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  1. IMO, 57 is not that bad now and will only get better next year.  Ramos is very solid with room to continue to improve and there is a good mix of experience (Simmons and Angel) and youth (Colon, Graff, Hoch) behind him.  


    On a somewhat related note, I am sad that we haven't gotten to see Graff vs Ramos or Colon in freestyle.  Graff has swept Simmons, split with Angel, split with McD, and beaten some decent international guys (I think he's the only American to beat Syuryun, and that includes Haze in his prime)... will be interesting to see when he crosses paths with those two... seems like it is just a matter of time.  Not that he'd be the favorite, but if you told me Ramos dropped a match to an American in the next year, I'd guess that Graff was probably the guy who beat him.

  2. Just wanted to get some discussion going for this weekend. Here's my two worthless cents, feel free to throw in your own.


    57: Ramos was the surprise world teamer last year who is surprising nobody this year. He seems to be getting better and better each time out while gaining more and more confidence. That said, it's not like he has put a ton of distance between himself and the pack, and it's a deep and talented pack at 57. He needed a couple come from behind wins to secure his first Open title, so it's not like he's completely untouchable domestically just yet. On the other hand he has the advantage of sitting out until the best of 3 finals and I think a fresh Ramos will be tough to beat twice for whoever survives that challenge tournament.


    Ramos is the safe pick for sure, but an upset isn't out of the question. The question is, who could be the one to upset him? Hochstrasser was a few seconds away from doing just that at the Open. Colon was pretty close too, and he does have a win over Ramos in college. Nick Simmons is a tough style matchup for anyone at this weight given his height and funky style, and he has reached the bronze medal match at the worlds. His Hawkeye training partner McDonough is no slouch and has been right there with the best of them at this weight domestically and has a bronze medal at the University worlds to his credit. Tyler Graff could be the upstart here, he's big for the weight, very talented, very good at freestyle and coming off a University national title. Angel Escobedo, like Simmons, has reached the bronze medal bout at worlds, but injuries have really derailed him over the years.


    I think any one out of Hoch, McDonough, Graff or Colon could emerge from the challenge tournament, and any of them could give Ramos fits, maybe even take a match from him. My money will be on Graff, who will be looking to avenge some narrow defeats in college. My head tells me to pick Ramos and deep down I think he will be the guy, but it's no fun to pick all favorites all the time, so I'm going with Graff to be the surprise representative at 57.

    I'm a huge Graff fan.  The problem is that because of 2 close losses in the US open, he is going to have to win 3 brutal matches (probably McD, then Hoch, then Simmons/Colon) just to make it to the final.  I'd LOVE to see him beat Ramos but asking him to run through that and then take 2 out of 3 from Ramos is pretty tough.

  3. I don't think we will know until weigh-ins, because wrestlers have the right to wrestle at different weight class than the one at which they qualified (Graff qualified at 61kg but will almost certainly be wrestling at 57kg...not sure if there are others in a similar boat or not).


    For 57kg, I would be surprised if it was anything except this:


    (1) Hochstrasser vs (8) Pataky

    (4) McDonough vs (5) Graff

    (2) Simmons vs (7) Perrelli

    (3) Colon vs (6) Escobedo


    If I'm right, there are some fascinating rematches there in the 1st round :

    -Graff led McD 6-0 in wrestle-backs at the US Open but Matt came back to win 6-6

    -Perrelli was beating Simmons 11-4 late in the 1st period Dale Schultz tournament, but suffered an injury and was not allowed to continue

    -Escobedo beat Colon 9-9 at Dale Schultz.  Of course, Colon beat him in a pretty dominating 4-1 win at the US Open.

  4. I guess because he beat the only ranked wrestler who did meet the criteria, Jason Welch, at the U.S. Open?  That's my only guess; he definitely didn't meet any of the criteria listed.



    I don't think Welch did meet the criteria.  He finished 3rd in the challenge tournament of WTT last year, so that means he really finished 4th.


    Out of curiosity, did anyone qualify for wild-card consideration this way who hadn't qualified already for WTTs?


    2. Champion from a Senior-level North American or Pan American United World Wrestling International competition from May 1, 2013 up to the 2015 World Team Trials


    I doubt he will be chosen, but I think it could apply to Sanders at 57KG too... he won Pan Am in 2014.


    Out of curiosity, did anyone qualify for wild-card consideration this way who hadn't qualified already for WTTs?


    2. Champion from a Senior-level North American or Pan American United World Wrestling International competition from May 1, 2013 up to the 2015 World Team Trials



    On another thread someone suggested it might apply to Pico.

