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  1. I just wonder which post collegiate athletes will make an appearance.
  2. I wouldn't say that Taylor is "remarkably" better at 86kg. He was a monster at every weight he competed. He happened to have 2 other monsters at the other weights he was vying for. But... he's definitely now the king of 86kg, and if by definition, this makes him "remarkably" better, so be it. I just enjoy watching him win.
  3. It'll be interesting. Who's to say that Welker and Blades haven't also continued to improve. We now know, factually, that Elor is a monster. We may literally have 3-4 of the top 5 in the world at the same weight in the very near future. Incredible.
  4. Honestly, no. I think Amit Elor, at 18, has arrived. Gray will have to have recovered. The stock/elor match will be epic, but I am thinking Elor right now. It's only a hunch...
  5. Elor is to team usa WFS as Snyder is to team usa MFS. Mark it.
  6. A "light" Yianni still beats everyone at the NCAA level at 141 or 149. Ain't no thang.
  7. sure... add him to the list. was typing very quickly on my phone at my daughter's tennis match!
  8. It'll be interesting to see how Nolf's next 1-2 years go. It seems he's improved dramatically in just the past 18 months in freestyle, pushing Dake and doing well internationally.
  9. True, but he also doesn't have any highlight or noteworthy wins in over 3 years. He won Fargo, won a couple exhibition matches, got in legal trouble, and couldn't make 3rd string at 141 at tOSU. He's not repping...not at all...
  10. The who's next thread I suppose? 57kg - Lee of course (maybe). What about Basset, Lilledahl, Spratley, Jesuroga? 61kg - Fix, RBY, Bouzakis, Forrest, 65kg - Lee, Mendez 70kg - Chittum, Haines 74kg - o'toole, Carr, facundo 79kg - starocci 86kg - Brooks 92kg - Moore if he wants it. 97kg - Snyder for 20 more years Hwt - kerk, Cass, Parris, mullen, Feldman, Carroll Just rattling off names and maybe some will pan out, maybe not. Probably got some weights wrong too and missed a bunch of top level potential next-ups. Who ya got?
  11. I think RBY would be a medal contender out of the gate. Echemendia who?... seriously. Time to cease that ruse.
  12. Snyder is quoted as wanting to wrestle until he's 45. That is 18-19 more years. Imagine the medal count!
  13. While we are on this thread, anyone taking over for the 10 weights? 57 - Gilman. I don't see it domestically. Lee is always a consideration but will he throw his hat in the ring and will his knees hold up? 61 - Gross. Absolutely in the air. I feel RBY, if he chooses, can take this mantel and do very well. 65 - Yianni. I like Yianni from here on out for the next few years. 70 - Zain. I also like Zain for 2023. 74 - Dake. It's Dake's spot. Nolf continues to improve in freestyle but. It's Kyle Dake. 79 - JB. Ageless wonder. Until proven otherwise, it's his. 86 - Taylor. All Taylor. Brooks may be his opponent in the WTT finals, but... Taylor all the way. 92 - Cox. I could see Kollin Moore pulling an upset this next WTT. Otherwise, it's Jaden. 97 - Snyder... lol... nope. It's Snyder by a country mile. 125 - Zillmer. He's the most vulnerable of all. Gwiz. Parris. Cass. And.. what if Steveson decided to give it a go? All these guys can beat Zillmer. I'm going with Cass Who you got?
  14. No one domestically is beating Taylor unless he's injured. 80% Taylor is better than 100% of what we have domestically to compete. Taylor's run is over when he says it's over, just like Snyder's run.
  15. Snyder is wrestling until he's 45. Assuming Russia keeps banning themselves for warring with everyone, Snyder can catch him and pass him.
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