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  1. "The sport would essentially go to being takedowns and takedowns ONLY, ah la beach wrestling. Yuck." No need to knock another style just because you don't understand it. And beach wrestling is more than just takedowns, so yeah, you don't understand it.
  2. One part of the problem with beach wrestling isn't USA Wrestling, but UWW scheduling the Worlds after the dates for the Nationals are set. UWW keeps pushing up the date of the Worlds, and this has effected more nations than just the U.S. They did do away with the World Team Trials as a separate tournament a year or two after the international weight class expansion, with the Nationals also serving at the WTTs. The best thing USA Wrestling could do to help promote the style is to encourage associate members (the States) to offer summertime beach wrestling. It's been an American style for well over a decade, and really no reason there isn't at least one tourney in every state. Note, beach wrestling was talked about at a recent UWW conference this past week. Anticipating the news, and see what type of modifications may or may not have been made to the style. Something about a Beach Wrestling series though.
  3. A great wrestling documentary, illustrating the similarities between international Beach Wrestling and one of the dozens of sand-based folkstyle wrestling. This movie was made prior to the rule changes on the international style, which has since expanded to three points to win, along with the elimination of the "knee down" rule. If you'd like to take a peek at the listing of beach wrestling events scheduled in 2016 (so far), check out this link. https://www.facebook.com/Sand-Wrestling-179868248782719/events?key=events
  4. Another idea, is to maybe allow the adult divisions to also count towards team points in tournaments, when team points are awarded. I know this doesn't happen at most tournament to begin with, but there have been some. One example I can recall is the now-defunct Michigan charter of AAU wrestling. They had split their season in half during the winter/early spring, with the first half dedicated to scholastic and the second half dedicated to freestyle. The last tournament of each 'half-season' was their version of the State Championship. They offered an adult division in each weekly tournament (which is another thing to bring up, consistency) and the two high school divisions, which didn't start until around noon to allow some of the younger divisions to finish before adding the older divisions. But I don't think they counted the older division towards the team total. Encouraging the inclusion of the older divisions could possibly help attract more adult and high school wrestlers, as the parents, coaches, and siblings (and others) could be encouraged to participate to help those teams. It would also encourage more wrestling clubs to be more welcoming for adult athletes too. Including a Veterans division (for 30 and older, or 35 and older) and counting team points might help too, and allow Veterans to 'double enter' and count their points for the team total in both of the age divisions, to really encourage the coaches and parents to step back on the mat. Of course, this is on the state associations, as they would be the one's with the State Championships. If it works and encourages more experienced wrestlers to join the clubs, it could very well encourage more tournaments to see a bigger incentive to include adult divisions. Not against adding a separate women's division too, or even a "wrestling mom's" division (same age requirement as the Veterans), but see how adding the adult men divisions first and not implement these things too fast. I still just think we are shooting ourselves in the foot by not offering adult divisions in far too many geographical areas. Keep the experienced wrestlers wrestling, which in turn can lead to more opportunities for kids to learn. It might increase the interest of the kids too, as they won't see this sport as ending when they are done with high school, which does discourage too many kids as they near the end of their high school experience. Not to mention closing the door for adults that want to try it for the first time, etc, etc, etc...I could go all day on just listing the benefits of adding an adult division. I will never understand why there aren't more opportunities, when the male athlete aren't biologically in their prime years until they are in the 28-32 y/o range, barring any serious injuries. That alone hurts the image of our sport.
