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  1. Dang it you know that's what i meant.. jeesh
  2. I'm hoping, with these results, that we can officially retire the "Echemendia is the next title contender" topic. The amount of hype surrounding this young man was nothing short of spectacular, and unfortunately, it does not appear that he will be able to live up to this amount of over-hype. Maybe his freestyle results will show a different story in the end, but in collegiate folk, he'll now be considered, maybe, as 2nd or 3rd best on the team. I'm looking forward to Decatur / D'Emilio. Interesting stylistic matchup. I'm looking forward to seeing if Paddy is the real deal vs. Hubbard, and how that match progresses. If it's close, I'll be concerned that 157 for the Buckeyes may be another question mark. If it's not close, then we'll know who the starter is, and will need to wait for additional competition to make the assessment. Schierl and Smith is a fascinating matchup. Fritz is a gamer, but so is Smith. Fun times in Buckeyeland figuring all this out.
  3. Paddy getting the bye to the finals as a true frosh is impressive. Coaches must think he's the favorite to win the spot I suppose. Romero vs. Jordan may be one of the better wrestleoffs in a long time.
  4. Are they both 14/15? At this age, a year's difference in age can make a huge difference in physical development. Hell... i didn't "blossom" physically until what seemed my senior year or so, while many of my teammates had 5 o'clock shadows. Eyeball test, Bo also looked a bit undersized for 106. He competed at 99lbs at Cadet Worlds just a few months ago. Regardless, this will be an interesting rivalry, assuming they stay around the same weight as they develop.
  5. Suriano, arujau and glory, in that order, are all talented enough to take on Spencer and win, sans ACL. If somehow he learns how to exert himself sans ACL at the same level as before, then no one has a chance.
  6. Agreed with this. Zahid is currently in the tier 2 conversation.
  7. A few of us have sons yet to be born that i hear that Koll, Ryan, Brands and Cael all have their eye on.
  8. 97kg is strong in both styles for us. Snyder/Moore in free, Hancock/Amos in Greco.
  9. If they stagger weights Fix could pull it off... I'm a believer after the world silver.
  10. I keep reviewing the matches that our world team members wrestle at the WC. All rounds, and am comparing the differences that I'm seeing in those that medal, vs. Those that do not. Aside from generational talents of Yazdani and Sadulaev this past tournament getting in the way of two of our superstars, the medalists seem to have a commonality: not just the desire to win, but the unequivocal belief of self that they will win, and handily. Yianni & Green seemingly wrestled apprehensive, yet possess the skills to clearly compete and win at this level. Our medalists wrestled with attitude and determination that exudes confidence. When going against an equally skilled opponent that does not have that level of confidence, the attitude becomes an overwhelming force. Gilman is wrestling with this same determination now. Not just to wrestle to win, but to wrestle to dominate. As such, Gilman is our 57kg rep until proven otherwise, regardless of who tries. He has improved, no doubt, and although Spencer Lee could be formidable, he has the ACL issue, and a lack of recent results that would dictate. Now, Spencer also wrestles with the same determination that I described above, but... one has to first be healthy and in peak condition to leverage this "intangible" to its fullest extent.
  11. I just don't see a Snyder victory in the cards vs. Sadulaev. I hope I'm wrong, but he will need to bring a better game vs Sad than what he brought vs. Goleij.
  12. I hope Goleij isn't a trap match for Snyder.
  13. Zares's backflip is a direct callout of Steveson. Will Gable take the bait? Oh I hope so.
  14. Damn you, that dude be trippin Product of the 90's I presume?
  15. He must have gone Keto...
  16. If Amine comes back and is at 184, Brooks is in trouble...
  17. It's not... as those that are anti-vaccine ARE claiming their science. I'm not taking sides in this fight. I have my vaccination. It affects me not. I'm commenting from the outside looking in. They claim science supports their respective argument, and I'm just commentating on that fact that this IS where we are. To not acknowledge that they are claiming science (i.e. Ivermectin treatment, etc.), then whose argument is akin to flat-earther?
  18. Conflation with absurdity proves nothing, but... ok.
  19. Well... this conversation kinda went the way of the birds... This has clearly become a case where it's now "my science is better than your science" type of situation. Each side is in their corner, citing their "proof" and their "research" as to what's most "right". The truth is always somewhere in the middle. The anti-vaccine folks have their POVs, and probably, some pretty good "truths", as well as "un-truths". The pro-vaccine folks have their POVs, some pretty good "truths", as well as some "un-truths". Either way, we haven't reached herd immunity, but now have two herd mentalities, each opposing each other viciously, yet again. The question is... "Is this about winning" (the argument)? If so, and the other side must abide or "obey", was something actually "won"? Seems to me that there is a lot of sacrificing and a lot of coercion being spoken about, with very little irrefutable science on either side that dictates what is "right". Going back to "my science is better than your science" mantra. This is how this manifests... Without 100% irrefutable proof, sides are taken based on what really boils down to a "belief" in the science The "belief" in the science that one chooses to believe in relies on "faith" Pretty much all religions are "faith"-based, meaning, the people also have to believe in this greater good or power that is bigger than them (which, is also now, the science they've chosen to align towards) As such, since you now must have "faith" in your science... you now hold the science as a sort of religion And that... my friends, are where we're at. The science is the new religion, and we ALL know what happens when we elevate religion and pit them against each other...
  20. It would make a lot of sense to have our NCAA weights mirror the international weights. What would be the logic, besides "that's the way its always been" or "that ain't American" to not align the weights? 10 international weights, 10 ncaa weights.
  21. Was thinking the same thing.
  22. Ok. Thanks for the details. Was a great match!
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