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  1. 2 minutes ago, Silhouette94 said:

    Isn't anyone going to give Kadimagomedov credit?  He clearly scouted Dake and how to best counter the body lock, he even did a great job getting the extra 2 for exposure

    In addition to not want to seem harsh towards his rival, I think that's the reason JB was so quiet on the telecast during this matchup.  As he saw that match unfold, I think all he wanted to run out of that studio and rewatch the tape 100 times to figure out what the Belarus wrestler did and how he can learn from it.

  2. 25 minutes ago, Sublime607 said:

    Just like the great Jordan Burroughs once said "all I see is gold". Seeding doesn't mean much if that's the ultimate goal.

    That's not true.  Assume there are great wrestlers and bad wrestlers.  A great wrestler beats a bad wrestler 95% of the time, but if 2 great wrestlers face each other, their odds of winning are each 50-50.  

    Say there is an 8 man bracket with 5 wrestlers who are great and 3 wrestlers who are bad.   4 of the great wrestlers are all drawn on the same side and the 5th great wrestler is on the other half of the bracket with the 3 bad wrestlers.  The great wrestler with the lucky draw has over a 45% chance to win gold.  The other great wrestlers have a 12.5% chance to win gold.  That's a big difference!

    Now, in real life, it may not be quite this extreme because generally matches aren't truly 50-50.... someone is a little bit better.  But there are certainly a lot of matches where on any given day, either guy is capable of winning.  There is also the luck that goes along with officials' decisions, etc.  So it probably doesn't matter quite as much as this theoretical example would suggest,  it does make a difference.... it is easier to beat 1 elite wrestler than 3!


  3. On 5/28/2021 at 12:29 PM, Gantry said:

    I'm curious why we even sent our Olympians here given the quality level is so low.  Don't see what they would get out of this compared to a tournament like Poland, seems like an injury risk for little gain. 

    Seeding points for Worlds in Oslo is the main reason.  I think most of the Olympians will be in Poland as well.

  4. See if you can get either of these without looking up the answer.  The additional details provided in question 2 might help you to guess the answer to question 1.

    1) In 2017, 6 of 8 US wrestlers in MFS earned a medal at Worlds.  Which 2 MFS wrestlers represented the US that year but did not medal?

    2) In 2014, the 2 wrestlers who are the answer to question #1 competed in NCAAs at the same weight.  Surprisingly, neither of them were the #1 seed in their bracket.  Who was?

  5. Guessing some guys like Green, Cox, Graff might try to do both Yarguin and the Poland Open in early June (the latter is a Ranking tournament that would help with seeding in Oslo).

    The Pan Ams without Cuba (none are listed as having entered) doesn't really seem like much of an event.

  6. 14 hours ago, LJB said:

    just thought i would bring this back from the dead as i have been recently resurrected myself...

    talking to high placed coaches for the national team at trials and i was told it was definitely a weight issue for cox and KJ was throwing himself on his sword fighting for his athlete...

    anything i might have said or intimated about KJ, i take back... he was willing to do whatever for his athlete...

    this is all on cox...

    Wait, you are telling me that highly placed coaches with USA Wrestling are putting forward the version of the story that makes their fellow coach look good and makes the controversial decision USA wrestling made more justifiable?  Shocking!

    There are widely reported facts here... We know Cox arrived at the arena at 7:21AM, that the scales were scheduled to close at 8AM, and that Cox made weight at 8:13AM, but this was deemed to be too late, so he was not able to wrestle.  Given those facts, I don't see how anyone can conclude anything other than that Cox could have made weight easily if he had arrived a little bit earlier.  The part that we don't know is why Cox  showed up so late... was there a genuine scheduling mix-up or was Cox overconfident regarding how quickly he could cut the weight he needed to cut (or maybe a bit of both).  That's the question that would be interesting to have more information on, but obviously it can't be said that Cox had some huge weight problem given he did in fact make weight just minutes after the deadline.

  7. Seems like this Oliver/Gadzhiev match is pretty much guaranteed to be a nail-biter.  Today Oliver won 5-4 and 3-3 and Gadz won 4-2, 2-1, and 2-1.  

    At 70kg and Worlds in 2019, Gadz won world bronze winning matches 4-2, 4-3 (over Green), 3-3, and 3-2.  His one loss was 5-2 to Baev (who won gold and won all his other matches by 6+ points).

  8. A point I don't think anyone on this thread made.... the competition was stronger at the non-Olympic weights because those winners (as it turned out, Mack, Green, Lujan, and Jackson) will represent the US at Pan-Ams.  For that reason, I'm a little surprised we didn't see a couple more threats at 61kg like Graff or Gross here..... Pan-Ams is a great place to get some easy seeding points, so if you win here and win Pan Ams and then become the rep, you have a great chance of getting seeded at Worlds (especially Graff, who already has some seeding points from the tournament in Rome). 

