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  1. My guess is (listed my personal pick first) 125-Boston/Larson 133-Hall 141-Dante/Meeks 149-Moreno 157-Rodriguez-Spencer/Briceno 165-Weatherman 174-Weatherspoon 184-Downey 197-Harrington 285-Smith A good dual team
  2. McDonough http://iawrestle.com/2015/06/04/matt-mcdonough/
  3. We are working on getting some WTT interviews done. They are all Iowa guys, but some are still interesting. Joey Lazor - Surprise qualifier at 61 kg http://iawrestle.com/2015/06/01/staying-funky-joey-lazor-gets-ready-for-wtts/ Tony Ramos - you either love him or hate him, and I thought he gave some good quotes http://iawrestle.com/2015/06/02/tony-ramos-it-was-only-a-matter-of-time/ Moza Fay - Talks about the Open, and a little about moving from Colorado to NLWC http://iawrestle.com/2015/06/03/world-class-athlete-moza-fay/
  4. Dan Dennis. Came from obscurity and was *this* close to being a NCAA champ
  5. I can agree with that. I put him in the top 8 range at 149. I feel like I didn't give him zero credit for this tournament.
  6. But wrestling up at 154 with no pre-match weigh ins is a MUCH different match.
  7. Oh, did you want an opinion on where they rank in freestyle or folkstyle? There is a difference.
  8. I'll give you half credit for this joke. Something funnier would have been, "Ramos is lucky the match was outdoors otherwise he would have hit the ceiling." Feel like you missed on your opprotunity.
  9. You can call it low IQ, I won't argue against it, but I would just say he needs more matches against international guys. Metcalf has been mentioned this thread and he's said it himself. Metcalf said what really helped him was getting the matches under his belt so he could get a feel. I think Ramos is still learning the positions he shouldn't be in vs International guys. I don't think Ramos has hit his ceiling, I think he is still learning and I think his progression from a year ago is very encouraging.
  10. Tsirtsis, Sorensen, and Retherford are probably the top three and then I would say some mixture of: BJ Clagon, Alex Richardson, Anthony Collica, Jake Sueflohn, maybe Alec Pantelo finds a way to make a stride into the top group.
  11. Granted 61 is less deep, but I can't imagine why he wouldn't go to 57 kg. Just my thoughts
  12. Last year the highest placing wrestler (who was eligible) from the WTT got a best of three wrestle off to make the University World team. Pretty sure this worked for McDonough, Kilgore, and Fortune? Only thing is, there is no University Worlds this year, so it's no surprise there isn't a ton of participation this year.
  13. Yeah, I had Fay's results flipped in my head. He was 2nd at the US Open and didn't place top 4 at WTTs last summer.
  14. Moza Fay or Jason Welch will get the Wild card at 70 kg before Martinez
  15. In his interview with Immel he said he is leaning towards going through 2020. If he isn't even planning on giving it up you have to wonder if that would change a little bit on to what some of the other guys at this weight are thinking.
  16. HA thanks, but now that I recall back, last year they did 61 and 70 at a different time, so that could be why they allowed for bigger brackets in 2014. I assume that's why brackets were bigger, because there would be more contenders for 57/65 and 74, but the funny thing is that I think 74 kg was the smallest bracket with 7 guys total (including Burroughs in the finals).
  17. I feel like it has been discussed on here how Iowa really doesn't have a ton of their top kids leave the state. The only exception would be Stroker in the last three years (as far back I can recall off the top of my head) to be a top 50 to leave Iowa. If Happel did next year that would make two in 2016, as Ethan Andersen is heading to Missouri.
  18. I try to leave the Iowa stuff to Iowa realted forums only, but with a couple of his college choices I thought this would be interesting to share here. Carter's dad wrestled for Lehigh, and later transferred to Iowa. http://iawrestle.com/2015/05/10/overtime-with-carter-happel/
  19. Yeah, I just saw it on the main page. Seems odd.
  20. I am curious as to why you think or where you read this. I guess I don't know the rules to 100% certainty, but why would it make sense if you wrestle and earn a berth at one weight, you can pick and choose which weight you would like to go for the next event. Why isn't it you wrestle at the weight you qualified at? If that were the case, I am not sure why more of the low end 57 kg guys, wouldn't have wrestled at 61 this past weekend given how weak the weight was.
  21. More than 8 guys usually qualify for Trials, Just go look at last year's brackets: http://www.trackwrestling.com/opentournaments/VerifyPassword.jsp?tournamentId=890076 Below are the Wildcard procedures: http://content.themat.com/forms/2015WTT-MFSWildcard.pdf 1. Top 3 finisher from the 2013 or 2014 Freestyle World Team Trials (Senior) 2. Champion from a Senior-level North American or Pan American United World Wrestling International competition from May 1, 2013 up to the 2015 World Team Trials 3. Top 3 finisher from the 2012 Freestyle Olympic Trials 4. Top 3 finisher from the 2015 NCAA I Championships
  22. Hawkeye Wrestling club Tweeted something like "Which HWC guys will be at Beat the Streets? Find out soon!" So I am guessing Metcalf and/or Ramos are going to be there.
  23. No he doesn't qualify for a Wildcard from what I have seen on USA Wrestling's website. Crietria had to do with past WTT and OTTs (which he has never competed in) or NCAA finish (and he's not in college), so that leads me to believe he has to win Northern Plains this weekend to qualify.
  24. Can't believe it took that long for someone to mention him. Would definitley put him in the top 5 over Retherford.
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