/to-be-the-guy-joe-colon/
  24. I hope you are right that he faces a Russian in the finals
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