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  1. BREAKING: Bo Nickal & Jason Nolf are your 2019 Co-Hodge Trophy winners! They are the first pair to share the award since Cael Sanderson and Nick Ackerman in 2001. - Singlittany Lion
  2. 125 - Lee (or if redshirting, Mueller) 133 - Gross 141 - Yianni 149 - Kolodzik 157 - Hidlay 165 - Joseph 174 - Zahid 184 - Dean 197 - Conel 285 - Cassar
  3. As in - when will the brackets be finalized re: scratches and alternates?
  4. So I still don’t know the answer to the question: will they reseed if someone scratches prior to weigh ins?
  5. What happens this year when a wrestler withdraws before the tourney starts (eg Suriano two years ago)? Does the alternate fill the scratched wrestlers spot on the bracket? Or does the bracket reseed and the alternate come in at #33?
  6. Where is he this year? Injured? Why isn’t he in the ASU lineup?
  7. Looking at the B1G Pre-season rankings from Flo, there's a possibility that every champ at NCAAs could be from a BTN school: https://www.flowrestling.org/rankings/6246756-big-ten-rankings-2018-19/28562-285-preseason-rankings Biggest question marks would be: 133: Micic (runner up in 2018) 141: McKenna 174/184: Hall/Martin depending on where Zahid goes (both are former NCAA champs) 285: Stoll/Hemida/Nevills All other weights B1G has the favorite in the weight.
  8. In order of most confident to least. 1. David Taylor 2. Cox 3. Burroughs 4. Snyder 5. James Green 6. Nahshon 7. Gwiz 8. Steiber 9. Dake 10. Fix
  9. I didn’t know that. IUP is my alma Mater and used to have a program. Would love to see it back
  10. Indiana University of Pennsylvania In western PA. Could join the EWL. Great wrestling area and would draw crowds.
  11. No. it does the scoring for you
  12. I've built an interactive NCAA Wrestling bracket that lets you pick all the matches and scores your picks against actual results. Message me your email if you'd like one.
  13. I do one every year using google sheets. I have to update it and put in the wrestlers. I can send you a copy when it's done if you'd like.
  14. You can get 116 points for each weight class. Each round assigns points for correct picks. Basically your points double each round for each correct pick, with an extra bonus for picking the champ.
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