    One theory is that since Pan Ams is very close in time to the Poland Open, which is also a seeded tournament, it would be a challenge (and a crazy amount of travel) to attend both.  I could see Graff (who has won Pan Ams a couple times before) thinking there is more to be gained by wrestling a much stronger field in Poland and getting his hands on some top 61kg guys vs teching some Ecuadorians and Bolivians in 42 seconds, even if he may not earn as many seeding points.

  9. 3 hours ago, lu_alum said:


    Wiki only lists Senior FS records. Did Dake and Taylor wrestle in the 2006 Cadet tourney? I couldn’t find any brackets (or summaries for the NY kids). It is possible that Taylor placed 1st without meeting Dake.

    This article states they met and Dake scored a 5 point throw on Taylor, but Taylor still won the match.  Wonder if some parent has a grainy old recording of that.... Would be neat to see!


  10. 7 hours ago, uncle bernard said:

    Perry at OTT's right? That was a wild match. Dake had to score late to take that one iirc.

    Correct.  Perry was ahead for most of the match (even with a 2 he was originally awarded being reversed and given to Dake in the 1st period)  Dake pulled ahead in last minute and was able to add one more takedown in the closing seconds to seal it.

  11. 17 hours ago, jross said:

    Put the weigh-in incident aside for a moment... Put yourself in the shoes of Coach Zadick and assume you are all powerful for team selection.  Your goal is to identify the USA rep for 97kg and you will put together a mini trial that includes Cox.  How would you do it?

    • Moore and Gadson both earned spots on the National Team.  That must remain the same.  They should not lose those spots but they also should not be given an opportunity to be the Olympic rep.  Gadson lost to Walz and Moore decisively lost to Synder twice.  It is clear they should remain in their current position.
    • Cox should get a chance to prove he is worthy of being the Olympic rep, but he must be given a harder path than his prior path of 2 matches he is heavily favored followed by a best 2-out-of-3 with Snyder.
    • Therefore, the best solution is as follows:
      • Cox and Synder wrestle 3 matches
        • If Snyder wins any 1 of the 3, he remains the Olympic rep and Cox is not on the National Team
        • If Cox wins all 3, he is the Olympic rep and USA Wrestling has 4 members of the National team at 97kg
    • This is a big advantage for Synder vs having to face Cox in a 2 out of 3 situation.  Note that using these rules, both Dake (2016) and Taylor (2017) would have made the National team over Cox.  
    • So Cox is significantly punished (if you assume he has a 50% chance of beating Snyder and an 80% chance of beating anyone else, his odds of making the team drop from 32% at OTT vs 12.5% in this arrangement), but if he can prove in 3 straight matches he is clearly the best guy at 97kg, he gets an opportunity to make the team, which I think at this point is all he could ask for.

  12. At 61kg, no one has mentioned Megaludis.  He had ACL surgery in September, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him at 61kg.  Not sure why people forget about him.... he has made 2 National teams and his last time out he retired Tony Ramos and honestly outwrestled WT rep Graff for the last 5 minutes of the match but couldn't get all the way out of the 6-0 deficit he fell into right off the bat. 

    No idea who comes out of this, but throwing Graff, Garrett, RBY, Gross, and Mega and probably a few others (Colon?, Suriano?, Brewer?) all together sounds like a lot of fun.   


  13. 7 hours ago, drag it said:

    Moreover, the ramifications of accepting the Cox argument are terrible.  Say Cox had made weight and wrestled.  Then in the third match with Snyder, he was tied 4-4 with a minute to go, Snyder with a 4 point move and Cox with 4 pushouts. KJ yells, "you're winning, don't take any chances."  Cox doesn't shoot and loses 4-4. We know that's a plausible scenario, don't we?  


    Say that USAW let things go,  and he's now going to wrestle in the semifinals.   How should things be handled when he misses his match because KJ gave him the wrong time to wrestle?   One could argue that he is not getting a competitive advantage from the match getting delayed... 

    Both of these analogies are missing something here.  It is not simply a matter of KJ passing incorrect information.  KJ's claim is USA Wrestling told him that weigh-ins went until 8:30 and then he passed that information he got from USAW onto J'Den.  If that is true, then the law seems to indicate Cox be protected for believing information that he thinks is coming from USA Wrestling.  

    For the analogies above to be like our current situation, USA Wrestling would have to tell KJ that four 1s beats one 4 or USA wrestling would have to tell KJ that J'Den's wrestling time was different than it actually was.  If those things had happened, then the cases would be at least somewhat analogous.  

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