  5. I've seen quite a number of videos about the Sardinia International, always happy to see it when Canadians place. But only because Lutte Canada won't sanction the beach style, ad excited that there are Canadian wrestlers are willing to travel to these international events even without their governing body's backing of the style. I'm going to look at those again, never paid attention to their uniforms. Might be one reason the American women don't come out for the style in large numbers, the idea they must wear bikinis. But I've never heard of a contest that didn't allow for them to wear other types of swimwear that wasn't bikini's or the one-piece. Interesting concept about the Europeans. I've known that their sports teams aren't school associated, but hadn't thought fully how that effects wrestling. Another double-edged sword that we face. Taking it out our schools might increase the opportunities for adults, but could have the reverse effect for the kids. While not all states have this view, but when mentioned I mentioned that I wrestled while living in Georgia, the typical response was, "Isn't that just for kids?" So it would still be a hurdle in number of areas if sport teams were disassociated from the schools. That might never happen anyways, but I wouldn't say it's impossible with the growing trend of 'pay-to-play' sports at the school level, the growing view that sports are a drain on the school's resources, and the growth of sports clubs (all sports, not just wrestling). Even then, a lot of adults who were athletes had their glory days in high school (again, all sports), so that isn't going to be a popular view for quite sometime, if it ever will.
  6. Hahaha, okay WrestlingSuperior. Sometimes the intent of the written word is difficult to decipher.
  7. I will totally agree with that. I've had problem in the past with this very issue, and thank you bringing it up because it's one that has slipped my mind. I tried to have an adult wrestling club for awhile in Virginia, and sometimes had as little as one other person show up and other times a dozen and a half. It was tough to keep interest, cause there were only a few tournaments we were able to go to without driving further than 3 hours. For some areas, it might not be a big issue for local adult wrestlers t spar with the local high school team, but a lot of other areas it is. I lived in Georgia for awhile too, and wasn't even allowed to practice with the college teams unless I was an enrolled student (side question, is that a rule about collegiate teams as a whole, or a school-by-school case?) More opportunities to practice would certainly open the door for more adults to wrestle at the tournaments. I've been bummed out to show up to a local club and there aren't other adults to wrestle with, and the one or two coaches that are there don't really want to spar with you because you might show them up in front of their youth wrestlers. I understand that concern, it can upset the heard, even if I would have let them throw me around, just let me get some mat time in. Great point though Crablegs. It's tough to get the numbers by just getting the local tournaments to give the adults a chance without them also having a chance to prepare for those contests. Another area that I hope we can work on as a wrestling community.
  8. Okay, I'm not talking about Sand Wrestling or Grappling. I'm talking about boosting the numbers of the adult division in ALL styles of wrestling. Including those 2 styles, but also scholastic, freestyle and Greco. I brought up that link because that particular contest was doing something different by offering Police Officers the chance to wrestle without paying the registration fee (I do believe the hosts of that contests is willing to pay the registration costs, but it isn't my contests, so I don't want to speak on their behalf). If I were talking about only those 2 styles (Beach and Grappling), this would be the appropriate forum, as this is the International forum, and those 2 styles are still a part of the "Top 4" International styles. Love a lot of you're post WrestlingSuperior, and maybe I'm just reading you wrong. If we can't talk about an International style (not to mention the major ones), where else would I talk about those styles? Yes, I would agree that women in bikini's wrestling on the sand will boost viewership numbers, if presented the opportunity to be televised. I hate to agree with it though, as it diminishes the hard work that the women put into our sport, but acknowledge that the highest viewed youtube videos when searching for sand wrestling (or beach wrestling) are the ones that really aren't featuring our sport, but featuring girls rolling around in the sand. (Heck, those videos can often dwarf any style of our great sport) The same could be said about the guys divisions though too; many women are willing to tune in to see them (hence movies like Magic Mike and Shades of Grey are successful), and in today's society it's becoming more acceptable to be out if your homosexual (and by all means, I don't want this to turn into a discussion about LGBT issues, for or against). While getting those 'big name' to compete in the Sand style, this style is unique with its own set of rules, and strategy involved. It's kind of the same as suggesting that a 'big name' freestyle Olympian should jump to Greco so that style can boost the numbers too. Not a bad idea, but really the top international wrestlers might be better suited if they focus in on their style and not worry about diversifying the styles. Probably doesn't seem as attractive to them either, that Olympians from other nations have competed at the Beach Worlds, and suffered a loss (or two) to non-Olympians in year's past. The style needs to develop its own stars. But since I wasn't very clear, I wasn't merely meaning Beach/Sand Wrestling. How can we boost the numbers for adult wrestlers? That means ALL styles. It seems that a lot of states either don't offer adult divisions, or very few of them. And when they do (at least for the first time), not many experienced wrestlers come out and it discourages that club or state association from trying again. IMO, that's hurting our sport in terms of participation numbers, even at the youth level. Hope the clarification helps spark a conversation towards what I was trying to get us to chat about, and share ideas and such. :D
