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  1. There are usually some surprises (who picked Dennis or Frank in 2016?) so this is hard, but here is my shot. Could easily wind up with just 0 or 1 right. :) 57: Garrett (kind of the forgotten man, but he was wrestling so well last year.... look at his matches with Nico at WTT or especially match 3 of Final X last year) 65: Oliver (don't think he was 100% this year, and he wasn't far behind the top 2) 74: Burroughs (tempting to go in a different direction, but just can't do it) 86: Dieringer (this will seems like less of a surprise after he beats Dake) 97: Cox (think he's defense will not allow Snyder to get much on him.... I see these 2 having 3 extremely tense matches) 125: Gwiz (think Gwiz is a bit underrated for whatever reason... I expect him to medal again this year)
  2. rpm002

    Calling my shot: Graff over Colon

    My call was right, but the series did play out a little bit differently than I expected. Colon made some great adjustments and didn't let Graff get to the outside single that Graff utilized in the 2017 meeting. Graff seemed to actually shoot more doubles than usual, which seems odd given the opponent. And the results in the beginning were mixed. But Graff did a better job of finishing as the series went along. His winning attack in match 3 started as a double, but transitioned to a single, but then just as he finished, he got back on Colon's other leg and quickly transitioned to the leg lace. Very entertaining series and so happy Graff was able to pull it out.... can't think of anyone who deserves the opportunity more.
  3. rpm002

    Final X Pick'em Contest

    Updated standings: bnwtwg 90 rpm002 72 AZ_wrestling 61 herma48852 51 wrestlingnerd 50 cangemi 40 Chet 34 Ragu OUT Mdogg OUT steamboat_charlie OUT lu1979 OUT Perry OUT RajaThaiKnee OUT OBXWrestler OUT nhs67 OUT You can see bnwtwg's awesome entry posted above. He is 9/9 so far. I actually am 9/9 as well, but while I picked Fix and Zain, I didn't make them locks like he did, so kudos for bnwtwg for not only his awesome picks but is confidence to make them all locks. Still, the contest will come down to Dake/Dieringer. If Dake wins, bnwtwg will score a perfect 100 points. if Dieringer wins, bnwtwg will be out and I will be the winner.
  4. rpm002

    Tyler Graff's legacy

    Nice call!!
  5. rpm002

    Calling my shot: Graff over Colon

    Nothing nearly as exciting as your suggestions. "Training partner" made me LOL considering my wrestling experience is significantly lower than just about anyone else on this board. My experience is more in creating sports contests. :) I'm just a big Wisconsin Badger fan who, through the family I married into (my bro-in-law was a smaller school IL state champion), was introduced to wrestling around the time Graff and that group (Ramos, Colon, Brewer, etc) were entering college and really found it fascinating. Always did really enjoy watching Graff wrestle.... from the interviews, etc. I've seen with him, he seems like a really great guy too. Continued following that cohort in freestyle (which I personally like even better). Think I could hardly have picked a more interesting group to follow (which is why I have continued to stick with them all these years).
  6. rpm002

    Calling my shot: Graff over Colon

    Nah, I think this goes both ways. Examples in freestyle that might support your point are Megaludis (although Graff did just beat him) and Escobedo (who beat Graff at WTT in 2015, but Colon beat him that same year). But honestly, I can think there are more examples the other way.... Graff beat Simmons both times they wrestled, Colon never beat him. Graff beat Brewer 4 times (including 2 techs and 1 pin), but Brewer teched Colon. Graff beat Kindig in 2016, but Kindig beat Colon in 2017. Graff beat Wright in their only meeting, but Wright beat Colon in 2017.
  7. rpm002

    Final X - Lincoln

    Fix in 3 - All 3 matches will be close. This is the only one of the 5 where I wouldn't be surprised at all if it went the other way. Graff in 2 - As detailed in my other thread, I think this is a favorable matchup for Graff. Green in 2 - Deakin was underrated going into the Open, but Green will make adjustments and get the W. Burroughs in 3 - Not sure why, but have a strange hunch IMar will sneak out a match somehow. But don't see Burroughs losing this in Lincoln. Snyder in 2 - Different year, same result.
  8. rpm002

    J'Den "Lion Slayer" Cox

    This is correct. After losing to Synder, Cox won a consi semi vs. Michalak 4-1. But he is badly hurting a the end of it, to the point that he asked the ref to raise his left arm because he can't lift his right one. He then injury defaulted out of the 3rd place match. https://www.flowrestling.org/video/5516272-97kg-c-jden-cox-missouri-wrestling-foundation-vs-wynn-michalak-titan-mercury-wrestling-club-2mp4
  9. rpm002

