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  1. It would start to seem like they're modeling the George Foreman model.... everyone's named George!
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if Kharchla won it all if all the aforementioned guys stay at 165.
  3. That's not what it was? Lol... Snyder always has a chance. The Tank has had his own close matches as well, albeit few. He's human... Barely.
  4. An amazing match that will be watched in perpetuity. Thanks for sharing, and reminding!
  5. This topic brings me back to a topic that was discussed either last year or the year prior. Why does NCAA Eligibility even matter? Yes yes yes... I get the Scholarship discussion. BUT... What if, you have a wrestler, say, Spencer Lee, and he has the following situation: Spencer wrestles his first three years, and wins an NCAA championship his first three years. During the summer, he and his family play mega millions, and they win. Strike it rich. So rich, they're wealthy, and they can sign rich people's paychecks. :-D He goes to Brands and says... I just wanna wrestle, I don't want the scholly, use it for someone else. Spencer wrestles his fourth year, off of scholly, wins his 4th NCAA championship. But now... it gets really good. Spencer realizes that he REALLY loves school, and REALLY loves the academic culture. He decides, that instead of graduating, he would like to stay in school for multiple degrees. He'd like to have 4-5 different majors because of all of his intellectual interests. Spencer though, LOVES to wrestle. Spencer is a paying student Spencer is NOT on scholarship Spencer is not allowed to wrestle any longer, and his career is now over, against his own wishes, and dollars, and desire, at no expense to anyone else. Why? Are we ok with this? If this is Spencer's dream, and he would like to continue wrestling at an NCAA D1 level for as long as he chooses, at no expense to anyone else, then why not? Brands could still recruit the next young stud to try to knock him out of the lineup. All's fair in competition, since it's "competition" right? So again, are we just "playing by the rules" because someone in an office made them up one day and passed around the memo that was signed off in some conference room? Colleges and Universities will GLADLY accept my money to continue taking as many classes as I'd like. I could theoretically be a perpetual student if I had the funds and desire. Why couldn't I continue to compete as a collegiate athlete then as well?
  6. Your horsepower comment got me thinking.. Do we collectively think that Gadsen has more horsepower than Snyder? * He's pinned him * He's shot him off the stage/mat * Was up significantly on another power shot the last time they met I'm not suggesting Gadsen is anywhere near Sad, but the analogy may hold in terms of the horsepower discussion.
  7. As an athlete that dedicated my life to a sport to become a world champion and represent that specific country, the LAST thing I would want is some bureaucrat, oligarch, or "religious leader" determining my fate. Period. Establish rules up front, no matter how rigid they may be. Adhere to said rules. Define exceptions and appeals processes. Execute against said rules. In a world that demands fairness, this is by far the most fair when the subjectivity is removed.
  8. I'm with you on this. He can beat both Sharifov and Mohammadian. I think pellicone was a bit flukey. He's taken losses throughout his career at various tourneys. I will say that I don't think he will beat Sadulaev, but... (There's always a but). But... I've watched their last match dozens of times. I firmly believe that outcome was also a bit flukey. In their next matchup (if it happens), Sadulaev will have to out wrestle him instead of "catching" him. If he does catch and pin again, I'll retract my statement 100%, but I just don't see Snyder getting his doors blown off in the OLY or WC setting.
  9. Moore ought not be considered a "nobody" on the senior FS circuit. He recently beat some very good competition overseas at Delagne IIRC. Snyder beat who has been put in front of him. To suggest that he's not a Medal contender is disingenuous at best. By definition, he's Top 3, given that he's placed no lower than 3rd at any of the previous 5 years OLY or World Championships. If he "allows" Cox to wrestle him in a special wrestleoff, and wins, it'll cement his legacy. If he "allows" Cox to wrestle him in a special wrestleoff, and loses, it'll still cement his legacy as having BEEN one of the best, both on and off the mat. Regardless, he's still Captain America and in the upper echelon of the "good people" category (same with Cox).
  10. I've read previous posts somewhere where the remaining field that has yet to qualify at 65kg is a murderers row. I.e. former world medalists that have yet to qualify that are expected to participate. If this is true, then qualifying may be exceedingly difficult.
  11. You are absolutely welcome. Glad I could help. And yes... The fall is quite far from this perch.
  12. Being a sports (wrestling) fan... i.e. a real "fan" or "supporter" of the sport is much different that the Tribalist BS we're seeing from these Hawkeye/PSU/tOSU haters. * A real fan of wrestling witnesses the absurd amount of talent and achievement that Ruth, DT, Zain, Nickal, and Nolf brought to that program and are awestruck * A real fan of wrestling witnesses the absurd amount of talent that this year's Hawkeye team had, and what Spencer is doing (in particular), and are awestruck by their achievements * A real fan of wrestling witnesses what Logan Stieber and Kyle Snyder brought to the tOSU program, and now that there is a post-graduate exodus from their RTC, is worried and is hopeful that they can return to that state of competitivenss * A real fan of wrestling may not like Gable Steveson's previous antics, but has been left awestruck at his talent, and what he may have the opportunity to do at the upcoming Olympic Games, and WILL root for him to win gold * A real fan of wrestling realizes that PD3 is exactly who everyone thought he was, and wishes that he would develop some humility and appreciation for not just the sport, but really, for himself as a human being. Sure... I prefer tOSU. I'm from that area of the country. There's some semblance of tribalism there. But... Was I still rooting to see "greatness" this weekend, regardless of their origin? You betcha. Loved seeing Gilman put his stamp on the 57kg class, and representing the USA. Loved seeing JO getting his chance to shine. Loved seeing Dake and the potential passing of the baton. Loved seeing DT and his workmanlike win over a VERY familiar opponent. Loved seeing two former Buckeyes get after it, and "Captain America" emerging victorious once again. Loved seeing Gable absolutely demolish all adversaries. Anyone who cries out and states otherwise only admits their tribalism. Good luck with that.
  13. I'm betting that if they broke bread with Cael, or had a chance to just shoot the breeze, the "hatred" would be less so. Hatred and hate are so misused anymore. Its become a substitute for really dislike or "perturbed by". If anyone on this forum really has that much actual "hate" for Cael, Brands, Ryan, etc., I would begin to question your life and priorities. Disagreeing or not likeing something isn't hate. I do, however, hate it when "hate" is misconstrued. So... Stop the hatred... More just being general jerkwads...
  14. I'm not saying anything except that I'm interested in how well your predictions come true. That's it .. I'm interested.
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