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  1. Last match will be Yaz vs Taylor for the team title. No idea who wins.
  2. MyMar vs Taylor at Bill Farrell in Iowa would have been great, but did David show up..... Nope. Probably he was too old and/or couldn't make weight. LOL
  3. 57 correct 61 didn't see Gross's run coming, although in fairness, it almost never got started! 65 dead on that Hendo was dangerous... Just didn't realize how dangerous! 70 nailed both! 74 correct 79 was right the Starocci/Marsteller match was one to watch and the winner would be dangerous. Cenzo shocking Alex again I did not see coming. 86 right finalists, but was wrong in thinking the final would be competitive 92 correct 97 right finalists, wrong winner 125 correct on all counts Overall I'll take it!
  4. To go further, here are my Final X predictions (although they are less interesting/crazy): Gilman Fix Yianni Oliver Dake (Nolf might take a match) Burroughs (tough call though... I fully expect 3 epic matches) Taylor Cox Snyder Gwiz
  5. 57 Vito cruises 61 How did Mendez get the 4, when he lost to #6 and hasn't faced any of the top 5? Gross will beat him in a 5 over 4 "upset. The last 2 WTTs that Nico was healthy, he ran into Graff (each winning once) I'll say they do again and it will go 3 matches 65 The 8/9 winner upsets Maple. Yianni and Lee will advance to Final X 70 Oliver and Zain advance to Final X 74 Nolf cruises 79 Dieringer over the Starocci/Marsteller winner 86 No upsets here.... Hall/Zahid get to the best of 3 and will go 3 matches 92 Jackson pulls it out 97 Macchiavello over Moore 125 Gwiz vs Zilmer, I think, although if Bradley beat Zilmer, I wouldn't be stunned.
  6. rpm002


    Twitter says Young is going 65, so that would likely make the seeds: 1) Nico 2) JoshRod 3) Graff 4) Gross 5) Mendez 6) Deshazer 7) Kramer 8) RBY if he shows. Flo has Gross over Graff for the 3 seed.... they have eerily similar resumes (both lost to Fix and Carter Young last year, won Farrell, lost in semis and defaulted out at US Open). Graff gave Fix a much better battle, but Gross was closer vs. Young and lost to Nico rather than JoshRod, so it could go either way. Thinking Graff gets it because he has made a world team fairly recently and beat more guys at this weight (teched Kramer and pinned Deshazer) recently. And it is kind of a big deal because I think whoever gets that 3 will get to the final.
  7. rpm002


    USA Wrestling site lists NATO at 57 not 61. If that is right, Graff/Gross almost has to be the 4/5 matchup, which will be fun. The 2/3/6/7 side of the bracket looks much easier, but 2 and 3 beat Graff (and 3 beat Gross) so there's really no other option.
  8. rpm002


    Everyone on here underestimated Nico. No Wright upset, Gross couldn't do anything against him, and then he took care of business in the final as well. Hindsight is 20-20, but his international tournament performance should have been a clue he is back to form or perhaps better than ever. Seeding at 61 for WTT should be something like: 1) Nico 2) Nato 3) JoshRod 4) Young 5) Graff 6) Gross 7) Mendez 8) Deshazer 9) RBY if he shows. If that's right, Nico better be ready for RBY because that is a tough first match.... Kind of brings back memories from a few years back of 1 seed Graff vs 8 or 9 seed Gilman (Gilman won the QF 1-1 on criteria and went on to win WTT and World Silver).
  9. SInce the point of the tournament is to finish in the top 7 and qualify for WTT, thought this was interesting: the way the bracket fell, between Kramer, Mack, Tagg, and whoever loses between Wright/Mega, only 1 can finish in the top 8.
  10. Graff vs Tagg round 2. That will be one to watch and I expect whoever wins that to win 2 more and make the final.
  11. So you are basically saying no one is going down to Stillwater and knock off Fix 2 out of 3? I would agree Fix is a clear favorite but not sure I'd go so far to say it is apparent no one can beat him. Let's at least see how these guys look at the Open and WTT.
  12. Gross just wrestled 65kg at Farrell and said he might stay there because he's grown so the cut is very hard for him. Graff was around 65kg when he wrestled Beka in the QFs at worlds.
  13. Thought about weigh ins in relation to Gross. If he was in the finals vs Nico I think he would win, but in the semis when he has to make 61 again the next day I'm not sure how big he can get. Gross vs Graff in the final would be interesting.... They would both be *way* over 61 at the time the match is wrestled.
  14. If Gross went up to 65, does he get a seed at that weight, or does he have to go unseeded? If he does get a seed, what would it be? Obviously top 4 but not sure exact what it would be.
  15. Trivia time: how many Sr. MFS wrestlers who are registered for the US Open have won the (Senior level) US Open before? Could be missing someone, but I believe there are only 5 based on the current list of entrants.
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