    Calling my shot: Graff over Colon

    This might be the best match to look at to understand Colon's strengths and weaknesses. Brewer wins 20-10; he scores a variety of different ways, but note where Colon's points come from. All 10 are on counters. 2 times in the match, Brewer shoots double leg attacks.... on both, Colon counters with his chest wrap and turns the situation into 4 for himself. Colon also is able to fight from off his butt to flip Brewer and expose him after being taken down. Note that Brewer is able to get 4 takedowns off of single leg attacks, including 3 in the second period (after he seems to have figured out what will/won't be effective vs. Colon).
  10. rpm002

    Final X - Lincoln

    It got buried by all the Final X Rutgers threads, but I detailed why I'm taking Graff over Colon here:
  11. NLWC prioritizes Taylor. Nickal potentially getting a bye to the finals of Olympic qualifying at Taylor's weight would cause all sorts of headaches and messiness (think along the lines of the Ramos vs. Dennis aftermath, only tweak that scenario such that Ramos was coming off a world title and played a big role in putting Iowa on the wrestling map) that NLWC doesn't want to deal with. Personally I think it is as simple as that.
  12. rpm002

    Final X Pick'em Contest

    8. Updated standings: bnwtwg 40 rpm002 31 AZ_wrestling 30 herma48852 21 wrestlingnerd 20 Chet 12 cangemi 10 nhs67 Out steamboat_charlie Out Ragu Out RajaThaiKnee Out Mdogg Out lu1979 Out Perry Out OBXWrestler Out
  13. I'm pretty surprised the Flo guys and 80% of pickers in the final X pool are taking Colon over Graff. Personally, I think Graff is quite likely to win this matchup. Here's why: First, here is the history of Colon vs Graff: They met 3 times in their senior years in college. Colon won 6-0 in a dual at UNI, Colon won 6-3 in the Midlands semifinals, and Graff won 6-4 in the NCAA semifinal. Then they met in 2017 in the Dave Schultz semifinals, where Graff won 11-0. In both folkstyle matches Colon won, he turned Graff from the top position twice and also got a riding time point. In the NCAA semi, Colon got 2 escapes and 2 stall points from the top position. And obviously in the freestyle matchup, Colon didn't score. There's two big things to note. First the trendline is clearly in Graff's favor.... he's done better against Colon each time. But even more critically: Colon has 0 career takedowns vs. Graff in their 4 matchups (vs 5 for Graff)! Now let's go to the tape from their 1 freestyle match-up: Graff gets 2 takedowns, one at the 3:06 mark and one at the 4:45 mark of the video. They are very similar and classic Graff single-leg attacks where he gets the leg, but keeps his body away and to Colon's side. This is the best way to attack Colon If you get between his legs (as Nico often does and Graff did at the 2:07 mark of this video, without success) or go for double legs (like Garrett often does), you leave yourself vulnerable to Colon's world-class chest wrap. But swing singles are what Graff does and that is the best possible type of attack to have in your arsenal vs. Colon. Obviously if Colon does somehow get on top, his gut wrench is very dangerous. But Graff's par terre is quite good as well and given the history between the two, he is the more likely to get a chance to use it. The Flo guys haven't really gone into much detail but seem to be picking Colon with confidence because "Graff is inconsistent". But in the time since getting teched by Graff above, Colon has losses to Wright, Kindig, Brewer (by tech), Garrett twice (the 2nd being a tech in the first 90 seconds), and Suriano. So I don't really see one guy as much more consistent than the other. Both have had their share of big wins and tough losses. The bottom line is the way to beat Colon is to clear ties to stay out of trouble (avoid double unders), don't take bad shots that Colon will counter, but instead selectively choose your spots to take single leg attacks. Graff did this previously and his SKWC counterpart Suriano just did it against Colon as well. Styles make fights and I think this Graff's style matches up very well and with Colon and he will prevail and advance to Worlds.
  14. rpm002

    Final X Pick'em Contest

    Registration is now closed. We have 15 entries. Good luck to all! Breakdown from most confident to least (excluding Downey, which I am taking as 10 points for everyone) Snyder over Gadson (picks: 15-0, locks 14-0) Burroughs over IMAR (picks 14-1, locks 13-0) Cox over Bo (picks 13-2, locks 12-0) Green over Deakin (picks 13-2, locks 11-0) Colon over Graff (picks 12-3, locks 5-2) Fix over Gilman (picks 11-4, locks 4-2) Yianni over Zain (picks 10-5, locks 7-1) Dake over Dieringer (picks 10-5, locks 4-3) Gwiz over Gable (picks 8-7, locks 6-2)
  15. rpm002

    Final X Pick'em Contest

    Repost, FYI