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  1. rpm002


    Maybe.... my assumption is that there's a pretty decent gap between the top 3 and everyone else. See, for example, their results against Shields. Massa lost 7-3, the rest won. Actually, isn't it kind of crazy that Shields wrestled all 4 of those Big Ten guys, but Wick-Cenzo, Wick-Massa, Cenzo-Bull, and Massa-Bull haven't happened yet this year?
  2. rpm002


    So I think that's a vote for 1. Bull 2. Wick 3. Cenzo in that scenario? (Unless maybe Wick beats Bull in a semi and then Bull drops another match to someone else).
  3. rpm002


    Say Wick (who will be the 3 seed) beats both Cenzo and the Bull to win Big Tens. How would NCAAs be seeded? Would avenging his only 2 losses and beating Cenzo be enough to make Wick the #1 seed?
  4. rpm002

    FS Rankings

    If Frank was planning to go 70 this year, he wouldn't be at 68 now. Seems clear to me he is going for 65KG this year.
  5. rpm002

    FS Rankings

    Any guesses what the guys listed at 61 and 70 will do? At 61, I could see Megaludis going down to 57kg. I think the rest will stay and honestly, I have no idea what any of them are going to do.... they all seem like tweeners with the new weigh-in rules. At 70, Green has a bye so he'll stay and I'm really not sure if any of the others on the list could ever make 65kg. I could see some of the younger ones going up to 74 since they'll probably be there next year anyway.
  6. rpm002

    FS Rankings

    Agreed. Should have said "McKenna and Eierman also have a good case to be in there."
  7. rpm002

    FS Rankings

    I get what you are saying, but many could have easily said the same about Molinairo in January of 2015.... actually, if someone made a list like this at that time, he almost certainly wouldn't have even been included at all. There will probably be 1-2 similar surprises in 2019/2020.
  8. rpm002

    FS Rankings

    So it has been over 9 months since we've seen a rankings update, so the next one probably won't be until after the US Open (or maybe just before). Here's my top 5 at each weight. I'm sure there are a couple bad omissions here, so please correct me where warranted. 57 Gilman, Fix, Ramos, NaTo, Lee (could flip 4 and 5.... hard to rank them since neither have wrestled free in the last year) 61 Colon, Garrett, Mega, Graff, Morrison (Brewer would probably be 6th given Gross's injury and his win at Schultz.... will be interesting to see what shape Garrett will be in at the Open.... a torn pec is often a 6 month injury and that is almost exactly his time frame) 65 Steiber, Oliver, Zain, Molinaro, Futrell (very hard to rank this weight. Eierman also has a good case to be in there) 70 Green, Chamberlain, Hidlay, Pantaleo, Deakin (some young guns, but seems like one of the weaker weights now with Frank moving down) 74 Burroughs, IMAR, Kulchytskyy, Gnatt, Lewis 79 Dake, Valencia, Dieringer, Hall, Aaron Brooks 86 Taylor, Reenan, Downey, Nickal, Courts 92 Cox, Heflin, Zilmer, Winn, McCall, Dudley (or is Dudley going back down to 86kg? he'd probably be 4 or 5 there if so) 97 Snyder, Gadson, Walz, N Burak, Moore 125 Gwiz, Coon, Nelson, Gable, Varner (Kosoy would be 6th and Dom 7th after the Schultz result)
  9. rpm002

    So what is up with JO?

    Yep, we are 100% on the same page now. Thanks for checking!
  10. rpm002

    So what is up with JO?

    "JO could not have qualified for WTTs at 65 by wrestling in the Schultz at 70." Are you sure that is true? As I read the WTT qualification procedures, the only place where it specifies which weight you qualify for is that returning medalists only get a bye to Final X if they stay at the same weight. I think anyone else can qualify from Schultz/the Open/the Last Chance event at one weight and enter a different one at WTT. Brandon Wright did that last year I believe... was at 61 at the Open, qualified for WTT, but entered that at 65. I believe Graff also did something like that a few years ago.... he was generally at 57, but won the Last Chance event at 61, then went back down to 57 for WTT. I don't see any evidence the rules have changed such that someone could not do that again this year.
  11. rpm002

    Yarygin 2019

    I think Molinaro is the best of the group in neutral defensively, but the worst offensively. He does hit some 4s though, and with good defense, 1 of those per match is often all you need.
  12. rpm002

    70kg - Dave Schultz memorial 2019

    Habat seems like a good sleeper pick. Not sure he can beat the top 2, but could easily see him finishing 3rd or 4th, which is pretty good in this deep of a field.
  13. rpm002

    2019 Dave Schultz Tourney

    Entrants list has been growing... several international wrestlers were just added. http://arena.flowrestling.org/event/d8f246f4-fd34-279d-4f9a-12b51b0daa70 Not sure if this is the final list or not. Online registration seems to be closed, but maybe you can still sign up onsite? 61 KG still looks pretty weak to me, although Samat Uulu, a past Dave Schultz winner at 57kg is in the field. Thought we'd see Graff here... he usually competes at this being from CO and his Twitter suggests he is competing soon, but he isn't on the list yet. So maybe a few more will trickle in.
  14. rpm002

    2019 Dave Schultz Tourney

    Molinaro vs Oliver alone (assuming it happens) is worth the price of admission. 65kg also looks good with Futrell, Wright, Henderson, Meredith, Heil, N Dardanes, and more registered already. 61kg is not as good as I was hoping so far. Brewer is probably the favorite of guys who are in. Colon and Clark are going to Russia, but hoping some of Garrett, Mega, Graff, Gross, Morrison sign up. A couple of those guys were injured, so not sure how many we'll get, but would think at least a couple of them?
  15. rpm002

    2019 Dave Schultz Tourney

    Here's the link, but not many show up as registered at the moment. http://arena.flowrestling.org/event/d8f246f4-fd34-279d-4f9a-12b51b0daa70