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  1. treep2000

    Braxton Amos

    A soon to be 4x AA that went 3, 4, 2, TBD isn't someone that a top High School recruit would want to roll with? Anthony Ashnault went 8, 4, 6, 1. Does he sharpen steel? Would a top High School recruit at the 141-165 range want to roll with him and make him better? I'm not getting your comment.
  2. What a problem to have folks. 15 years ago, we would have given much to see a single medalist. Now... Wow. Times have changed.
  3. treep2000

    Braxton Amos

    He needs to pick Ohio State. Three training partner reasons are: * Kyle Snyder * Kollin Moore * Kerkvliet Not to mention Singletary, MyMar, and Hoffman. If Amos wants to sharpen his steel, this room is the sharpener.
  4. treep2000

    Bo Nickal

    I think, over time, U23's could become more and more important. For many countries, including ourselves, across a handful of weight classes, the 2nd best at the weight has a very good chance at being U23 eligible. This then gives these wrestlers fantastic international experience that they would have not otherwise gained, sitting on the "bench". Sure, they're National Team Members (in the case of Bo Nickal), but folks like Kollin Moore benefited greatly from his Junior and U23 experiences (in my opinion). But anyway, there's always someone willing to complain. Ironic that this time it's "too much wrestling" and the "quality isn't good". Meh... whatevs...
  5. treep2000

    Bo Nickal

    When Bo wins U23's, we will have a pretty good idea that Bo knows wrestling.
  6. treep2000

    Yasar Dogu Saturday results

    We need to see JDen take on and take down his own "monsters" before proclaiming him to be able to beat Sadulaev. 92kg last year wasn't exactly a juggernaut of a weight class.
  7. treep2000

    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    Yianni wins is my prediction, and the appeal argument goes nutso.
  8. treep2000

    Dake Spain Results

    I wonder what will happen on these forums if Ringer beats Dake.
  9. The strictness and rigidity for allowing or disallowing Dake to "knock the rust of first" is polarizing.
  10. treep2000

    Why wear a t-shirt under a singlet?

    So what does wrestling need to look like?
  11. treep2000

    Why wear a t-shirt under a singlet?

    It's time to move to combat shorts and rash guards.
  12. I see.. very interesting...
  13. I'm still stretching to see what's wrong with this whole situation: * If Dake, the returning WC, needs to test the waters at a 2nd Tier tourney prior to facing off against what could be the World Champion or World Medalist (in his own right), then I see no harm, so long as a.) he's medically cleared, and b.) the actual wrestle off date was agreed upon by the two parties. If he can squeeze in a little comp prior, I see no harm. * If Dake injures himself again at said 2nd Tier tourney prior to facing off, Ringer wins the spot. No more delays. Tough cookies. * Lastly, so long as all wrestlers in this position are treated the same, with the same expectations, timelines, allowances, etc., then it's fair. So... what's the actual argument?
  14. treep2000

    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    Is this a "legal" thing? What US, State, or Local law was broken? Or... are they just challenging "rulings" and a "regulations" of a sport's governing body?
  15. treep2000

    Iran Wrestling News

    I don't know .. that's why I'm inquiring.