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  1. Dake still has to win 2 matches to get to JB. Probably Massa or Joseph and then IMar. In past years, I think he wrestled 3 matches and generally got a quick tech in the 1st one, so I don't really think the quantity of wrestling is that different, just the fact that it isn't same day.
  2. Most of his match vs Martin was pretty much the same as when he faced him a Farrell.... Just a bit different ending.
  3. Fix, Yianni, Burroughs/Dake (too close to call), Cox, Snyder, Gable.
  4. Dake will have to wrestle 2 matches the day before. I think in 2016 he had to wrestle 3 so it's really not that different for him this time. After all the hype of KD vs Burroughs, wouldn't it be something if some high upside guy like Mehki upset Dake in the challenge tournament?
  5. If he hasn't wrestled anyone on the list, I just think they would count his Cadet and Junior world titles for something and not stick him at the bottom, but yeah, I suppose they could do that. It would be realee gross (pun intended) to have Lee/Gross as a 12/5 match.
  6. So let's say the 57kg seeds look like this: Fix Gilman Graff Colon Gross Lee Suriano NATO Zane Garrett Cruz Sanders How would the tournament play out? Wild guess with minimal thought: NATO over Zane, Suriano over Garrett, Lee over Cruz, Gross over Sanders Fix over NATO, Gross over Colon, Suriano over Gilman (seems likely to be a 1-1 type match), Graff over Lee (probably an upset to many, even if not by seed) Fix over Gross, Graff over Suriano (would be crazy given they've probably wrestled a lot in the Rutgers room) Fix over Graff Thoughts?
  7. Gross wrestled great today, but even with this result, I think he'll be seeded behind the 4 guys likely to be competing at 57kg who have made a world team (Fix, Gilman, Graff, and Colon) at OTT. Lee and Gross would be the next 2. But yeah, Gross was the 6 seed today and won it.... Certainly possible he could do it again in Happy Valley.
  8. Has it been announced that they are doing Non-Olympic worlds in 2020?
  9. Taylor is the favorite, but honestly I think Dieringer has a solid chance to take 86kg, especially with Taylor still coming off his injury. And while they are both extremely tough, I think Dieringer matches up better with Taylor than Dake anyway.
  10. That bracket works great if there are world medalists on both sides of the bracket. It doesn't work at all with 1. If you just cross out the world medalists on the top but keep the rest of the bracket the same, the 4 seed just has to beat the 5 seed and the 1 seed to make the final. Meanwhile the 3 seed has to beat the 6, the 2, and the world medalist to make the final. I think it's obvious that would be a terribly unfair setup.
  11. If you are asking in terms of byes, I think it will look like this: 57: no byes for anyone. Will wrestle out the tournament and the top 2 will be in the final. Assuming he can make this cut, would have been fascinating to see Graff get bronze so he would have a bye to the semis and would only have to win 1 match to get to the best-of-3 final. 65: same 74: Burroughs will be sitting in the best of 3 final. Dake will be sitting in the semifinal, so he will need to win 2 matches to get to Burroughs Side-note: I still have not seen on this bracket will look. Will the top 2 seeds (besides Burroughs and Dake) be on the opposite side as Dake? I think that's how it should be.... basically treat Dake as the top seed with a bye to the semis, so the next two best guys are like the 2 and 3 seed on the other side of the bracket. If they do it any other way, it will be extremely unbalanced. But there is nothing in USA Wrestling's official document to suggest that is how they are looking at it. 86: Assuming J'den goes up, no byes for anyone. 97: Snyder is sitting the best of 3 final. Cox is sitting in the semifinals, so he will need to win 2 matches to get to Snyder. Same side-note as above applies 125: Wide open bracket So it in interesting no weight will have just 1 Olympic medalist.... 74 and 97 will have 2 and the rest will have 0. So to answer the original question: definitely Burroughs and Snyder. And those 2 will probably face Dake and Cox. But other than that, it is pretty wide open.
  12. Are we even sure Bonne is going to go 61kg? In 2015 he cut to 57kg to try to qualify the weight for the Olympics for Cuba. Not sure if he can make that cut this year, but I wouldn't be surprised if he is at either 57kg or 65kg.
  13. So is this a true statement: If Downey gets knocked our early, we are rooting for Torreblanca to get top 6, because if that happens, then the Cuban will qualify the weight for his country, so he won't be at the Pan Am Qualifier, so it should be easy to qualify the weight there?
  14. Final Standings: bnwtwg 100 rpm002 72 herma48852 61 AZ_wrestling 61 wrestlingnerd 51 Chet 35 cangemi 33 nhs67 15 steamboat_charlie OUT Ragu OUT lu1979 OUT Perry OUT RajaThaiKnee OUT OBXWrestler OUT Mdogg OUT Ragu OUT Wow bnwtwg... 10/10 is SUPER impressive! PM me your Paypal/Venmo and I'll send you a small prize :)
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