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  1. I hire quite a bit. At this point, your undergrad is nearly meaningless. There are community college kids that are more effective and productive than the ivy kids, and I've proven the theory thru my hires. Woods and Griffith should go where it makes sense for them. So long as they have ethic (most wrestlers do), they will be just fine in their job hunts, assuming that's the path.
  2. This just in! On 7.26.20, Pletcher is going to have three matches! Match 1 - Luke Pletcher vs. Kyle Snyder Match 2 - Luke Pletcher vs. Alexander Karelin Match 3 - Luke Pletcher vs. A Kodiak Grizzly Bear named Ralphie
  3. It's a shame, and if folks would like to get into it, then let's play. Logie was probably my favorite wrestler, as a fan, to watch these past 5-7 years. I felt that I perceived a definitive dropoff in production, muscle tone, and overall stamina during this experimental phase where he dabbled with vegetarian/vegan.
  4. Pre vegetarian/vegan stieber all the way.
  5. I'd say it's a 50/50 shot. 1.) PRO: by this time next year, I predict COVID-19 will be a thing of the past. We will have an effective treatment or vaccine and we will have learned to manage things more effectively. 2.) CON: by this time next year, we will have gone through the remainder of 2020. Who knows what will have occurred by then. You know, asteroid collisions, supervolcano eruptions, California 10.0 earthquake and tsunamis, alien invasion. Anything is possible at this point.
  6. If we were censored for the the Gable discussions why aren't we being censored on the Fix discussion?
  7. Results from more than, say, 12-18 months ago are a bit disingenuous. People change. Body's change. Habits change (cough cough...). Given what we've most recently seen out of the both of them, I'll take Bo comfortably. Most recent results are Bo with his U23 gold over a top 10 world ranked guy. Zahid looks great at 184, but proportionally, was not as dominating as Bo at 197. Bo's 197 results are pushing that 12-18 month horizon that I stated, but, those are the most recent comparatives. So, until proven wrong, and I probably will be, Bo comfortably, in something like a 6-2 match (free).
  8. Echemendia is supposed to be the man at 141. Kinner is no slouch either. Sasso is NC material Their hole is at 157. Best lineup right now would be echemendia at 141, Kinner at 149 and Sasso at 157, and if Hayes can beat any of them at any of those weights then BOOM!
  9. I would rather see this lineup: 125 - Malik 133 - Decatur, Jordan 141 - Kinner 149 - Echemendia 157 - Sasso 165 - Kharchla 174 - Romero 184 - Jordan 197 - Singletary HWT - Orndorff/Traub, may the best gas tank win.
  10. If this Chloroquine comes through, that would be a game changer, and this time, for the positive.
  11. Meh... Just throw on some spotify and put on some nice, soothing Scandanavian Black Metal in the background... A little Dimmu Borgir soothes the soul while putting up with the same BS, but just from home, instead of a sterile office. Lol!
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