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  1. Agreed. Gable looks to be the class of the USA at this point. If he is, I hope it translates internationally.
  2. I predict Gable by decision as well... Almost a major... However, I want Parris to win. If he doesn't this match, I could very well see Parris / Gable rematch going to Mason.
  3. I'd say that the gap between Zahid and Taylor has closed significantly. I am betting their OTT finals match goes to 3 matches. Hall was just whooped worse than I've ever seen him lose, and this is Mark Hall we are talking about. Personally, I think he's got the HEW. Peaking at age 17 or 18 is tough. He's also clearly too small, and seems like he's got my midsection instead of being a lean machine. Maybe he'll continue to grow into the weight from a strength POV, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's thinking that he should hang them up at this point.
  4. Agreed. This year should be his final year at 57kg. 61kg will better for him and maybe at 65kg he can be more like Nicky He-man in 2024
  5. Moore would normally be a medal contender at 97kg in other years. It's just an unfortunate situation that he's in a weight class with not one, but TWO generational talents in Cox and Snyder, and a truly sport defining talent in Sadulaev.
  6. Hall controlling MyMar the way he did was surprising to me, given the perceived improvement of MyMar the past few years. Regardless, I do believe that Zahid is solidifying his position as #2 behind Taylor at the point. I dont see Hall being able to continuously defend the seemingly constant attacks from Zahid. Suriano can seemingly compete with just about anyone. He's positionally very strong and I wouldn't be surprised in the least if he ends up winning OTTs at this trajectory. If he develops any go to offense at all, oh my. Pantaleo looked real good in his last match. I've really enjoyed his progression and his passion for the sport. I give the JB/Chamizo a 50/50 shot of actually happening. Hope it does, but wouldn't be surprised if the forfeit bug afflicts Frank.
  7. Downey should commit to either MMA or some type of submission grappling at this point. Maybe the punches to the face or repeated blood chokes will introduce some humility to the man and he and his pops can be a bit more respectful and less "villainous". He's a great wrestler, but will never reach his goals if all he wants to do on the side is play mind games and crap antics with his dad.
  8. I just got on track and saw that Decatur forfeited the first round match? Wow...
  9. Either a tremendous troll job attempt or you're really in the dark.
  10. If only the seeding would work out where we could have a Gable/Kerk Semi and a Parris/Cass semi.
  11. In most previous years at Heavy, someone like Cass could or would be considered a favorite. What we're seeing though with these 3 guys in Gable, Parris and Kerk is something very unique and special. I think the favorite, on paper, is Gable. He's demonstrated the separation, at least in Freestyle, for a moment, by beating Gwiz. An hour later, Parris did the same thing, proving that he's on/near Gable's level. Kerk doesn't have recent results to suggest that he's at that level, but based on like opponents, the eyeball test, etc., I highly doubt anyone is willing say that he's NOT at this tier. He's absolutely destroyed those handful of Tier 2 heavies that he's matched up with on those FS / Rokfin events. Who I "think" will win... Gable Who I "want" to win... Parris
  12. Austin O'connor is john snow...
  13. Short answer... no... PSU will not win this year.
  14. My turn... 125 - Lee, Spencer - Because he's Spencer "Freaking" Lee 133 - Fix, Daton - Because he's better than RBY and Desanto 141 - Lee, Nick - I think his offense is too much for Eierman, and Seabass hasn't faced an upper tier 141 yet, thus, I can't possibly conclude that he could beat either. We all are witnessing what's happening to Nashon on the FS circuit. 149 - O'Conner, Austin - He just seems to be more positionally sound and consistent. I think he could blast through the Sasso funk like Bartlett did, neutralizing Sasso's game. 157 - Carr, David - Calling my shot here. This will be the upset of the Tourney, as most think that Deakin or Hidlay are the prohibitive favorites. 165 - Griffith, Shane - Another mild upset. Griffith is the real deal, IMO, and it will be good to see him in action vs. the cream of the crop. 174 - Kemmererererer, Michael - I think he's the champ this year, with Starocci, Massa, Labs, and Romero all "right there" too. 184 - Brooks, Aaron - I think he ends up beating Hidlay or Bolen in the finals. 197 - Amine, Myles - I think he's one of the "locks" that are least likely to make it. I could see Warner, Schultz, Adams, hell... even Sloan or Ferrari putting together a solid tourney. 285 - Parris, Mason - His last win over Gwiz in FS boosted his confidence through the roof. Gable may win Big 10's, but Parris just seems to continue to level up, like Goku does in Dragonball Z/Super.