  7. 57: Tough one.  Escobedo?  Hazewinkel?  (is Haze healthy?)  Maybe Tomasello gets a look?  He had a respectable performance at US Open

    61: Kennedy

    65: ?

    70: Martinez?

    74: ?

    86: Foster

    97: Gadson?  Is anyone else eligible?

    125:  Coon is the only name I can think of who would be eligible. 

  8. So it is impossible for both Kennedy and Pico to qualify, unless one of them wins Northern Plains?


    Probably a moot point since it appears Pico intends to wrestle Juniors, however it is interesting.


    Correct.  And even though Pico won Henri Deglane and therefore would be eligible to be considered for the wildcard, I am pretty confident Kennedy would get the wildcard over Pico.  So if I am right, Pico would need to win Northern Plains.  But as you say, not sure he has the interest at this time.

  9. Hawk, that is interesting. I was under the impression that it was a set 7 man bracket (with one guy getting a bye to the finals). If true (and you're usually on the money), I'm glad.


    For one, bigger brackets gives us more to watch, haha. But more importantly, it gives our younger athletes more exposure to the top senior guys domestically.


    The criteria changed a lot this year.  It is a much smaller field in past years.  Top 5 in US open (winner gets bye to final except Burroughs get it instead of Taylor), NE region champ, Northern Plains Champ and a max of 1 wild card.  That's all.  In 2014 there were MANY more ways to qualify but that is no longer true.


    Having said that, it isn't a set 7 man bracket either.  As was discussed in another thread, Graff could win the Northern Plains at 61kg but compete in trials at 57kg.  Some weights will have a wild card and others may not.  And 74kg is bigger because Burroughs is qualified even though he didn't meet any of the criteria above.  So should be 5-8 man brackets and the winner faces the US Open winner/Burroughs.  

  10. As one would expect, both Dan Mitcheff and Tyler Graff (who finished 6th and 7th at the US Open at 57kg, respectively) signed up for Northern Plains Regional to try to qualify for the World Team Trials.


    Not sure if it was to avoid Mitcheff (who beat him in Las Vegas and also beat him in the 3rd place match of the 2014 US Open, both in close matches) or because he is planning to move up or some other reason, but interestingly, Graff signed up for the event at 61kg. 


    By my reading of the rules, if Graff qualifies for WTT by winning this event, he would be free to go back down to 57kg at the WTT.  That would sure make for a loaded field for the right to face Ramos:


    (1) Hoch

    (4) McDonough vs (5) Mitcheff

    (2) Simmons vs (7) Pataky (AKA "I won the NE Regional and all I got was put into this uncomfortable spladel") :)

    (3) Colon vs (6) Graff


    Note that Graff beat Colon in the NCAA semis and pinned Simmons at the Dave Schultz tournament a couple months back, so this actually might not be the worst bracket for him.  He'd have the home crowd behind him in Madison, if he is able to qualify.


    I'm sure some Iowa fans will not like me saying this, but if they catch him on a bit of an off day, any of the top 6 would have a legit shot against Ramos IMO. 

  11. A couple questions:


    1) is it basically a given that there will be a wild card at every weight? Like at 57kg, will mitcheff or Graff probably get it? Or might they say no one is good enough to deserve it?


    2)when is the deadline to sign up for the northern plains regional? Can wrestlers who finish 6th or 7th or 8th just sign up now and show up next weekend? Or does it not work like that?

  12. Not a real surprise, but it's still cool to see Adam Coon registered for both freestyle and Greco. On that note was looking for Dake's name in either or both styles. Nothing yet.


    Loved that skit too. How true.


    Dake won't be there.  The one exception to what I said above is if you win the NE regional, then you are automatically in the Trials.  Dake did that so he is qualified and doesn't need to show up, especially if he's coming off injury.  He was the only big name that went that route, but there were some other notable guys who did the same and will be in Madison (Joey Lazor, Jayson Ness, David Zabriskie, Connor Medbery).  I'm surprised more guys ranked in the 7-8 range in their weight class didn't go this route, because it is going to be  bloodbath to try to get those top 5 spots at the US Open.


    Note there is also one more tournament the weekend after US Open where the winner gets a bid to Trials.  

  13. Everyone who is healthy besides Dlagnev  and Burroughs will almost certainly be there.  The rules have changed and there are only a max of 8 spots per weight (excluding those 2 guys) at the Olympic Trials this year.  5 of those 8 spots are determined by this event.  It will also be key to determining seeding at Trials. In this past this was not true because there were so many ways to qualify and a bigger field at Trials, but this year, there is all the incentive in the world to compete in the US Open this year.

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