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  1. I sincerely doubt you can keep your ratio up so high with additional volume. In addition, your focused on nuance, instead of substance. Who gives a flying rats ash about the leaderboard. There are some very astute and respected posters on here that are not on the leaderboard. That metric is really about overall volume and is only one measure. Don't like it, start a new forum. Otherwise, let's talk wrestling, and complain why we are censored on certain topics.
  2. 141 - woods 149 - pick from about 16 guys 157 - Kinner 165 - Ethan Smith 184 - pick from about 12 guys 197 - traxler Hwt - Gas Tank Gary Woods will probably be the three seed but could win it all, not just busting a bracket, per se
  3. Back to OP. Yes. Buckeye fan here and here's what should have happened: 125 - Malik should have redshirted this year and lifted like NATO. 133 - Decatur should have stayed in redshiet this year. This would have had the Koontz Bros starting this season at each weight respectively. 141 - pletcher should have been able to redshirt at some point, like originally intended. 184 - Hoffman needs to transfer out. There's probably no room for him. So... It seems as if the lightweights are a bit mismanaged while the rest of the weights are being more "well managed".
  4. All information on the Ohio boards are pointing to Singletary moving to 197. I think that is a GREAT move for him. I see him being an AA threat at 197 next year.
  5. 125 - Spencer 133 - Gross 141 - Pletcher 149 - Sasso 157 - Deakin 165 - Joseph 174 - Hall 184 - Zahid 197 - Moore, Kollin 285 - Parris
  6. Anyone know the score of the Cox final vs. Bastida?
  7. I was just messing because you misspelled Christian, with a "cht" instead of "chr". And good for you! I was too!
  8. @TBar1977 should appreciate this... Buckeye homer time (but realistic homer): 125 - Koontz dec. Meredith. If it's Malik, it's a toss-up. Going 3-0 tOSU 133 - RBY Mdec. Decatur. Jordan keeps it real on their feet, but is no match for when the ground game starts. 4-3 PSU 141 - Lee dec. Pletcher. I think Pletch loses this match... and probably loses the Big 10 finals to Lee, but on the big stage, Pletcher shows up and wins. 7-3 PSU 149 - Sasso dec. Verk. Verk kept it close with Micah. Verk keeps it close with Sasso. 7-6 PSU 157 - Cleary dec. Pipher. I think Gas Tank Cleary wins this one. If it's Kinner, I see the same result, with Kinner getting in some good riding time and some tilts. 9-7 tOSU 165 - Joseph WBF Smith. Ethan keeps it competitive through the first. Joseph goes inside trip to his back for the fall. 13-9 PSU 174 - Hall Mdec. Romero. I think Romero tries to keep it close, but in doing so, takes a desperation shot at some point, and Hall gets some NF to get the major. 17-9 PSU 184 - Brooks dec. Jordan. Jordan can't keep up with Brooks and his takedowns/slickness. Could be a major. 20-9 PSU 197 - Moore dec. Shak. Moore gets taken down at some point trying to work on some moves he's just recently learned and is trying to perfect. Moore wins a controlled decision, but the PSU faithful will claim that the see vulnerability (which, may not be false). 20-12 PSU HWT - Nevills dec. Traub. Gas Tank Gary keeps it SUPER close with Nevills. Close enough that he there's a chance he pulls out a win. However, Nevills takes it at the end, in a 6-3 type decision. 23-12 PSU Ok hecklers... fire away since y'all know you just want to.
  9. Wow! An opposite of a heckle... jeesh… Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the token heckle... couldn't resist... could ya...
  11. I'm a big fan of Snyder. Always like the kid, and then the man. When he won his WC's and OLY's, he wasn't nearly as "stocky". I fear that he focused too much on lifting, and if you watch his matches, especially the losses, there's a level of "rigidity" in his motion and movements that he didn't have when he was younger and more "agile". I've said it on here before, and I'll say it again, even though I'll get heckled. He needs to train differently... and not just wrestling. Gain more range of motion and movement. Focus less on "lifting strength" and more on "functional strength". His technique will remain so long as he practices wrestling the way he has been. Sometimes, less is more, and in this case, I think less muscle "volume" will equate to more versatility and dynamism. That being said... I see Cox beating Snyder 2 matches to 0. Both super close. But Cox will be able to take Snyder down due to Athleticism, and Snyder will not be able to return the favor due to the aforementioned rigidity.
  12. I bet MyMar can take Downey this time though...
  13. This just got a whole lot clearer with Cox going 97. Finals will be Taylor and Zahid, assuming current presumed participants. 3rd Place is between Martin and Ringer at this point, with Downey and Brooks battling for 5th/6th. Bo entering the weight could throw a giant monkey wrench in things. A presumed 6 pound cut is nothing, and his recent results at 92kg and in Rome (except against Mohammadian, but that guys a freak) will show that he'll be quite capable at 86kg. Taylor still beats Bo, assuming full health and ability. Until someone like Zahid/Bo beat someone like Yazdani, it's just not a conversation.
  14. Here's really all you need to know: * Gable is a witch (warlock to be specific) * When weighed, Gable weighs similar to that of tiny pebbles or small churches * Witches also float in water, like tiny pebbles or small churches. * Ducks also float in water Therefore... Gable is a DUCK.
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