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  1. treep2000

    Flo is on fire w content!

    ... this thread is brought to you by FloSports...
  2. treep2000

    Start a movement...

    Sure.. but that's assuming we accept the status quo. What would be holding this idea/proposition back? $$? Will? Initiative? It makes all the sense in the world to NOT have an even number of weight classes when the concept of a dual exists. It makes all the sense in the world to continue to broaden the appeal of the sport. Kerkvliet fits this size/weight. Braxton Amos currently does as well (220 high schooler). Forcing a kid that's 215 to give up 70lbs and then say "that's just the rules, deal with it" sounds like the easy way out. :-|
  3. treep2000

    Start a movement...

    This whole situation at tOSU, the past few years has raised the issue to the forefront (in my mind at least). The issue: What to do with those guys who are really 215lbs. They are too big for 197, and most likely, too small for HWT. Snyder was an exception, well... because, Snyder IS the exception. But... Kollin Moore's performance thus far at U23's is at 97kg, or 213lbs. He is a far superior wrestler at this weight than what we see/saw at NCAA's. He lost to Conel twice at 197, and then at U23's Trials, absolutely mauls Conel at 213lbs. The science shows that our athletes are getting generally bigger, and by adding this ~210-215lb weight class, a few additional purposes are served: * Those guys that play football (skill positions mainly) that are too small to wrestle HWT can now have a weight class to call home. * An 11th weight class breaks all the needs for the stupid tiebreakers. Rant over...
  4. treep2000

    149 NCAA finals - Kolodzik vs. Jordan

    The more Micah attacks, the better he is. The less Micah attacks, he gets pounded. If Micah wrestles more like Snyder/Moore, then Micah wins NCAA's. If Micah wrestles like McKenna (super tactical, super positional, super clutch), the Micah loses bigly.
  5. His finals match is going to be tough. He's had a brutal draw. Very happy for Mr. Moore. Keep it going!
  6. Well... we know Kollin's training partner can beat the Russian... so... ;-)
  7. Oh my... I believe this year's version of U23's Freestyle may be a tad bit more difficult than last year's version. My predictions may be a bit... optimistic.
  8. meh... Micic got better as the year progressed (clearly). With that being said, Desanto is ALSO behind Micic, and probably by a good 5-7 points.
  9. I really hope Desanto doesn't try to pull those stupid moves to attempt to hurt Suriano, when they wrestle. Suriano might return the favor... and REALLY hurt Desanto in the process.
  10. treep2000

    "I don't know what the Gavin situation is...."

    Is this a case of HEW? Something else?
  11. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2018/November/08/2018-U23-MFS-preview Posting the lineup and my initial predictions. As results come in later in the week, we'll be able to reflect, talk about how great of a prognosticator XYZ was, and how horribly off person So n' So was... U.S. men’s freestyle roster 57 kg: Jack Mueller (Dallas, Texas/Cavalier WC) - 1-1, or maybe 1-2 if pulled into repechage? 61 kg: Sean Fausz (Alexandria, Ky./Wolfpack WC) - Same thought... 65 kg: Colton McCrystal (Sergeant Bluff, Iowa/Nebraska WTC) - Winless, I predict 70 kg: Hayden Hidlay (Lewistown, Pa./Wolfpack WC) - Predicting a medal here. Potential Finalist? 74 kg: Alex Smythe (Eden, N.Y./Univ. of Buffalo) - 0-1 to 1-1 probably. 79 kg: David McFadden (West Milford, N.J./Southeast RTC) - I could see him making a run. A medal wouldn't be surprising, but then a 0-1 wouldn't either. 86 kg: Myles Martin (Penns Grove, N.J./Titan Mercury WC/Ohio RTC) - I think MyMar is on a mission. Medal, if not title, contender. 92 kg: Christian Brunner (East Dundee, Ill./Boilermaker RTC) - Respectable win or two. 97 kg: Kollin Moore (Burbank, Ohio/Titan Mercury WC/Ohio RTC) - Another one with something to prove. This weight class suits him, just like it suited Snyder. I see him contending for a medal, if not a title. 125 kg: Youssif Hemida (Mamaroneck, N.Y./Terrapin WC) - Respectable win or two. OK folks... your turn.
  12. treep2000

    Another Wrestler in Congress

    Commenting only to have it starred in my feed, as I'm awaiting some knucklehead to take the bait and turn the thread into a rhetoric laced tirade. I hope it doesn't... but... it's a new thread.
  13. Singletary over Mason Parris. I don't think anyone predicted that...
  14. The Desanto i saw against Rooney is beaten soundly by all three.
  15. treep2000


    People were saying similar things about Moore and his training for U23's. The difference is this though... for NCAA's, Moore needs to be at 197. To be "most competitive" at U23's, he needs to be at 97kg, or 213lbs. That's a pretty big swing, and a pretty good reason to NOT make an NCAA weight, as you try to go up to bring home a world, age-level medal. I also concur that it's "odd" that Warner, after only one match, at 92kg (if I recall), would hold out at this point. He needs all the feels he can get. If Conel can "surprise" Moore (twice), there's no telling what he could do to Warner.