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  1. I've also noticed that most of our wrestlers who win Pan-Ams usually face a Cuban wrestler somewhere along the way.... ;)
  2. Actually he wanted a 2-1 match. :/
  3. Tevanyan is going to win gold. Yianni should get a medal though unless he gets a terrible draw.
  4. I would say Taylor. Maybe this is recency bias but the difference between Taylor in his biggest moment (finding a late takedown to beat a truly great opponent) and Dake in his biggest moment (getting thrown on his head and tech-smashed) is just so big that even though there is a lot of other stuff in Dake's favor, it can't overcome this. I feel like if Dake would have lost in the Olympics in a 7-5 match it would be easier to make a case for him, but since it was 11-0, not so much.
  5. My order is different: Cox, JB, Taylor, Dake, Snyder, Gilman, Fix, Yianni, Green, Gwiz
  6. Megaludis did that his last couple years of competing.... Had a day job in finance.
  7. Another example is Tyler Graff. They said he would never break through, but at age 30, he made a World Team, won 3 matches at World's, and gave the eventual World champion his closest match of the tournament.
  8. I'm not saying Downey should be a high seed. . I'm just saying that in the seeding meeting where they compared the wrestling resumes of Pat Downey and Mickey O'Malley, there is no reasonable objective criteria that would lead one to seed O'Malley higher, yet that is what they did.
  9. NATO went 0-3 in Poland and earned the 6 seed in a 12 man field.
  10. I don't think it is a joke at all. What other justification is there to make a 2019 WTTer the 13 seed?
  11. It will likely be low scoring, but I think Nato has a shot to pull the upset over the guy who I think most consider the favorite. Usually if the tournament favorite is in a close match with a minute to go in the quarters, most people would find that interesting and that is a very real possibility here.
  12. Assuming the top 8 seeds hold, this bracket is awesome.... the quarterfinals in particular look stellar: Colon/Garrett is always terrific, and Fix/Gross and Suriano/Nato are interesting style matchups that I don't think we have seen before. Suriano got a good draw because he has beaten Colon and Garrett before, so unless Nato can pull the upset, seems like he is in a good spot to come out of the bottom half. Graff should make the top half semi, but I think Fix and Gross are both challenging matchups because they are both very strong at countering leg attacks (which Graff loves to take), so he'll need to find a way to finish quickly (or get his par terre game going?) to make the final to face his old training partner 2 out of 3 for a trip to the WTT.
  13. It is weird since he is going to be the #1 seed, but absolutely no one is taking Graff at 61kg, so that is my upset pick. Also, really hoping to see a Graff/Gross matchup at some point in this tournament. I'm from Wisconsin, so I like the Badger vs Badger aspect, but also just the style matchup of two high-volume shooters would be a lot of fun.
  14. Given the WTT is right on the heels of an Olympic quad, seems like we are likely to see some guys decide to retire at WTTs (if they lose). To be clear, I'm definitely not predicting any of these, but a few who might be possible would include: Colon, Sanders, Bradley. Others?
  15. Yup. So backups are Vito/NATO, Burroughs/Nolf, Nickal/Zahid, and Moore/Gadson.
  16. With Vito out, Flo projects: Tyler Graff Daton Fix Joe Colon Seth Gross Nick Suriano Nathan Tomasello Shelton Mack Nahshon Garrett I don't really get Fix over Colon. Colon is a world medalist at his natural weight class and was 2nd at this weight last time. Fix is coming up. They have never met. Both made the semis of the OTT at 57kg, but Colon lost to the eventual champion and bronze medalist. Just not seeing a good reason to seed Fix higher. Also not sure Nato should be that high. He did beat Garrett in 2019, but that was a couple years ago and at 57kg so not sure it is super relevant at this point. I guess after the top 5, there's probably a lot of ways to seed the next several guys that would be defensible.
  17. I mean, sort of. I guess I would be charitable and assume the Chael meant D1 AAs that have upper-body attacks as a significant part of their arsenal, not D1 AAs that got there almost 100% through having great leg attacks (like Graff).
  18. Perhaps he wasn't sure if he wanted to move up to 61kg? I don't think he's ever competed at anything above 125lbs/57kg in the past 3 years... maybe he just wants to focus on that weight class?
  19. Colon has to be above Gross due to their OTT result. You are probably right that Colon/Suriano was too long ago to count for much. I don't think they will punish Graff. He is a 61kg guy and couldn't go up or down. What 61kg event did he not enter that he should have? He has to be above Colon and Colon's only recent domestic losses are to Gilman I believe so keeping them 1/2 makes sense. So maybe it's Graff, Colon, Vito, Fix, Gross, Suriano, Garrett? Any way you slice it there are going to be sick QF matchups in this bracket. I think the 1 seed does matter in this bracket because to me those 7 should clearly be the top 7 seeds and they are a cut above any of the others (although both NATO and Zane have past wins over Graff so who knows....)
  20. Graff will be #1 seed. He won this weight the last time it was contested and has no domestic losses since, so I think that has to stand. After that I have no idea... very difficult to seed. My best guess: 1) Graff 2) Suriano 3) Colon 4) Vito 5) Fix 6) Garrett 7) Gross 8) Mack 9) NATO 10) Richards Nico would also probably in the mix there somewhere if he registers. Guys like Lizak and DeShazer are interesting too... such a fun weight!
  21. I agree entirely. Whoever wins between Burroughs and Dieringer will medal is Oslo and may well win gold.
  22. 61: Graff over Fix (but there's about 10 guys who could win this class and I wouldn't be shocked) 65: Yianni over McKenna 70: JO over Green 79: Dieringer over Burroughs 92: Cox over Moore 125: Gwiz over Bradley
  23. He beat Graff the last time they wrestled...
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