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  1. Thoughts or predictions? A lot of unknowns going in, but, I am keenly interested in the top 3 weights: 92 - Nickal 97 - Singletary 125 - Kerkvliet Thoughts from the peanut gallery?
  2. I like to mock plasmodium because he thinks that mocking people for not believing what he believes is a reason to mock them. Disregard the fact that its all theory... and faith... just like religion. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2018/09/darwin-evolution-crispr-microbiome-bacteria-news/#close Those that live on theoretical houses should not throw hyperbole.
  3. 57kg - Strong possibility 65kg - Weight too deep and matches too close. One mistake and Rashidov doesn't place. 74kg - Strong possibility 86kg - A healthy Taylor beats Yaz. I could see this latest version of Cox beating Yaz as well. Yaz is a possible, but unlikely, if one of those two are in the mix. 97kg - Strong possibility. Will be interesting to see how Sharifov keeps up, and if Snyder's move to NLWC allows him to improve enough to claim the top spot once again. 125kg - 50/50, at best. With Akghul there, it's a tossup. One mistake can cost him.
  4. Echemendia's matches... the only ones i've really seen is in Freestyle, and he seems to be a killer there. I'm unsure that I've seen any folkstyle matches. His game on his feet will keep in nearly every match, however, if he's anything like Micah Jordan on bottom, he'll have massive issues this first year. David Carr has the ability to win 157, upsetting Hidlay (and probably everyone else). If he goes 165 (which i think is better for his FS aspirations), I think he's a solid AA.
  5. As a Buckeye fan, I'm not happy that he's choosing to leave. As a fan of Snyder, and as a fan of Team USA bringing the best it possibly could, his logic to maximize his own capabilities and to train with a new group of people makes ALL the sense in the world. Betrayal only exists for those that do not understand the precious notion of individualism. We must protect this notion at all costs. Congrats Kyle on the move. I hope it serves you well, and you take it to Sadulaev and Sharifov the next time you meet.
  6. I wonder what this will do to the ORTC and the overall Buckeye program now. Will Kerkvliet stay? Moore? MyMar? Future recruits? We all know that in this sport, a single individual can make or break a program.
  7. I'm not sure if you're being sarcastically factually accurate, or are acting in a newfound form of racist/bigoted speech.
  8. When I made my comment, I used "past tense" to infer "historically". The current world team is a point in time.
  9. It's been documented before that the eastern Ohio and Western PA area has produced an incredibly high number of high Calibre wrestlers. It's been dubbed in articles as the US version of the Caucasus region.
  10. Just like Downey ran through Nicky Rod with expected ease, I would expect that Nicky Rod would return the favor in the BJJ rules match. I'm unsure why people would feel otherwise, unless Downey also has had legit BJJ training of his own.
  11. This point is valid. The PD3/Nicky Rod match needed to split periods. One period with the ruleset they agreed on, and the other with a ruleset that favored nickyrod. I'm a middle aged man training BJJ and attend a high profile BJJ school in CO. I haven't been on the mat in 20 years, retiring in my early 20's. I just began BJJ this year. After 9 months, I have yet to be taken down by anyone that I've rolled with. My extremely dated wrestling background is devastating for these guys, if the rules were kept to a takedown competition. Once BJJ rules ( i.e. Pulling guard, passing guard, etc) starts, all of my advantages begin to equilibrate. My point is... This match wasn't really "fair" to Nicky Rod, nor fair to the fans. It could have been very educational for wrestling fans to see the difference in the sister disciplines.
  12. A lot of the adults (myself included as a crossover from wrestling and to BJJ) watch the events. We have viewing parties at my school. We watch for the same reason kids and teens watch:. A.) See high level technique in action, B.). Learn something new,. C.) Follow guys that have some type of connection to you (same school, rolled with briefly, etc). Note that the viewing party for the ADCC at my one school location had about 50 folks show up, so their one livestream was getting 50 pairs of eyeballs. Is it the NFL... Nope. Is it as big as some wrestling events? Nope. Is it still cool AF? Yup.
  13. I'd complain about that because I am a taxpayer and have zero desire for more wasteful spending.
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