  9. I was hoping to get a constructive discussion going, and not going to abandon that hope. Honestly, I'm not sure why local tournaments would throw away the opportunity to raise more money from their tournament by not offering an adult division, not to mention the benefit of keeping the experienced wrestlers active by giving them more opportunities. It also allows the kids to learn from the older wrestlers, and many of those who remain active could very well help with coaching at their local club, even if it's a part-time volunteer. I know some tournaments who try to offer the adult division have low numbers, some even as low as just a handful of athletes (or even sometimes just one). Another idea is to go ahead and place that wrestler with the older high school kids (junior division). The tournament could also not count the matches for the juniors against the adult in the final tournament standings, it would just be exhibition bouts. Any more suggestions? I have a lot of them, and can boost this post for quite some time. But I'm really interested in hearing from others.
  10. I'm curious on what the states and local tournaments are doing to boost their participation numbers in the adult divisions. It's something I feel that we can improve, and we just might be able to help each other out by tossing around ideas that are working, and find out what hasn't been working. One concept that I just found out about... just so we can get the "idea ball" rolling... The North American Beach Wrestling Championships are offering active rescue and police officers the chance to wrestle for free this summer. If anyone wants to find out more about that, they have a facebook page dedicated to the event, which is going on the weekend of June 11th in Virginia Beach. https://www.facebook.com/The-North-American-Beach-Wrestling-Championships-257395911107849/ Any other suggestions? Edited SideNote (after reading the first few comments), I am referring to ALL styles of wrestling, not any particular style, despite the link that helped inspire this post was brought forth from my constant search for the Beach Wrestling style.
  11. There has been a lot going on with Beach Wrestling over the past year, but I agree that should be a better job of spreading the word. Just over a year ago, UWW created an international Beach Wrestling meeting, and UWW board members have been quoted on many occasions that they would like to get this style included into the Games. They also included a Beach Wrestling Pan-Am Championships in 2015, although it wasn't held alongside the rest of the Pan-Ams. More nations are participating every year, and it's starting to grow in South America now too (including the growth of the Brazil Cup). A great change made last January was switching out the touch-rule to takedowns, which is something I've been pestering them for a few years, citing that one objective of Beach Wrestling is to serve as an introductory style to our mat-styles, they should use the same takedown scoring as the mat style. Even though they have made the chance to takedowns, there were still many nations using the touch-rule, which tells us we aren't getting the news of the rule-changes efficiently. Something we need to work on, and something I work hard at trying to help. With that being said, I'm also willing to help clubs who are hosting beach wrestling contests spread the word with the Sand Wrestling website, and this year want to create "facebook events" for all of those contest to help boost the numbers. If anyone has a contest and would like me to spread the word, or have questions about this style, please send me an e-mail at robertteet@yahoo.com. I will do my best to help. And I totally agree about Grappling, we need to do more to get the info out there. The U.S. has been a 5-style country for over a decade now, yet far too many wrestlers don't realize it, which means we are slipping at promoting our sport. If wrestlers don't know about them, then the general population doesn't have a clue.
  12. I hope you do get the chance to check it out, Hurricane. One of the biggest benefits to th beach style is the ability to encourage family and friends to come and enjoy the wrestling action, those people that do not want to spend all day inside of gym. If this continues to grow here in the United States (an I have no reason to believe that it won't), we might just see crazy large audiences like they do in many parts of the world with this style. Give it another 10-20 years, and this style just might be able to set wrestling attendance records that the mat styles just can't compete with. But that is still awhile away, for sure. If UWW continues with their commitment of tweeking beach wrestling and getting it back into the Games, that will def help.
