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  1. If Amine comes back and is at 184, Brooks is in trouble...
  2. It's not... as those that are anti-vaccine ARE claiming their science. I'm not taking sides in this fight. I have my vaccination. It affects me not. I'm commenting from the outside looking in. They claim science supports their respective argument, and I'm just commentating on that fact that this IS where we are. To not acknowledge that they are claiming science (i.e. Ivermectin treatment, etc.), then whose argument is akin to flat-earther?
  3. Conflation with absurdity proves nothing, but... ok.
  4. Well... this conversation kinda went the way of the birds... This has clearly become a case where it's now "my science is better than your science" type of situation. Each side is in their corner, citing their "proof" and their "research" as to what's most "right". The truth is always somewhere in the middle. The anti-vaccine folks have their POVs, and probably, some pretty good "truths", as well as "un-truths". The pro-vaccine folks have their POVs, some pretty good "truths", as well as some "un-truths". Either way, we haven't reached herd immunity, but now have two herd mentalities, each opposing each other viciously, yet again. The question is... "Is this about winning" (the argument)? If so, and the other side must abide or "obey", was something actually "won"? Seems to me that there is a lot of sacrificing and a lot of coercion being spoken about, with very little irrefutable science on either side that dictates what is "right". Going back to "my science is better than your science" mantra. This is how this manifests... Without 100% irrefutable proof, sides are taken based on what really boils down to a "belief" in the science The "belief" in the science that one chooses to believe in relies on "faith" Pretty much all religions are "faith"-based, meaning, the people also have to believe in this greater good or power that is bigger than them (which, is also now, the science they've chosen to align towards) As such, since you now must have "faith" in your science... you now hold the science as a sort of religion And that... my friends, are where we're at. The science is the new religion, and we ALL know what happens when we elevate religion and pit them against each other...
  5. It would make a lot of sense to have our NCAA weights mirror the international weights. What would be the logic, besides "that's the way its always been" or "that ain't American" to not align the weights? 10 international weights, 10 ncaa weights.
  6. Was thinking the same thing.
  7. Ok. Thanks for the details. Was a great match!
  8. This is a college wrestling forum, so, why not talk about potential upcoming recruits, like from last night's WNO and see how the predictions and posts age? Afterall, most of the competitors picked to participate at WNO end up landing D1 spots, and ultimately AA, with many NCAA Champs already: 170: Gabe Arnold won this. Reminds me a bit of how Trent Hidlay wrestles. Will be interesting to see his progression 106: 8th Grader Bo Bassett. Wow! Is this guy the next Spencer Lee? Absolutely dismantled his opponent, and is only in 8th grade! Most likely projects as a middleweight given he's 106 in 8th grade, but, as evidenced by the most recent Zillmer/Bradley match, anything can happen regarding each individual's physical growth and maturity. 182: TJ Stewart. Reminded me of how Dudley wrestles. I assume projects as a 184. Should be a good addition to the depth at 184 in coming years. 145: Arrington. Assumes to project at 157. Will be fun to watch 113: Davis. One of the more dominating performances. Assumed to project at 125 or 133. Was a fun match to watch and will be interesting to see how he'll translate at the next level. 160: Haines. Was expecting big things from Haines, but he eaked out a squeaker vs. Barr. Unsure of commitment (didn't look), but expect him to be a PSU recruit given his alignment with DT's club. 106: Knox. Wow! Very impressive showing indeed. Would now like to see Knox vs. Bassett. Handled Lilledahl, who just had a Cadet Bronze. His pressure appeared to be relentless. 152: Henson. He seems legit. Defeated a potentially injured Williams. Assume he projects at 157. Will be a tough out. 195: Fishback. Pulled it out over Nelson on a last second failed throw attempt. Appeared gassed, but it didn't stop him from taking the crown. Will be a fun addition to the depth at 197. 138: Swiderski. Wow! Everyone expected Mendez to steal the show and put up some numbers, but not last night. It was Swiderski's show. Technique. Strength. Athleticism. Seems to be a complete package. Assumed to project at 141/149? 120: Jesuroga. Very controlled match. Will be fun to see how he translates, presumably, at 125. Big Man Supermatch: * Carroll: The 220lb Carroll is a gamer, and was right there with Feldman. I saw no real size difference between the two. The result was super-close. * Feldman: The #1 285 currently. Appeared to be the about the same size as Carroll. Has speed and athleticism, and reminds me a bit of Kyle Snyder in his style. However... as we think about translation. Amos utterly demolished Carroll multiple times in the past few months. Sure, Amos is now Jr. World Champ in Free and Jr. World Bronze in Greco, but, Amos also is projecting at 197, and may be an example of the step up in competition at 197 at NCAA's (not to mention Ferrari). Feldman's results vs. Carroll did not impress like I had expected, and at 285, with Parris, Kerk, Schultz, etc., it will still be a long road for Feldman at HWT. Things will most likely change, but based on the eyeball test and some very loose "transitive property" play, not seeing either right now as NCAA Champ material (at least right off the bat). All in all, a fun show.
  9. I keep thinking of a song that Taylor has running thru his head while watching the video... "Anything you can do, I can do better... I can do anything better than you"
  10. This is a good readout. I may flip Gilman and yianni, but otherwise, really good!
  11. I dunno. I wasn't on the Starocci bandwagon as he was recruited by PSU. Sure, he was really good, elite at the HS level, but a lot of guys are and then flame out. After his RS year, I started paying more attention, and then, of course, last year, his progression during the season was interesting to see. Sheer eyeball test now, and in beating Nolf for 3rd, leads me to believe that he is continuing his progression, positively. I believe he is the favorite going into the season, until proven otherwise, and I do predict a potential widening of the gap. Will be interesting to see how folks shift weights and how this will affect matchups and results.
  12. Fine to lead... but to attract and retain, i feel they need both a lower weight guy to help the lower weight guys (logan), and a credible upper weight guy to help the upper weights (fill Tervel's void). This model is used consistently.
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