  15. The dude is literally, on tape, admitting to playing or wanting to play the villain role. Besides, I reject your reality and choose to replace it with my own. :-)
  16. Regarding Gable... karma has a way of coming around. His antics, and his desire to act like the "villain" isn't going to get him anywhere. Whomever said that the sport needs "villains" is barking up the wrong tree. The sport needs heroes. There are plenty of villains on the streets, and in other sports. People LOVE Kyle Snyder and call him Captain America for a reason. He's a likable guy. People LOVE J'Den Cox because he's a likable guy. His story is amazing. People LOVE JB because he's just a good person. If Gable Steveson maintained those "atta boy" or "good person" traits, I'd root for him more. Instead, I'd love to see Parris or Kerk Meet Gable in the Semi's, and BEAT him... just to put him in his place. Parris isn't a villain, and I don't see any signs of Kerk wanting to have such a negative aura around his persona. Wrestlers at these levels... whether you like it or not, are role models for the young, and are eligible for vicarious living by old farts like me.
  17. My order is slightly different: 1. Nick Lee: I think he's the prohibitive favorite at this point. I think Rivera is 3rd... Eierman is 2nd. - NCAA Champ 2. RBY: I think he's 2nd to Fix, and cradles Desanto again. His complete devastation and humiliation of Decatur the other day was impressive, no matter how you slice it. - 2nd Place 3. Brooks: I think he's anywhere from 1-3, but I think Hidlay may be the current favorite. 2nd/3rd, depending on draw. 4. Starocci: He's a superstar ready to burst. But... Can Massa beat him next time? Yep. Could Romero (especially with a solid ankle)? Yep. KemDawg? Yep. He's a definite AA thread, thinking 3rd/5th range. 5. Berge: Convinced he's an AA threat, but in the 5th-8th level. 6. Bartlett: After hanging tough with Slammin' Sammy, wouldn't be surprised in a 5th-8th finish. 7. Nevills: AA threat, but only based on potential draw. 7th/8th/DNP finish 8. Beard: AA threat, but only based on potential draw. 7th/8th/DNP finish 9. Joe Lee: AA threat, but very much an outside threat, given the depth at 165. DNP 10. Howard: Malik isn't an AA (or maybe a fringe AA) and Malik fully controlled Howard in that match. DNP
  18. couldn't find that in a non-authenticated (logged out) state. Searched and searched... :-(
  19. Short Answer... By the skin of his teeth. As a buckeye fan, would rather see GTG give it a go at this point. At least he'll have some spunk getting tech'd or pinned by Parris.
  20. It's taken me MONTHs to get my account back after having been locked out. Good lord that was difficult. Would love to know if there's a way to contact the Administrator to request assistance the next time that happens. It was fine following along all these MONTHS, but damn, that was the least user-friendly process i've gone through. Password reset emails would never make it to my email account, and thus, i was locked in this vicious cycle of not being able to log in. Looking forward to rejoining the chatter. Treep2000
  21. I hire quite a bit. At this point, your undergrad is nearly meaningless. There are community college kids that are more effective and productive than the ivy kids, and I've proven the theory thru my hires. Woods and Griffith should go where it makes sense for them. So long as they have ethic (most wrestlers do), they will be just fine in their job hunts, assuming that's the path.
  22. This just in! On 7.26.20, Pletcher is going to have three matches! Match 1 - Luke Pletcher vs. Kyle Snyder Match 2 - Luke Pletcher vs. Alexander Karelin Match 3 - Luke Pletcher vs. A Kodiak Grizzly Bear named Ralphie
  23. It's a shame, and if folks would like to get into it, then let's play. Logie was probably my favorite wrestler, as a fan, to watch these past 5-7 years. I felt that I perceived a definitive dropoff in production, muscle tone, and overall stamina during this experimental phase where he dabbled with vegetarian/vegan.
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