  13. Thought I'd share this, hope it helps encourage more wrestling clubs to plan an outdoor fundraiser for their club next summer. And now is the perfect time to talk with your team about a beach wrestling fundraiser. Please remember, that this does not need to happen at the beach (although the beach is always nice). If your local park has a sand volleyball pit, then your good to go. Best of luck to everyone this upcoming scholastic season! :D
  14. I know that there hasn't been any updates on the USA Wrestling or UWW websites, but I'd like to conratulate 2x U.S. National Champion and 2014 World Bronze medalist, Ike Okoli, on being the first U.S. wrestler to win a gold medal in an officially sanctioned UWW international event. Okoli won the gold medal at the Beach Wrestling Pan-Am Games, which were held last week in Columbia. Canada, Venezuela, Brazil and Colombia were also represented at the Pan-Ams. I hope that Ike can carry this momentum into the Brazil Cup next month, and help motivate other members of the U.S. Team to also earn medals for the U.S. The date of the 2015 World Championships was pushed up, which caused many nations (the U.S. included) to not have ample time to send representatives to this year's World Championships. Instead, this year's U.S. Team will get a chance to make an impact at the Brazil Cup. Despite these events being predominatley countries from the west, I beleive this is a great step in the right direction for the oldest version of mankind's oldest sport to continue to grow here in the western hemisphere, as this style has been dominated by the eastern hemisphere. If you are looking for a star for this style, I believe in Ike. I hope you follow his wrestling journey too, and let's cheer him on as he continues his Beach Wrestling career and possibly be the first American to win the gold at next year's World Championships...actually, let's cheer him on to be the first wrestler to win a gold for the western side of the world. If anyone is interested in tryin to make the 2016 U.S. Team for Beach Wrestling, the qualifier is already set for Carolina Beach, North Carolina on the weekend of May 20th-22nd. There is the unique opportunity for adult wrestlers to qualify for a spot on TWO U.S. Teams, as the Grappling World Team Trials are also that same weekend in Carolina Beach. The 2016 World Championships are tentatively set for September 10-11 in Fazana, Croatia, but there is already discussion about hosting next year's Worlds in Jamaica. We will just have to wait and see, as after the completion of the 2011 World Championships it was being said that the 2012 Worlds was going to take place in Miami, Florida, and that didn't happen. I would love to see it moved to Jamaica, as it would be the first Beach Worlds in the west (all 10 previous World Championships have been in the east).
  15. Just for shoots and giggles, who is the best wrestler to hail from the state of Iowa? There is no right or wrong answer, and write-in candidates are certainly welcomed. But in my dream match, despite being in much differnt eras of wrestling, I would have loved to see Dan Gable go up against Frank Gotch for the title of "Best of Iowa". Dan Gable, the Olympic gold medalist who didn't surrender a single match point on his way to the gold; only having one loss in high school, one loss in college, and one loss on the international level; the most sucessful coach at the collegiate level; a living legend who has a familiar name to people who don't even follow our great sport. Frank Gotch, the first wrestler to put American wrestling on the international map, capturing the pro wrestling heavyweight championship (when pro wrestling was still legitamate); 154-6 career record, not losing a match during the final 7 years of his career; one of the first (possibly the very first) professional athlete to get endorsement deals; helped popularize wrestling to the point that a safer version of wrestling (scholastic) was created for kids, a style that is still practiced today. Two legends, both from Iowa. Who do you have? Is there someone who could upend both of these wrestlers for the title of "Best of Iowa"? It's times like these I really wish there was a wrestling video game; I would play this match over and over. No idea why there hasn't been a wrestling video game, as sports video games have helped every other sport grow in terms of spectators and participants. Wishful thinking, I guess...
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